Jailhouse Bitch
Jaqui, the warden was a bombshell--she looked hot in her red knee length skirt with a white blouse and 3 inch black pumps. It should have made me feel better but it didn't.

As she read the clipboard assigning the new inmates to their cells, I felt sick. My longtime girlfriend had just broke up with me on the phone telling me the years sentence I got was more than she could handle.

I was nervous too. The guy next to me was a lrx Steele look alike. From the bulge in his pants I could tell he was just as big and thick.

The warden continued to roll off the names with her heavy husky voice . . . tapping her pen on the clipboard she walked slowly toward us and smiled saying, "Jon, it looks like you and Jones here, would make a cute couple tonight, I'm putting you together . . ."

On the way down to the cell, Jones pulled off his shirt revealing his perfectly sculpted bulging chest--his Ironman Six-Pack. I couldn't help myself. My cock was rigid now and dripping pre-cum. I looked over again at Jones' bulge . . . damn, I thought, this could be more than I can handle.

I walked into the cell first and heard Jaqui tell Jones to be gentle. The butterflies were going crazy in my stomach. Turning around to try and introduce myself, there it was-- --inviting me--glistening and semi-hard.

Jones stood there stroking his 13" snake. Smiling at me he pointed downward and said, "You know what to do Bitch." Without any words, I got on my knees and grabbed his big black cock. I stroked it up and down as I played with his huge balls, cupping them and making eye contact until he placed his hands on my head and slowly turned my face toward his rod, now only an inch from my salivating mouth. "Go on White Boy, try that for your pretty little mouth," he said in a deep baritone voice.
When I opened my mouth to lick his shaft from the balls up he let out a groan and a stream of milky pre-cum ran down his shiny shaft to my eager waiting tongue. I had barely touched him and he was already pre-orgasming. In a guttural barely audible voice I looked up at him and said, "This is going to be nice," licking the remaining drips from his bulbous head.

Pushing my head back down Jones moaned, "I hope you brought your appetite cuz I shoot buckets Bitch!" To be continued: Jail House Bitch 2
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