Jailhouse Bitch 6 - Bi- -Gay -
An Ongoing Series

Jailhouse Bitch - Part 6 -

Jacqui pulled herself off Jones, kissing his torso as his cock slid out of her with a suction-like sound. She turned her attention toward the dildo she was fucking me with and pulled it out.

Smiling, she asked, "Would you like to ride him?"

Eagerly I nodded yes and stroked my cock. Jones was looking at the ceiling, proud of himself I thought. Hell, I would be proud too if I was hung like a horse I thought.

I grabbed Jones cock and stroked it as Jacqui sat back and fingered herself passionately.

Soon she reached over and grabbed cleaner solution to wash the purple dildo that had been in my ass hole. When she was satisfied it was clean enough, she looked over at me made a show of inserting it-- pushing it in and out of her wet, delicious hole.

Meanwhile Jones hollered at me, to Jacqui's delight "Hey cocksucker, you better get on this pole bitch," as he held it upright, the overhead light illuminating its long length and thickness, "it's going to be a fucking riiiiiiiide, do you hear me bitch!" He said to me while looking at Jacqui. She smiled and nodded.

I nervously changed hands, put my other hand on Jones hard cock, bent over and proceeded to suck it. Tasting Jacqui's love juice and Jones' cum mixed together I moaned, "Mmmm . . . . oouhh . . . oohh."

Jacqui grabbed my head and pushed it down forcing Jones big black cock even deeper down my throat, I gagged a little bit before relaxing and let him fuck my mouth. Just then, I suddenly felt my ass filled . . . I was in heaven again. For a second time, Jacgui had pushed the dildo in my ass. This time it went in easier than before.

What I didn't know, it was gonna get better.


Jones and Jacqui started pumping away at both ends yelling at me to suck and fuck. I was sucking as hard as i could as I pushed my ass into the dildo, trying to get as much of it in me as I could.

"Harder and faster you lil' bitch!" they shouted at me.

Then without warning, just as Jacqui pushed the dildo to the limit of its length, Jones yelled and shot a huge load toward my hungry mouth.

I tried to catch it best I could lapping it off his cock and balls as he continued to pour huge streams of cum down his erect 13" black cock.

Jacqui joined and tried to help by licking his six pack and loins. Jones shuddered and continued to cum and cum . . . all over Jacqui and all over me.

We both took turns sucking it as we looked each other in the eyes. When we squeezed the last drop out, my jaw was aching but I loved it non-the-less.

Jones to my immense surprise was still erect and raring to go as he told me "Sit your white ass on this black pole bitch boy!"

I straddled him and reached back, stroking his cock as Jacqui lubed us again. Slowly taking the time to make sure I was lubed enough for such a huge entry. She let me know she was finished by sticking her fingers in me and fucking me while I stroked Jones huge massive cock as I kissed him.

Jones grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me down toward his engorged penis.

I wanted him to stop so I could go at my own pace. I was about to beg him to stop, when suddenly Jacqui pushed hard on my back, forcing my asshole on to his huge bulbous tip.

Jones mighty black cock was in before I could even blink and I was in ecstasy.

I groaned and bit my lip as it pierced me--
turned my face toward Jacqi and we started to kiss and neck each other as she pushed me down further onto Jones juicy black love pole.

With 8" of Jones in my ass hole and slowing down, Jacqi moved up to straddle Jones head. Facing me, she told me to tweak her nipples as she gradually lowered her pussy down to meet Jones thick wagging tongue.

He licked her wet pussy ferociously as I licked and nibbled on her tits.

Suddenly she grabbed my face and pulled my ear to her red cum stained lips and whispered, "How does it feel bitch, you getting your fill? Do you love it like me?"

She let go of my face and began grinding her pussy on to Jones face while she stared at the black cock being consumed by my asshole.

She looked at me--looked again at Jones huge cock--then back at me again--growling "Deeper. Deeper!"

I spread my knees out a bit to accommodate Jones as I slowly worked my way down his pole. His thrusting caused me to see stars and lights.

I had gotten about ten inches in me when Jones pulled out and flipped me on all fours and said, "Fuck that nice and easy shit . . . I am gonna show you boy bitch . . . how it's done HERE!"

I arched my back and heard Jones and Jacqi laughing. Jacqi said, "Don't injure him, just make him hurt a little."

I licked my lips in anticipation.

Jones wasted no time plugging my eager ass with his massive cock.

Jacqui was sitting in front of me, on the jail cot, fingering her sopping wet pussy. Jones reached under me and grabbed my stomach as he pulled me onto his cock. He was doggy styling and was holding me in the air as he pushed his huge member deep into me.

Jacqui looked at Jones and asked him if this white boy's ass was tight enough for him, he grunted and pushed into me some more as I grabbed a handful of sheets, biting my lips.

"I know any homey I got would love a shot at this milky white boy's ass. What do you think warden? Should we make him the Jailhouse Bitch?"

He smiled a crooked smile as he popped his huge black member out of me and slapped my ass with it. I reached around to feel it and felt the huge veined pole in my hands, throbbing.

Without a word he effortlessly slid it right back into my raised and eager ass. I sighed as I felt him go deep inside me, thrusting rhythmically with me.

How lucky could I get? This horse was actually fucking me with his huge, glistening, gorgeous black shaft.

Jacqui smiled at Jones as she licked the juices off her finger and replied that she was going to make sure the guys all had a turn with me. My ass clenched on Jones massive black cock when I heard her say this and I wished at that very moment there was another big black pole for me to suck on.

"You can use him around the cell block, I will arrange for you two to have privileges," she cooed as I felt Jones hot breath on my neck.

He had me in the air and was fucking me with wild abandon as Jacqui cheered him on to fuck me harder and deeper.

It felt like he was going to rip me in half and I tried to put my hand up to slow him down. Jacqui slapped my hand away and Jones growled as he plunged deeper into me. My mouth was open and I was in a haze as everything became slow motion.

All of the sudden Jone's deep plunges seemed slow and expertly guided.

I came all over the sheets below me and watched Jacqui eagerly licking up my cum as she stroked my cock vigorously back and forth.

Jones then announced he was going to cum too and did so deep in me as he continued fucking me.

Jacqui had her breast near my mouth as Jones filled my hungry ass with his hot seed and I licked and bit her nipples as Jones' slowed the pace down, fucking me deep and long as he expelled the last of his huge cock juices in me.

Jacqui was kissing me now and telling me that I did well. I was now officially their Jailhouse Bitch, my ass was going to belong to Jones and his friends tomorrow night and many nights after too.

I was going to ask what she meant but she put a finger to my lips as Jones pulled out of me. She just laid with her back to the wall with my face buried in her midriff. Jones was off to the side, cleaning up his huge cock with a dirty, cum stained towel.


The next morning I awoke in my cell. I had dreamt of fucking my ex-girlfriend, of the last time we fucked.

The dream was more of a pity fuck really.

She knew I was going away for awhile and she had told me some secrets on anal sex. She had been fucking me with a strap on, trying to get me used to it, but that night there was no strap on, just sex and wordy advice.

"Now remember what I told you" she laughed as she put on her thong, "you're a blue eyed blond haired guy, most likely you are going to be a bitch, hopefully a big black guy's bitch or a group of them," she said as she smiled at me seductively and wiggled into her pants.

Famous words from the world of dreams I thought. If only she knew.

TBC - Part 7 -
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