Its Time to Pay Up
Jenny could not believe her ears. She had been with Chad for six months and this was very new...and exciting.

"Let me get this right. If your team wins you can fuck me in the ass. If my team wins I can fuck you in the ass?"

"Sure thing sweetheart, but you know my team always wins." Chad said knowing he could be damn well wrong.

"I hope you lose so bad. I cant wait to fuck you like the bitch you are." Jenny laughed half serious, half joking.

Chad saw the mixed look in her eyes and knew he would have to pay up if he lost. There was no getting out of this. His cock twitched in his boxers and he took a deep breath as he watched the final quarter draw to the 2 minute mark.

For her part Jenny was a sad sack of mixed emotions. Was her boyfriend gay? Did she care? Why was she so wet thinking about this? Has he ever sucked a cock?... 'God' she thought, 'my team has to win.'

As the ball was sailing left of the uprights Jenny screamed a "yes" so hoarse and raw she was not even sure how she did it.

She looked over at Chad who was half smiling at her, wondering who the heck she had become these last two minutes.


Opening the plain box that arrived in the mail, Jenny gasped when she saw it. A brand new twelve inch strap-on dildo that she and Chad had picked out on line @ edenfantasys. Her cotton panties were beginning to soak in her juices as she glanced at the wall clock.

Chad should be home from work any minute now.
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