Jackrabbit Slim's
There was a little cafe just the other side of the border called Rosas'. I pulled my convertible to the wooden sidewalk, got out and stretched while looking up and down the dusty road. I snickered when I saw a handmade sign which read, "infierno viviente".

My Spanish wasn't great, but I agreed this was a living Hell. I wiped the sweat from my forehead with my red bandana, dipped it in my ice chest sitting on the backset, then tied it around my neck. It felt good, real good.

I came to this hell on business. Word was, a hot bar called, Jackrabbit Slims for sale. I was to meet Jackrabbit's owner, Mr. Lopez at Rosa's around noon to discuss the purchase. It was well past noon already; due in large part to my unpredictable libido which surges at the oddest times.

I arrived in Laredo last night to sort of get a feel for the area. As a product of Hollywood, and with some resources, I was on a quest to own my own business. Nothing on the scale of what my father had of course, but he didn't build Carr, Inc. anyway. That was my grandfather. My dad simply inherited the shipping business, a well-established shipping business, I might add, after my grandparents passed away. Oh, he made improvements, and expanded the company into the global conglomerate it is today, but he had the resources and connections.

I, on the other hand, had shit for connections; other than my old pal, Buddy Davenport. God only knows how he does it, but Buddy apparently knows everyone worth knowing on the fucking planet.

Anyway, I pulled in last night around midnight. I had agreed to meet Buddy at the Holiday Inn off Broadway...the best lodgings Laredo had to offer. No Ritz-Carlton's or Hyatt Regency's amongst the row of motels welcoming weary travelers with free HBO and a continental breakfast. The breakfast consisted of stale donuts, wilted cantaloupe and yesterday's coffee.

But, the Holiday Inn? A five star hotel; at least on Laredo's tourist map put out by the Chamber of Commerce.

I met Buddy in the bar. Where else? As usual, he was easy to find. If you haven't heard about Buddy before, let me give you a thumbnail of my best friend since childhood. He's big, six foot eight inches tall and bold. He fights cops with one hand and he's beautiful. Semen shot from the barrel of handsome billionaire Roddy Davenports' massive cock quickly swam upstream and poked the egg of stunning Miss California. I think it was around the time that Richard Nixon strutted across the stage waving his trademark victory sign over his head.

In other words, Buddy had good genes...and fabulously wealthy parents.

So, finding Buddy wasn't hard to do. Just look for a crowd, some big titted babes, some rock and roll music, and one or two guys lying on the floor bleeding from their noses and bingo! Meet Buddy Davenport.

"Hey squirt!" Imagine my nickname at six foot five inches? Yeah, Buddy was a ball buster.

"Shithead." I can get away with it, but it's inadvisable for others.

Buddy slapped the bar and shouted, "Get this man an ice cold Corona and keep them coming, and don't take a fucking penny from him!"

The way the burly bartender grinned, told me he'd had all of Mr. Davenport he could stand. But he wisely reached in the cooler, popped the cap from the frosty Corona and handed it to me gently, as if it were a bomb.

Buddy glared at Frank. Frank returned the glare, but gingerly stepped backwards to the far end of the bar. Frank wisely got as far away from Buddy and company as possible.

As I took a swig, some brunette squirmed under my arm. I felt her moist red lips on my neck and knew this night was getting started.

Being an accommodating guy, I dropped my head as she parted her lips and opened my mouth, clamping on to hers. It was a hell of a lot more kiss than I anticipated, but one that definitely got my attention. Her lips were wet and warm, and tasted like beer and cigarettes. Perfect.

"Garrett old buddy that shit can wait ...we have business to discuss!"

I opened my eyes as she sucked from the kiss and saw Buddy slapping her ass while she held her hands over it.

"Buddy!" She shouted over her shoulder before taking her perch at the bar.

"Nice Buddy...thanks. For a minute, I thought I was about to get fucked!"

"No worries little buddy. All in due time. After we chat, we're going to fuck them all...just like we used to."

Hmm. Well, Buddy did exaggerate, but we really had shared a lot of women through the years. These women surrounding us were undoubtedly all gamers.

A gamer? I considered a gamer one who over did the blue or green eye-shadow, wore cheap false eyelashes, had plump glossy lips, store bought tits and bubble butts. In the old west they would have been dance hall girls, but today? Hell, half of them worked in schools, banks and law offices. They only put on the war paint when they're ready to rock and roll. And these? They were ready.

Buddy and I went to the back booth and parked with no gamer's hanging on us. It all seemed a bit mysterious at the time, and I didn't know why. What could be so hush hush about buying a business?

That's when I found out the business Buddy called me about was a whorehouse. Over the phone, he said it was a struggling bar and restaurant. That was the lure he used to drag me from my leather sofa overlooking Sunset Boulevard, to this living hell.

"A whorehouse?" I shouted.

Buddy looked left and right, "Shhh no one knows it's for sale. We have the inside track."

We? The last thing I wanted was to go into business with Buddy. Shit disappears around Buddy. His clothing store for gents burned down. A little joint of his off Sunset that sold DVD's was raided. The jewelry store? The insurance adjusters are still scratching their heads over that one. No. No way was I going to spend my life looking over my shoulder.

But, he was my best friend and I certainly didn't want to hurt him. I had to be diplomatic.

"No offense, pal, but I'm not interested in partners. You'd be my first choice if I was."

I shook a cigarette from my pack and dangled it between my lips while digging through my slacks for my lighter.

"You know that's bullshit. You wouldn't have me on a bet," he lit my cigarette with a match still in the match book. I always admired how he did that. I tilted my head to read the matchbook cover.

Jackrabbit Slim's
Hot pussy. Cold beer
Both cheap
Open 24/7
Major credit cards ok

I blew the match out and grinned, "What makes you say that?"

Buddy lit his own cigarette the same way. He folded the match and brushed it on the striker, then grinned and replied, "You can't lie for shit." Then he blew the match out from the corner of his mouth. Typical Buddy. Cool.

We talked for a while about Jackrabbits' and it's stable. According to Buddy, the joint was nothing special as far as whore-houses go. Wooden floors, same old red and gold flocked wallpaper, a couple of brass chandeliers, one dusty old upright piano, a few old tables, and a rickety staircase which led to six rooms of cheap pussy.

So far, I wasn't too excited. Buddy had a knack and could sell sand to Arabs, but he was doing a piss poor job selling me on Jackrabbits'. I was sucking on my beer and checking out the gamer's when Buddy got my attention.

"Garrett, the whores, they're top fucking shelf!"

I grinned and leaned back, "I'm listening," then stubbed out my cigarette.

"Okay. There's a dozen girls. Six on each shift. The boss bitch is a black chick. Her name's Rita and she's a fucking stunner. You could strike a match off her ass. There's two California chicks, look like surf bunnies, a redhead from Seattle who has blowjob lips and perky tits, a tiny Puerto Rican, Carmen, a definite spinner, can't weigh more than your suitcase."

My interest was piqued.

"Okay. The others?"

Buddy nodded to Frank who then answered, "Two French models and the rest, porn stars who are all gorgeous. But, there's really one star of the show."

Now I was intrigued, "Yes?"

"Her name's Memphis. Tall, slender, fucking mane of black hair down to her ass! She's got perfect tits, a tight pussy, luscious red lips and she does it all."

I nodded, "I'm in. Let's get this party started!"

Frank brought more Corona's and the gamer's followed.

The bar officially closed at two a.m. Frank grinned when Buddy slapped five hundred bucks in his hand and said, "Close the door behind you. Lock it. Get back here at six and let us out. Then you get another five hundred, okay pal?"

"Yes sir, Mr. Davenport!" He took the five hundred bucks and slapped it across his hand, grinning from ear to ear, and did as Buddy told him.

With the solid wood door closed and locked, Buddy smiled at me and announced, "Game time!"

My brunette had my cock in her red lips before I finished my cigarette. Buddy's naked redhead was mounted on his lap facing me and pinching her nipples mouthing, "You're next baby!"

I lifted my ass and slid my slacks and shorts off as Rebecca, my brunette, kissed me so hard, our teeth scraped. Then she mounted me and I watched her stare across the booth at the redhead bouncing up and down on Buddy's stiff prick. My hands were planted firmly on Rebecca's' hips, hers were on her tits.

I laid my head against the back of the booth. My thick cock slammed in and out of her pussy as she worked her hips hard and fast. I peeked around her back and saw the redhead toss her head back and scream. Buddy grabbed her tits and mashed them as her legs jolted and she began squirting her juices across the booth!

Rebecca laid her head on the table top and slurped like crazy and that was enough for me. I slammed my heavy cock in her hot pussy and held still as my warm cum splashed inside her. She came like a porn star. Cum squirted on my stomach as her pussy spasms continued.

With no prompting from me, Buddy's redhead slid over the table and began making out with Rebecca. Her only mistake was having her ass in the air. My best friend took full advantage of her position and got on the table, knees in his slut's juice and slammed his massive cock in her ass, forcing her to break from the kiss with Rebecca.

And, Rebecca, not wanting to miss a thing, slipped off my waning erection, flipped on her back, and slid herself under the redhead and sucked her pussy and licked Buddy's cock at the same time.

Damn. The sights and sounds, the smell of sex filled the hotel bar made me a hard again. With no convenient hole to stick my throbbing prick in but the redheads open mouth, well, a guy's got to do what a guy's got to do! I stuck it between her orange lips, grabbed her hair and pulled it a bit. Her pretty orange lips wrapped around my cock and sucked on it like it was an all-day sucker. The smacks and pops had my balls tingling. I glanced over at Buddy, who looked like he'd gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson. His long hair stuck to his forehead, the veins in his neck bulged, his big hands on the redhead's hips, caving her tender flesh under his fingers. I popped right then. The sight before me was more than I could handle.

So, I came hard in the redhead's mouth, my cock deep, squirting and convulsing. She gagged, my cum pouring from her lips, but she overcame it and kept sucking. Buddy dumped his load in her ass. This young lady got more than she bargained for with a mouth and ass full of cum!

Exhausted, Buddy laid across the dip in her back and laughed while Rebecca opened wide for the redhead. The redhead dropped her head, opened her mouth inches from Rebecca's and drizzled my strings of my cum in her pretty mouth.


Still standing, I was about to put my cock away when I heard a soft voice.

"Not so fast lover."

I looked down at the soft voice. The soft voice was very young, very pretty, and very naked.

Suddenly, another voice agreed, "Right, not so fast baby." Another voice was older, beautiful, and also naked. I had noticed them at the bar earlier, but didn't pay much attention since they were busy with each other and clothed.

But, now naked, sweaty, and both smoking seductively? Yeah, they were both definitely hot!

Another pushed me down on the vinyl seat of our booth, lifted a leg, and rested her pussy on my mouth. I got so hard smelling her sexual arousal I barely noticed soft voice slurping my cock. I loved it. I wished I could've seen soft voice's pretty pink pouty lips on my cock, but with my head between another voice's legs, and her bushy pussy in my mouth, I think you get the picture.

My tongue danced through another's bush darting in and out of her cunt until her voice trembled and shook. She flooded my mouth with her sticky cum, making my stiff cock go into a dance, of it's own. I managed a quick glimpse of soft's mouth as she hollowed her cheeks in an effort to drain my balls. She succeeded.

Now, totally spent, I leaned back in the booth and the two girls cleaned me with their tongues. This act was semi counterproductive, since in my crazy mind, there's nothing sexier than watching two hot women sharing a cock and cum, especially, when it's mine!

I lit a fresh cigarette and surveyed the scenes before me, it was like being at a three ring circus.

In ring one, we have the Another and Soft slurping and kissing, while I took turns fingering their hot pussies.

Ring two and I must be very clear here; on the carpeted floor, Buddy had Rebecca's legs over one shoulder fucking the shit out of her while the redhead sat on her mouth facing Buddy. She hooked her arms around his neck and kissed him like he was going to the chair.

And in ring three, and a total surprise, two more naked women in the sixty nine position by the jukebox. I didn't have a clue who they were or where they came from, but clearly, they weren't from around this area. I'm fairly good with languages, and pretty certain that these bitches were Russian.

I was on sensory overload. So many sights, sounds, and smells had my cock on overtime, and apparently the moons had lined up just right and we all came together! That's right. Two men, six women...a sex fiends Heaven, complete with a chorus of orgasms ringing off the walls!

My best friend was right. After our chat, we did fuck them all and a few more than once.

My poor Rebecca got the worst of it, or best of it; however you want to look at it. Everyone fucked her. Everyone came on her, or in her and left no orifice untried. I bet she'd never been kissed so much in her life.

After the fuck fest we cleaned up and sat around the big round table in the center of the hotel bar talking. The girls and I talked, while Buddy continued to drink.

Here's what I learned. Rebecca managed a bank, Carla, the redhead, was the high school principal, Soft voice was a pre-school teacher; Another voice was a prosecutor in the District Attorney's office, and the Russians? Turns out they were simply in the ladies room when Frank closed the bar. Both noted the doors had been locked upon exiting from the ladies room. Their husbands were sleeping upstairs, so they decided to have a little fun.

Frank came back at six a.m. sharp and let us out. Buddy gave him the other fine hundred and I took the young pre-school teacher back to my room and fucked her silly, while Buddy took on the Russians with him in his room.

And that's why I was late for our meeting.

Buddy arrived in a cloud of dust that coated his black Mercedes.

"Been here long?" He asked as he got out and stretched his big frame.

"A few minutes. No sign of anyone though. You sure this is the joint?"

"Yeah, Mr. Lopez said he didn't want to discuss the sale in front of the whores...gets em all worked up. He definitely said, Rosas' "

Buddy tried the door. No luck.

We stood on the wooden sidewalk with our hands on our hips. That's when I saw a man walking down the middle of the street. Dust flying from his worn boots.

I turned to Buddy, "I think we've found our man."

Buddy frowned, "Damn. He looks a bit rough. This whoring business might not be as profitable as he claimed. Think we should say fuck it and go back to Laredo? I have the Russians on standby. Their husbands are at the bull fights."

"Nah, let's at least check this shit out since we're already here."

The aging man stepped up on the sidewalk, "Mr. Carr?" Buddy then pointed his finger at me.

"If you're Lopez...there's your man."

Mr. Lopez was short, stocky, with greasy slicked back hair, and pencil mustache. It was all I could do to shake hands with him. But, I did and he unlocked Rosas' and shoved the door open.

"Come in gentlemen. Have a seat. I'll get Rosa to make us breakfast. Coffee?"

I scraped the steel chair over the wooden floor and plopped down, while Buddy took off for the door marked, 'Caballeros. Guess last night's beer was catching up to him.

I asked, "You have a key so you own this place, too?"

Lopez grinned, "Well, yes..."

I glanced around, "I guess we missed the breakfast crowd?"

He leaned back and hooked his suspenders with his thumbs and replied, "Rosa's is only open on weekends Mr. Carr. Didn't Mr. Davenport explain?"

Fucking Buddy. I knew something was fishy about this set up. If this was such a great deal, why wasn't Buddy the one making the offer? Had my best friend held out?

"Uh, no. I guess not. What is it he knows that I don't?"

He leaned forward, "This is Jackrabbit Slim's!"


No flocked wall paper, no dusty upright and no bombshell whores.

"I don't get it. This is a cafe. I don't see any whores."

"Ahh, but you will, senor. Follow me."

We shoved back from the table and I followed Lopez to the door marked, Caballeros'.

He shoved it open and said, "This is what you're here for my friend!"

I stepped inside. There it was. Just like my pal said. Right down to the dusty upright.

The whores were all lined up on the stairs. I had no trouble spotting Rita who stood at the top landing, or the surfer girls, or the French models. The tiny Puerto Rican had my cock twitching as she sucked on a Popsicle. The porn stars looked familiar.

Then there was Memphis. Buddy hadn't lied. She was the star of the show and she knew it. That dark mane tossed over one shoulder, covering one eye, dangerously wet crimson lips seeping smoke from her cigarette. My cock swelled instantly as she grinned, puckered her lips, and winked.

My erection was obvious as my linen shorts tented.

Buddy shouted from behind the bar, "Well?"

I answered, "Give me a minute."

I walked over to the stairs and kissed Memphis. Nice. Warm, smoky lips. I stepped up the first step and rubbed my thumb over the little Puerto Rican's purple lips. She sucked my thumb in her mouth and moaned. Nice. I worked my way up the stairs, kissing, caressing, even pinching a few nipples. Then I got to Rita. The big boss bitch.

She un-zipped my shorts and began jacking me off while licking my lips. My balls tingled and my cock swelled, Rita skillfully slipped her finger in my ass and rubbed my prostate. That did it. I came so hard; I grabbed the handrail to steady myself.

Before I knew what was happening Rita was down on her knees. She cleaned me nicely with her warm tongue, then stood and kissed me hard.

When the kiss broke free, I shouted at Buddy, "Sold!"

The transaction was fast. Mr. Lopez liked cash.

Jackrabbits' is open now 24/7...under new management.

Buddy bounces on the weekends in exchange for free pussy. Lopez handles the office. Rosa cooks.

Memphis retired and came home to Hollywood with me.

I made her a star.

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