Jail House Bitch 8
Jail House Bitch (Part 8)


It was then that out of the corner of my eye I saw a huge black member being stroked by a white hand with a diamond wedding ring on it. I knew it was Jacqi, and she was warming up Jones's friend, Red, for the double pounding I was soon to take.

I was grabbing the end of the bunk bed now, biting my lips as Jones ravaged me thoroughly. The cell was spinning. I felt his huge paw on my lower back as he braced himself for even more of his powerful thrusting before he pulled out of me slowly so I could feel every inch of his cock before he'd slam it back into me.

I was just catching my breath and getting my bearings when he suddenly unloaded, a huge milky stream covering my back and sides. Groaning, he tapped his swollen member on my spreaded ass cheeks and left me drenched in his hot sperm. Finger paint style on my back he wrote: "The bitch is mine."

"Oh, really?" Jacqi laughed, "I thought he was mine."

"We'll see about that!" Jones buddy retorted.

Diverting her attention to me, she asked, "How are you doing their kid?"

"Fine, a little surprising to be so thoroughly raped in prison." I said to her, kidding of course.

"Rape? Yeah right! You loved Jones' bullcock making a bitch out of you, and you know it, I did too she grinned. My cock hardened more as she fingered Jones' load on my back and licked it eye balling me playfully, smiling all the while.

Looking at my cock she said, "Maybe if you're lucky they will let you get off with that little thing you call a cock James."

Compared to Jones and his buddy, yes I was small, but they were enormous so my feelings were spared if I compared myself to these two hunks.

"Speaking of bullcock . . . " I deadpanned, and nodded towards the huge shiny black snake hanging between the newcomer's legs.

Jacqi laughed hard and smiled at Jones and what appeared to be his good buddy. In the midst of Jones conversing with his buddy I overheard him say that I was his pretty blond bitch and could suck a mean dick. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, I massaged my jaw muscle as I looked at both of their huge shafts, swinging freely as they conversed.

Jacqi by now had gone over to them and had her hands on their asses as she talked to them in a whispered tone. I looked around the cell for a towel to dry my back off of Jones huge load and pretended to not care what was being said among the three of them.

"Hey slut," it was Jones speaking. "comere' and get on your knees bitch."

I gulped a bit, not scared or anything but a bit apprehensive at the thought of being fucked and sucking off these two huge guys. Not only were there cocks huge but the physique on these guys told me they did not have to worry about ever being a "bitch", in jail or anywhere else for that matter.

Jaqci spoke now,"I will leave you boys alone...Good luck James." She smiled at me and kissed Jones and his friend on their cheeks and squeezed their muscular asses before she left.

Turning around she said,"Oh, and one more thing," throwing a tube of lube on the prison cell floor, "you may need this." With that, the clicking of her heels was all to be heard after she shut the cell door and walked down the hall.

A deep rumble of laughs came from the two black men who were stroking their own cocks as they eyed me like a prey about to be killed and eaten.


Jacqui closed the door to her office, undid her coat buttons and hung it up in her closet. She took a deep breath and swallowed hard, she needed water.

In the kitchenette as she fetched her water she clicked on her security monitors and watched the closed circuit television over the brim of her red lipstick smeared drinking glass.

She set the glass down on her desk and was busy concentrating on getting the feed to James and Jones' cell. She knew there would be action there and she knew that she would film it with the myriad of hidden cameras in there.

A while back, when she was first secured, and knew she was going to be a warden of this prison for the long haul, she went ahead and had a group of audio visual guys set up the cell with cameras at all different angles. The only purpose she had for this was to film the likes of Jones and James and sell them as gay porn. She pocketed all the money, hence the "actors" never knew their roles and the audio, visual aspect was already covered, thanks to the taxpayers of Hemrichen County.

Jaqui watched as James walked slowly to Jones and Red. She loved this part when the newcomer realized he was going to be shared over and over. The looks on their faces were priceless.

James's face was no different. Apprehensive and bewildered, she saw him take a big gulp and more like shuffle than walk over to where Jones and Red were. Her pussy was moistening as she zoned in on the screens. Annoyed with the back and forth of watching several screens at once, at different angles, she opted to turn all but one off and focus on that.

Jones now had his hand on James's shoulder and Red was circling James, checking him out without touching. Jones said something to James that Jacqi could not make out, but smiled when she saw James take Jones's cock in his hand and begin to stroke its long length.

Red was now behind James, stroking his huge black snake as he spread James's asschhecks apart, slapped them and inserted a finger in his ass. James moaned and his head fell onto Jones's chest as he stroked Jones cock while being probed. Red liked what he saw and touched and began to insert another finger in as James went on all fours with Jones sitting on the bunk, his massive cock hanging off to the side as James blindly in his passion reached to re-find it.

Gleeful, Jacqi applauded when she saw Red pull his fingers out and inserted the head of his cock in to James ass and started thrusting.

James let out a half moan half grunt, as Red push more of his huge black snake into James's ass. Jones grabbed James's head and guided it toward his black snake, telling James:

"Ya' better suck that thing just like the bitch you are."

With that Red looked up at Jones and winked before he thrust his huge cock into James's tight asshole even more. It looked as if James's were about to bite onto to Jones's cock, but held off and tried to deep throat him instead, to no avail.

Watching this with her clit now tingling, Jacgi could only wonder if it was humanely possible for the lengths of these two gorgeous black cocks to meet up head to head in James. She let out a small chuckle at that thought and reached for the forearm length black dildo she kept in her desk drawer. Smiling to herself, she casually pulled her skirt past her garters and spread her legs on the desk as she reclined in her plush leather office chair and continued to watch the show her three boys were putting on for her.
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