It is time (completion to The first Encounter)
I sat at my house anxiously awaiting your phone call. After our "First Encounter" we had continued to talk. Our conversations were typically sexually charged as our thoughts were focused on those few scant minutes where we had orally and manually pleased each other.

We both knew that we wanted more. We both knew it was simply a matter of time before we succumbed and felt that incredible feeling of flesh within flesh. We had seen each other a few times in person since that afternoon by the lake however circumstances had kept us from doing anything more than sneak a few kisses. We had tentatively talked and planned for this to be the day. I was ready. My mind was made up to be with you and I was just anxious with anticipation.

I finished everything around the house and with impeccable timing my cell phone vibrated with your message. You were on your way home and if I wanted, I could join you. Did I want to? Absolutely! I made a few adjustments to my appearance and fixed up a surprise. After all, I knew that you would be seeing all of me. I was soon out the door and shortly thereafter knocking on your door.

I walked into your place and I saw nothing other than you. Our eyes met and the sparks of desire shot between us. I moved toward you, unable to help myself. You met me halfway. Your arms came up to gather me close to you. Your lips touched mine with a reverence and passion that took my breath away. I was the one to break the kiss as I stepped back and reached into my pocket to pull out an item. I held out my hand palm up to reveal a tiny pink remote control. You immediately knew what I was offering. The gift was two-fold. We had conversed in depth about a desire of yours to hold and control the remote for my bullet while it was buried deep inside of me. I wanted to give you this gift...the opportunity to drive me wild without even touching me. The second part of the gift was that by offering this to you, you knew without a shadow of a doubt that I was ready to take the plunge to start an affair with you and damn the consequences.

Your eyes lit up with a delight as you took the proffered gift. You pocketed the remote and reached for my hand and led me to the living room. We sat side by side, our thighs touching. The conversation was general but the sexual tension was thick in the air. We both knew why we had agreed to meet. Our friendship was secondary on that night. We were there to mutually have our sexual needs satisfied. As we talked about mundane things, I began to sigh as your hand caressed my thigh. So focused on your touch and the typically delightful conversation that flowed between us, I never even noticed your hand slip into your pocket. I did however immediately audibly sigh as the vibrations from the inserted bullet coursed through me. My eyes flew to yours and you grinned at me and threw me a cocky wink. With no further acknowledgment of the bullet vibrating merrily within me, you carried on the conversation as if nothing were happening. Suddenly the vibration ended. My pussy clenched around the bullet wet and slick as the easy friendly banter continued. On again and then off again you continued to assault my pussy with only one quick flip of a switch. The only affirmation of the subtle action on my part, was the shifting of my hips as I became more and more aroused. My eyes locked upon yours and you would simply quirk your eyebrows with a cocky grin.

The play with the bullet went on for a while until neither of us could deny the thick sexual need that hung heavy in the space between us. You leaned into me for another kiss. Our lips met and our tongues danced against each other, slipping in and out of our mouths in a mirror of the actions that our bodies so intensely craved. My hands rested against your chest and slipped down your torso and into your lap. My fingers connected with the prize that I sought. I was rewarded with your sharp gasp as my fingers wrapped around your rock hard manhood. I slipped my hand into your pants I grinned as I alternately ran my fingers up and down the hot length of you. I smiled sweetly as I stroked your cock. And I winked at you as I lightly squeezed your balls.

Suddenly you stood up and reached for my hand and gently pulled me to my feet and up against you. Your whispered words against my forehead asking me if I was sure I wanted to make love were the sweetest words I could ever hear. Your gentleness only inflamed my passion. I honestly nodded and answered that I was ready and ok with moving our friendship to this level. Flashing me a grin, you led me to your bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, we stood by your bed and you pulled me close to you. Our embrace was hot and steamy, emphasized by our hands that roamed over each others bodies. Eventually our hands began to pull against the constraints that our clothes presented. I pulled at your shirt, wanting to feel your chest. You pushed at my jeans, in an effort to push them down my thighs and feel the wetness that you knew was waiting for you. Our movements became more frantic as the need to be skin against skin grew. Chuckling at our ineffectiveness with divesting ourselves of our clothes, we pulled apart and by an unspoken agreement undressed. Our eyes never wavered as we gazed at the bare skin that was revealed by our actions. Finally undressed we moved toward each other. The feel of your warm skin against mine sent my heart racing inside my chest. Gently you pushed me onto the bed and tumbled down with me, laughing as our bodies connected and pressed together. I could feel your hot throbbing cock pressed tightly against me. I shifted under your hard body in an effort to position you for what I so badly wanted, which was you inside me, buried deeply inside me. You looked at me and laughed outright. I looked at you questioningly as you pulled back and replaced your hard body with your questing fingers. I gasped as your fingers found my swollen clit, my body hummed with pleasure as you slowly pulled the bullet from within me. I moaned at its absence as it feel to the bed, leaving a path of my juices. You chuckled and leaned over to kiss me even as your fingers delved into my hot depths. My body purred at your ministrations.

You kissed each eye and watched closely to my reaction as your other hand reached between my legs. I could feel your fingers dipping into my moisture and I waited with great anticipation for your next move. I wasn't disappointed. While your one hand kept the steady assault on my pussy and clit, your other hand moved further down and began to slowly fill me up. The sensation of being totally filled up in every way soon had me wild with my approaching orgasm. I screamed as I came with an orgasm that didn't let up. Your fingers continued to pummel my senses until you correctly sensed the need to still your fingers. You chuckled as you removed them, allowing the orgasmic tension to melt away from my body. "Wow loud," you laughingly commented, delighted with my response to your touch.

My body still quivering from your touch, you quickly moved over me. Your body hovered over me. You kissed first my forehead and then each eyelid and finally my lips. As your lips touched mine, your turgid manhood pressed into my tight responsive body. I could feel the throbbing of your barely controlled need as your body slammed into mine. My back arched up to meet each of your wild thrusts. Your body was on fire against mine as we rocked against each other toward the ultimate goal. Our hands roamed and caressed. Our lips pressed together. Our tongues mated within our mouths. I could smell our comingled scent. I could hear the sounds of your cock slamming into my wet pussy. Every sense was utilized in that room, combining together to drive us over the edge. I lost control first, my body tightening and spasming around your cock. Within seconds you were moaning as your body joined mine in the ultimate pleasure.

Slowly we both recovered enough to breathe normally and you eventually withdrew from within me. Your kisses were gentle as you held me in your arms.

"Are you ok" you tenderly asked me, aware that this evening's activities were a huge step for me.

I looked you in the eye and said "I'm perfect, couldn't be better". I grinned at you and nestled into your embrace.

As we laid there and reveled in each other's company, you made one last comment. "You know, there is no turning back. I'm going to need you again. And soon"
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