It was the Music
In a small, dark, warehouse-like performance venue my bff was releasing her first solo album. Already surging through electronic media, her songs were garnering praise from all corners of the artistic community. The room was dark except for the spotlights on her and the band. Amazing band, stirring everyone to a fever pitch of excited and aroused senses. It didn't help that she kept wailing the word "fuck" in the lyrics she was singing. Some of us were dancing, and like others scattered across the floor I was dancing alone. I felt so totally alive as the music pounded relentlessly, and I twisted my arms erotically above my head, grinding my body in overt sexual passion with a look of ecstasy on my face.

He later told me that was when he first saw me, writhing with myself among others who were equally caught up in the physical and emotional power of the moment. He smoothly made his way through all the dancers' twisting bodies to stand in front of me, standing close to me and looking into my half-closed eyes. He began moving his body in sync with mine, never touching, but our lower bodies and our asses were pushing and pulling in hyper-sexual fuck dancing. I was already so turned on, consumed by the pounding music and the heated eroticism of it all, that as we danced I was already giving myself to this unshaven, scruffy looking, muscular Adonis.

The music never stopped, but we could both feel the waves of desire roiling between us, and as he took me by the hand and led me to the door I never hesitated for even a second. I knew where we were headed, I knew we were going to fuck, and I wanted it, I wanted it like hell.

As we walked outside in the crisp freezing air I was so into the moment with him that it almost felt like we were already naked together, kissing deeply, heavily as our hands were sliding all over each other's body. All that flesh, his cock so fucking hard, his hands lifting my tits, feeling me, moving my soft breasts all around. And my sopping pussy. My wet pussy drenching my little panties and sending surges of sexual lust through my belly and up into my swelling chest.

He made incredibly hot love to me, stimulating every nerve ending from the top of my head to the bottoms of my bare feet, sexually using every part of my blissfully naked body with his strong hands, his opening mouth and his warm tongue. Touching me, stroking my belly and tonguing my musky naval, he fluidly rolled me over and then roughly jerked me up onto my knees. His hands were under me feeling and twisting my hanging tits, making me moan as he slid his soft open lips all over my back.

I eased my head down to the bed and felt the cool sheet against my cheek and on the palms of my hands, laying my bare arms on either side and sliding them out, stretching my hands forward past my head with all its messed up hair. Mmmmmmmm shit I felt like nasty sex and my buttI felt so goddam naked as I arched my lower back and raised my full round ass, sticking my naked butt up for his pleasures and mine.

I could feel his hungry, lustful eyes studying the curvy shape of my inviting naked ass, and I felt his hot breath pouring from his open mouth, spilling out and washing all over my butt flesh, raising tight little goosebumps. God, my ass felt so wicked, so fucking alive.

I knew he was looking at my swollen wet pussy lips showing between my soft thighs, and I involuntarily gasped and moaned as I felt his two fingers pressing onto my clit. In one long stroke he slid his fingers from my clit up into my butt crack and out onto my lower back, pressing them into my pussy, dipping them into my sopping wet slippery fuck hole as they glided over my satiny pussy lips and pressed into my cunt, dragging steadily through my slit.

I felt his hands grabbing my ass and spreading me apart, then his face mashing into my sensitive butt, and I groaned a guttural "Fuckkkkk..." while he was eating my ass hole.

Our sex was amazing, and I came twice before he even started fucking me. Oh god, he kissed my mouth like he was eating cunt, and he sucked my sensitive protruding nipples so damn hard, pulling them and stretching my soft flesh, stretching out my small pointed tits with his sucking lips.

On my back I pulled my knees up and spread my creamy thighs wide and he ate my sensitive drooling pussy. His hands under my butt, lifting me and pulling me into his face, my god, I fucking came and squirted. Squirting in his mouth, wetting his lips, his cheeks, and his dripping chin.

This fantastic hedonistic stranger fucked me out of my mind. I ground my ass and bit into his neck, talking dirty shit into his ear, urging him on. I humped my naked body hard in sync with the stabbing thrusts of his thick fat-headed hard cock, and after an eternity of fantastic screwing, rolling around and positioning ourselves all over the bed, I felt his body tighten as he groaned. His voice was desperate, grunting rough and growling and he was fucking me still, fucking my hole so fast and deep as I felt him cumming inside me.
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