It Was Hot
It was so fucking hot! It was more than just hot. It took what little bit of energy I had to tap the keys of my computer. Sweating goblets dripped on my chest with each sip. I prayed for relief. I could hear water running in the bathroom. There was an idea. Maybe when it was free, I too would partake in a cooling shower. Why hadn't I thought of that before?

The weather was so sultry with not even a cool breeze to kiss my balmy skin.

If I had the power I would have jumped when her hand touched my shoulder. Stealthy that was the word for her. It was something I loved about her. Something I hated.

"Warm?" she said as she rubbed my shoulders.

"I think I'm melting" I giggled

"Ahhhh, you know what you have to do with something that melts" She bent down and licked the nape of my neck. The wetness of her tongue left cool tracks on my skin. It felt good.

Her hands traveled from my shoulders, down my arms and she took my hand in hers. She raised it from the keyboard and helped me from my chair. Through the hallway and into the darkened bathroom she led.

Her fingers went through my hair as she pulled my face close to hers. She kissed me deeply and hungrily. Her fingers traveled down my neck to my shoulders. The fabric of my summer dress slid off, cascading to the floor. Her hands continued to travel the path of my arms, until she got to my wrists. Without missing a flicker of her wonderful tongue, she bound them tight.

She pulled her precious mouth away from me, and positioned a cloth gag between my jaws.

The heat in me was intense.

Sandy helped me step out of my jeans and positioned me on the edge of the tub. I could see the water. I got dizzy thinking about what was to come next.

When she stood in front of me, her breasts were level with my face. Oh how I wished my mouth was free, to take one of those nipples in between my teeth and flick it with my tongue, to suck on it gently, to suck on it hard.

Her hand slid up behind my head. The other took hold of my back.

"Lean back"

Gently she lowered me to the water.

The coolness shot through me like a lightning bolt. I screamed out. This did not stop my dissent. Slowly she let the cold water inch over my skin, until I was totally immersed in the chilling liquid. It took a minute to catch my breath. I wriggled to get out of my icy prison. She held me down.

Eventually, my skin grew accustomed to the tingle of the water. I started to squirm less. Relax more. Soon I was thankful for the blessing of my shock.

Sandy knelt down beside the basin, and let her hand roam my cooled skin. Her fingers clamped around my erect cock, stroking it. She lingered there. My cock was hot and cold at the same time...and always hard. Sandy leaned over and took one nipple in her mouth. The sensation of cold nipples and a warm mouth, made the rest of my body shake as she continued to stroke my hard cock. I let out a quick moan and that was her cue to jack me off harder and faster on them harder. I gasped, I moaned.

She rose from her perch on the floor, disrobed in front of me and slid her wonderful body in the tub with me.

The cold took her by surprise as well, and she let out a quick gasp. I couldn't help but giggle.

Her slick body slid up mine. My torso lowered further into the cold. Her breasts slithered across my chest. Her stomach slinked across mine. Her swollen pussy came to rest on the tip of my cock. Again my ears were delighted by a wonderful soft moan from her lips. She started to grind her hips on the head, not letting my cock go any deeper inside her. I could feel her tender lips on my head and ridge with each little circle she made. With each pass, I tugged what I could grasp. Harder she moved. Faster. A frenzy of movement, sound and water filled the tub. I could tell by the quickening of her breath that she was close to cumming. Harder. Faster. Louder. Until her back arched, she went rigid and let out a moaning scream.

Sandy lay there on my body for a moment, whimpering. Her breath slowly coming back down to an even pace. My cock was only an inch deep inside her and yet I felt as if I would explode.

She placed her hands on either side of the tub and lifted her glistening body from the water. I watched her as she dried off and slipped a light covering over her form.

She looked own at me with a loving smile.

"Oh? Would you like your turn? She giggled

She laid on a stack of towels on the floor pulling her legs wide apart. Placing each ankle on around me I slid my body down and came to rest deep inside her pussy. The cool water washed over my head, filling my ears. Everything was a garble now.

My fingers slid down to Sandy's aching pussy and gently I slid one in. Her hips rose up to allow me to slip my cock deeper inside her. I slipped it in hard and I slipped it in deep and I slipped it in fast! My hard cock explored her hot pussy as I moved in and out, soft, gentle, hard, fast. My body twisted and pushed and shoved and I wanted more and Sandy's hips rose and feel with mine as she gave me more. My throbbing cock slid into her slit, as I rammed her pussy in as far as I could go. My groaning echoed off the bathroom walls.

I called out in anguish as she fucked me like I had never been fucked before. Quickly she came back to me, stroking and jacking me off, this time a treasure in her grip. She had a cock ring and slid it on my hard shaft and turned the vibration on low and went back to her task of stroking my cock. She moved beside me so I could rub her wide open pussy and I moved my fingers inside her...deeper, wider I felt her pussy open to me. I felt the tip of my thumb work its way to her clit, joining my other fingers. She turned the vibe up just a little. Her hand disappeared on my cock it was moving so fast. She cranked the vibe as far as it would go, as she jacked me off til I could hardly stand it...

There's only one way to finish that off...and she did!
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