It Started With A Kiss
Attraction to another might be a look, a touch, with us, it started with a kiss.

My girlfriend was spending the night, the movie cruel intentions was on. We saw it many times, the part with Sarah Michelle Gellar teaching Selma Blair how to get to first base was on. My friend got behind me on the couch. She brushed my hair with her hand while I told her I didn't know how to go to first base with a guy.

Laughing, we did the scene, word for word, followed by their first kiss. No reason to lie, I loved it. My girlfriend did too. She looks a bit like Sarah, her eyes had a deep look, caused from deep heat in her body. I look nothing like Selma, blonde hair, blue eyes. "Now...I'm..." She was having trouble playing out the next line. I was having trouble breathing. That one little kiss had us flying high.

The next line goes, 'I'm going to stick my tongue in your mouth, you massage my tongue with yours.'

Her tongue entered my mouth, mine touched her's. Tips at first, then mine made long strokes over her's. The kiss in the movie lasted only a few moments. We kissed much longer, in a way, I'm still kissing her today.

We settled against the couch, the movie continued, but we didn't care. Our kissing led the way.

What little clothes we had on, came off in between breath stealing kisses. Hot naked skin to skin, breasts, nipples rubbing, lips and clits grinding, our wetness providing a touch of silk.

Our lips, tongues, bodies, made love on the couch. Slow grinds, my girlfriend on top, I kissed down her sexy body. Sucking her hard nipple in my mouth, loving her gasps from my tongue swirling its peak. I made sure to give her other nipple equal attention. Our grinding became feverish without us knowing it. So wet, neither of us knowing if we were feeling our own juice, or the other. Steady moans, harsh breaths, exchanged between our lips, lost amongst our mind spinning kiss.

My hands reach down to her ass, skin so soft. I pull her against me, our soaked lips and clit moving in perfection. Harder we move, closer, racing to the edge.

White flame consumed us both, moaning while grinding at a wild pitch. Female ejaculation, released, mixing, dripping from our swollen lips.

I need a breather, more soon.

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