It was Yoda: The Next Morning
December 24,2011
"Hey, you awake?"
"What time is it?" I sit up and run a hand through my hair.
"7:30 AM. I just woke up and need to talk."
God, I love Yoda, but there are times (like this) that I want to kill him! I never could, I love him to much... :)
"What happened last night," he asked as he sat down on my bed. Okay, more like flopped on my bed. Now, I am definately wide awake. How could I possibly explain what happened last night without losing my best friend?
"I'm still drunk," he said. He was eyeing my blanket, I had it pulled up over my breasts. He grabbed the blanket and pulled it from me. Not quickly, but slowly, like he was unwrapping a present.
"Just as I thought. Is there a reason that your naked under there," he asked. There was a chuckle in his voice, yet his eyes were serious. I looked into his brilliant blue eyes, still bloodshot from drink and found myself drowning in them.
"We didn't fuck, Yoda. If that is what you are thinking," I said. I don't know how I managed to keep my voice from quivering. But I did.
"What all happened last night? I don't remember," he said.
I pulled him over and onto my chest. I crossed my arms over his neck, letting them dangle just over his crotch. "Nothing happened, Yoda," I whispered into his ear and kissed his neck. Right where I had bit him just seven hours before.
"What did I do, Soith," he asked I couldn't lie to him. So, I told him.
"Not much. Just your normal asshole drunk self. What DO you remember?"
"I ate off your plate. I read some of my book. A partial blow job, someone didn't finish, as they should have. That's it," he replied.
I felt my face burning. Not really embarrassed, but something more. I bared my nose in the back of his neck. Breathing his scent in deeply. Memorizing it very well. I couldn't lie to him. Not Yoda. Swallowing down the fear of losing him, I contemplated how to tell him. He trusts me to tell him exactly what happens when he gets drunk. I couldn't face him ever again, if I were to lie to him.
"I told you to sit down a few times. You kept saying no. Finally, I went to push you back into the chair and you grabbed my shirt. I fell down with you. You said "See, I'm a good boy. I sat down." Then the dogs started fighting and you tossed me to them. I got up and sat on the couch. You looked at me and stood up. Leaning over me, you said "oh really now." I knew that by pulling your shirt. Instead of getting mad, you leaned down. I kissed you and you responded back. I had a hold of your pants and you told me to go ahead. I told you that I would stop when ever you say so. You smiled and said "say so" then got this puzzled expression because I stopped. Then you forced me onto your dick. You pulled back and quickly sat down before your dad came into the room."
"I feel like my hands should be doing something," he said and placed his hands behind his back and found my pussy.
"Hmm warm" he said as his finger finds my clit.
I bite my lip to keep from moaning, but fail. This goes on for a few seconds and then he pulls away and sits against the wall again. Then, because he's still drunk, he lays back. His head at the foot of the bed. His legs are beside my head. I snake my hand up his pant leg and started rubbing around his knee. He groaned and pulled his jeans and boxers down.
"Here, if you want to rub something," and pulled his cock free.
Both of us scooted closer together. His hand slides under the blanket and finds my wet, sticky, slipper pussy. He starts rubbing my clit and feeling my entire pussy. I feel his finger slide inside and I know that it won't be long before I cum. I keep stroking his cock, loving the feel of it in my hands. I am totally enjoying his administrations. His long fingers that I have imagined many many times fucking my pussy is finally there. My dream come true. My hips are bucking in rhythm of his fingers. I'm squirting cum everywhere.
"Breath, Soith," he says with a chuckle.
How in the hell am I to breath with this magic of his??!! Then the damn phone rings. He tries to get up, falls back, and tries again. By then, Duck has answered the phone. Yoda repositions himself and jabs at a pressure point. I gasp and feel my pussy drip yet again. My bed is already soaked! He keeps pressing my pressure points and I know I am cumming like crazy from them. Some hurt, others don't. He keeps hitting the pressure points in my hands and I try hard to keep from crying. I am able to keep them from falling, but they cloud my eyes. It hurts so wonderfully.
He pulls his cock out again, presses the pressure point on my neck and guides me to his cock. I eagerly take him into my mouth. God, I love the taste of him! I was going slowly.. Mainly because I love taking my time and savoring the cock in my mouth. I was getting into it and suddenly, we both heard a vehicle pulling into the driveway. He quickly gets himself fastened and I get dressed.
It was Lulu stopping by for a second with her clients. Once she left, he went back to my bedroom to get his cigarettes. I stood in the doorway and he shrugged his shoulders and sat on my bed.
"Well, if I'm gonna be trapped here, come finish what you started."
I walked over and sat down on my bed. He pulled his jeans and boxers down (again) and I started stroking his cock. Then I leaned over and took him in my mouth. I had only been sucking him for a couple minutes, when he stopped me. He stood up and pulled his jeans and boxers off completely, laid down, and had his legs on either side of me.
"Go ahead. "
I smiled and went back to work. Then he started chanting.
"I will cum. I need to cum."
I laughed and told him that wasn't helping. He smiled and just pushed my head back onto his cock. It wasn't long before I tasted his salty pre cum dripping into my mouth. Saltier than I normally like, but for some reason, I loved his. I sucked hard on just his head, pushing my tongue against his shaft. Suddenly, without warning, he's pumping my mouth full of his cum. I cannot take it all, so I point his cock towards my breasts and milk his cock. Covering my shirt covered breasts with the rest of his cum. Then he cracks a joke. Shaking my hand, he looks me in the eye.
"Thank you, CUM again."
Most could crack jokes about this and ruin a good moment. Only one can and get away with it.
Cause after all, it was Yoda.
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