It Takes Two, Baby...Me and You!!!
The title is borrowed from Sonny and Cher...

This story is dedicated to the ONE who makes my dreams come true...

"BABE, I GOT YOU BABE"...Another Sonny and Cher legendary song...

She comes into my dreams...almost every night...and when it's not a dream it's intimacy seeking completeness...

This dream seems so real I wake up talking out loud, "I'll make the coffee then meet you in the shower, alright?"...

She says, "Sounds like sheer delight."...

We hug and kiss with lustful passion still dripping from last nights encounter...

She makes me forget the coffee, her body twisting in ways that excite me down to the bone...

This dream meets reality as our hips rotate with sensuous thrusts that beckon stimulating desire...

She knows every move that ignites my fire...

We take it to the limit again and again, ever increasing intensity 'til our bodies feel as if their going to shatter into a million pieces.

The night before had been an all night marathon of sexual exploration.

My cock is so pleasantly swollen, every time it pulsates uncontrollably it sends shivers of wanton desire throughout my entire body.

There's a thriving soreness that's so pleasurable it commands sustained performance. It's not an ache, there's no pain, just the craving madness of wanting more of the same.

My mind wanders with thoughts on how she feels.

As her hips rotate with a forward plunging attack, my cock is grasped between her thighs. The lingering wetness of last nights pleasure adds fuel to a fire which seems as if it's an eternal flame of bliss seeking a state of infinite ecstasy.

She feels my erection returning for another round of deep penetration. We're both amazed at the renewed size of our sustained lust. My cock seems to have grown completely out of proportion to it's flaccid daily suspended low hanging routine.

Her pussy has been opened up so wide her comment is overwhelming, "Rod, you've opened the doors to the land of plenty. You can have me for as long as you want me and you'll be amazed at how long that can be...Take me, please...take me with all the lusting passion you wish to share."

Before she whispers her second "Take Me", my cock is pulsating against her erect bulging flowery labia. As she opens her thighs I slide the length of my shaft between their dripping juicy softness.

She wants me as badly as I'm wanting her. Her hands grab my shaft just behind the head, they rise upward as I slip in between her sucking, tightening pussy lips. Her muscle control is phenomenal.

With controlled muscular action her pussy draws me in through the entrance of her gates of heaven deep through her long convoluted cervix and into the depths of her spongy uterus, an amphitheater of gripping majestic wonder.

The slow steady penetration is filled with the pleasure of orgasmic anticipation. The swollen attributes of my cock match the widening of her pussy adding an overwhelming sensitive sensation of bliss that can only be experienced with multiple orgasmic climaxes.

Last night was a fury of orgasmic wonder. This morning is a more subtle approach which if we're both on the same wavelength can be just the next level of orgasmic wonder we've been aching to obtain.

Being able to sustain orgasmic ecstasy is our goal that never seems to wane. The more we share about our craving desires to experience a continuous infinitely sustainable orgasmic level of bliss, the more we actually achieve.

Here's a comment from my precious companion: "Rod has shared with me his long sought after desire for achieving a state of orgasmic ecstasy that never wanes. At first I thought he was completely bonkers. I couldn't keep up with him. But then, we started having these extremely long sensational sexual sessions where a slow approach to deep penetration became a mutual craving passion.

We love extremely long sessions of foreplay that involve oral, anal excitation. But once we get to the place we both seem to crave the most, it's all over. The breath taking way he slowly, softly enters my pussy makes me want his cock in me doing what he loves doing best, to the point of numbness.

There's this overwhelming sensation of orgasmic stimulation I never knew existed until Rod took me there. At first, the feeling was so intense I couldn't sustain it for very long.

I was used to having one orgasm and that was it. Rod takes it so far beyond what he calls "The Appetizer", it becomes a fourteen course meal with Hors d'oeuvres between each course...the wine comes from our oral endeavors to calm an overwhelming rising force that beckons for continuous penetration.

I never realized that with enough natural lubrication Rod can fuck me with a semi flaccid cock. He keeps the head of his cock inside, never withdrawing completely. Then he slowly thrusts forward until his shaft is able to maintain the deep penetration I have come to long for. I mean "Long For" to the point of craving madness.

His multi orgasmic ability is so outrageous I'm spellbound at his ability to sustain extremely long sessions of penetration.

I've slowly been able to achieve multiple orgasms and I can't wait to experience his level of pleasure.

After he cums deep within my pussy we're able to sustain deeper penetration even when his cock becomes semi flaccid.

I love the way his cock becomes soft and I can tighten my thighs and feel it bulge in my cervix and uterus. Every now and then he withdraws so far that his shaft bends to where I have to grab it at the base with both hands, squeeze and draw him back inside.

Once my pussy is stretched wide open I relax allowing my cervix and uterus to take his entire length and swollen width. We both have signals for each other that tell when and how much to increase intensity.

I'll either place my hands over his breasts and nipples then press inward with my thumbs in a rhythm that matches his thrusting, then he increases every thrust.

The gentleness of his approach gets me off wanting him to increase intensity faster than he wants to go. So it takes a mutual effort to match our desire for that ultimate goal.

We've accomplished that goal by paying attention to our bodies wanting what our minds try to control. It's hard to shut off the thought process and just let your body be the guide. After all, it's the body that knows what it wants. The brain simply interferes, but ultimately gets in the groove.

Yes, it's taken time and effort to achieve what we both set out to accomplish. But, now that we have achieved the goal we set out to reach, this is where the fun really begins.

We're so high on this orgasmic roller coaster ride that the only thing necessary to sustain the ultimate ecstatic bliss we experience, is to continually add fuel to the fire.

We can't be without each other for any length of time. As soon as our bodies start feeling that waning state of bliss, we're immediately involved with boosting our sexual sensations to a higher level of intensity.

We can't be with each other without wanting to be deeply attached. That means I want his cock inside my pussy as long as he wants to keep it there.

I literally crave being fucked the way Rod loves to fuck me. He sets up a slow driving rhythm that has me lusting for more and more.

We change positions constantly, always with the intent on wanting to satisfy that long pulsating thrust that reaches maximum length of penetration.

For us it's when Rod's cock penetrates so deep that my belly bulges just under my rib cage. I love holding my hand over the bulging sensation. Just as he thrusts deep I press down adding yet another sensation to the crown of his cock.

He goes wild when I do this and it causes him to increase his thrusting to an almost frenzy like intensity. I love it because my pussy becomes an electrified organ of infinite orgasmic pleasure.

He thrusts so hard his cock bulges my belly out so far that I can tighten my grip around the head and this sends him into a furious state of uncontrolled bliss.

I keep adding fuel to the fire by stimulating his excitement with manipulating my hips in contrast to his thrusts.

I completely lose it when we both go into our ultimate state of orgasmic intensity that literally takes our breath away.

I'm thrusting my hips into his groin as hard as he plunges into mine. I feel my pussy about to erupt, he feels his cock about to explode, we both fuck each other to an insane level of exhaustion.

Our bodies become limp remnants of exhausted bliss. We feel the throbbing, pulsating sensations for hours after each long session. We lay in our favorite cross legged position sometimes all night.

His cock remains inside my pussy all night. This takes extensive preparation to achieve requiring attention to details.

If we go to the bathroom we take care to go through the purification preparation techniques we've developed. Usually, we both get involved and end up in the shower where we get it on even more intensely. Mostly we enjoy a soft soothing penetration where I bend over and Rod fucks me from the rear.

The massive hanging foreskin of his cock stimulates my clit and I get off so easy I never have to stimulate myself manually.

Rod always carries me back to bed, lays me down in our favorite position, sucks my nipples, we kiss and start all over again.

I love waking up before Rod. I carefully pull away holding his cock in both hands so it doesn't fall against the mattress.

Rod never knew how much I love sucking his cock until we started having more and more oral sex. I'm a cum craving, cum swallowing maniac who never realized I have an equal until I met him.

He craves eating my pussy and drinking all the nectar I release. At times I release more than he can handle especially when he gets into driving his tongue deep into my cervix then tightening and wriggling it sending me into pleasure filled moments of uncontrollable bliss.

As he wakes from an almost dreamlike state he's usually ready to unleash a massive amount of cum. At times I can't swallow fast enough so I let it drip. Licking it up is another pleasure that finds us licking and kissing.

At times he positions himself to cum on my tits. I crave the way he sucks my nipples pressing his tongue deep into my breasts. The sensation travels down to my pussy. When this happens he's in for it.

Once I'm aroused this way I can't control my self and our oral sessions turn into fucking madness. We get so turned on with oral sex that fucking each other into a state of insanity is a pleasure beyond imagination.

This is where we love to be because it takes us from fantasy to reality. What we've both wanted but never knew how to get. Guess it takes finding just that right person who's satisfaction is in giving all he has and more.

By giving the way Rod does he and I both receive what we never thought possible. He makes me want to continue giving more and more...that's the way of receiving the ultimate lust and passion possible."

Here's Rod to sign off...

What I've received in giving is so precious it seems like a miracle. But then miracles do happen when you least expect them. I've learned that expectation is a hindrance and that patience is a true virtue.

When you find that someone who fulfills all your craving desires your life of sexual satisfaction has just begun. The trick is making every moment a moment to last forever...

It's the Treat that can't be Beat...

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