It was Yoda
December 23, 2011

151 proof and a best friend don't ever mix.

after tonight, i pray that he doesn't remember. we flirt and tease each other. he was the one that showed me how erotic pressure points can be. he's known that i have wanted him since we met.

tonight, he got drunk. i had two shots, no more. he pulled my shirt up and "hmmmm" at my boobs. I told him to sit down before he fell down. he pulled me into his embrace. i reached up, bit his neck gently. breathing in his unique scent. i went to push him down and he pulled me down with him. I unraveled myself from him and sat on the couch that was beside him. looking at him like he'd gone crazy. he gets up and stands over me. now i'm even with the cock that i have wanted for so long. I should have pushed him away. i shouldn't have let it get that far out of hand. Instead, i found myself pulling him towards me, kissing him. him kissing back. his tongue thrust deep into my mouth. his taste exploding in my mouth. rubbing my nose around his chin, breathing in his scent. i put my hand on the waist band of his jeans and looked up at him. he was staring me down and said "go ahead". i unbuckled his belt and then undid his jeans. i looked at him again. "I will stop whenever u say so." Grinning, he said, "say so" and I took my hands away and looked up at him. he grabs my hair and forces me down onto his cock. filly my throat with him. he pumps into my mouth fast and hard, i gag. at one point i even throw up, but quickly swallow. he pulls my head up and looks down at me. tears are glistening in my eyes from where he gagged me. he wipes them from my eyes and says "gonna live?" i shake my head and he pushes me back on his cock. he was moaning and i was really getting into it. suddenly, he pulled away, jerked his jeans up and sat in the chair. duck was finished with his shower. i wanted to cry. because i love him as my best friend. i have wanted him so badly. but i could only think of what he'll think of me in the morning. now, i'm praying that he doesn't remember what all happened. but if he does, i might have just lost my best friend. but i would do it again and again. :) horrible friend, aren't i... cause i wouldn't have changed anything.
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