Janey's Surprise
It was three pm on a warm afternoon in spring when Jenny got a phone calll from her one of her old college friends Brenda asking how she was doing and what she was up to/

"Gosh long has it a minute..three years now come the end of spring. I am doing fine. I have the place all to myself for a week as Miss Amanda is away on bussiness. I am making the best of it. I have the pool and everything to myself. Oh and not a word......she has got herself a hunk to play with.and such a nice guy."

She flushed remembering how she had watched both Bill and Amanda have there bondage session and how she was so turned on by what was going on, her pussy was getting wet at the thought.

"I will fill you in later maybe"

"I gotta hear all about this.........I am actually on the road up from the ranch and was going to book a hotel. I can come see you if that is allright?.............everything here is quiet for now and I need a little break."

"Wow...that's great.we can catrch up on old can stay the week if you like."

"I shouldn't be more than a couple of hours max...........see you soon Janey.......I miss our little chats.......and the other things we got up to." Giggling

"Oh are such a tease.....see you soon."

Putting the phone down she started thinking back to how they met those three years ago in college.

Brenda had come from a wealthy korean family and she wanted to be a vetrinarian. She loved anilmals that much she had to care for them since she was a kid Her chance had come eventually when her father moved to Scotland and married a local farmers daughter.

He had been serving his time out on secondment to the Scots guards and was due for retirement and met Brenda's mother and they got married in Edinburgh.

Although Brenda was Scottish in her ways and habits, she also spoke fluent korean, she had a nice honeyed complexion and sultry blue eyes which could make you melt when she gave you a certain look.

She was fiesty but warm natured with a slim figure and thirtysix in boobs, everytime she would walk it was like she floated. That came from her yoga training and she did martial arts. Not a girl you could easily forget.

They eventually moved down to the borders and bought a ranch and started to breed horses. Brenda was always out riding them, it was like second nature to her.

When she became sixteen she went to college in Edinbugh and ended up in a flat sharing with Janey. At first they could not see eye to eye on things and would end up bitching at each other. Until one night when Brenda came home upset, some punk had tried to molest her and she had got lifted by the police for assault, even though it was the guy that started it. Branda had ended up putting him in hospital with concussion to say the least.

"I couldn't stop Janey.....I just seen red and hit him and kicked him where it hurts.......I knocked him clean out but I might have damaged him when I kicked his crotch so hard."

"Hey......don't get so upset.he deserved all he got"

Janey put her arms round Brenda and hugged her, in the process there boobs started to rub together and they both felt there nipples rise and both looked at each other and kissed.

Neither Janey or Brenda knew exactly what was happening with them but they felt close together and started to explore each other.

They kissed each other fully on the lips, Brenda shoving her peirced tongue into Janeys mouth running it round her tongue. Janey felt arousal at the feeling of the stud running round her tongue, wondering what it would feel like in her pussy, which was starting to feel decidedly wet.

They fondled each others breasts playing with their nipples and sighing every so often. Brenda had the touch as Janey found out eventually that Brenda had had experienced another girl before and was more into girls than boys. Brenda reached down and started rubbing Janey's thigh, slowly running her hand towards her pussy lips. Janey lay back and left Brenda to explore all she wanted.

She then felt Brendas hot breath on her, between her legs as Brenda parted her pussy lips and stuck her tongue in to taste her. Janey arched her back to make it easier, she felt the hot tongue on her licking up each side of her lips , yet she also felt the coolness of that stud working its way across her nerves making her shudder.

"Mmmmmmm.........thats so nice Brenda." then she laet out a gasp as Brenda ran her studded tongue around Janey's clit which was starting to swell with the ministrations.

At that Brenda turned and asked Janey if she would like to taste her too.

"Oh yes...sure I would"

Brenda turned round and straddled Janey's face sticking her pussy ready in front her to lick.
They were now in a sixtynine position and lapping at each other, and as they both started getting juicy and wet they started fucking each others faces as an orgasm was ready to enfold them both.
(To be continued)
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