Janey's Surprise (Finale)
Janey moaned as Brenda slipped her finger along her gaping cunt lips, exposed so much after fucking Frank earlier. Brenda let some spittle drop on her tight button ass and she squirmed pulling her cheeks tight but with her legs tied she was helplessly open to anything Brenda wished to inflict on her.

Brenda then slipped her four fingers into Janeys wet pussy and began to push them back and forth till she felt her hand wet enough with Janey's juices and rubbed them over the double strap- on she was going to use, firstly she slowly slid a finger into Janey's ass entering a bit at a time past the sphincter, then she used two fingers and reamed Janey's ass as she wriggled to get away from Brenda's probing.

Again Brenda slipped her hand into Janey's pussy, wetting her fingers and appplying more juices to the horns. Sloowly she eased the longer one into Janey, which went with ease and was in about two inches when the other thinner horn touched Janeys tight little asshole. Janey let out a squeel.

Brenda said "Shut up your face or I will really give you it hard and fast, and as it's your fist time it will hurt worse than popping your cherry"

Janey's eyes about popped out of her head as she felt the pressure pushing through her tight ass. She wanted to yell but bit her tongue as tears started to form, the pain was more than she imagined it would have been.

Frank wanted to go and try and help Janey but he was just as helpless tied as he was, his cock dangling limp from overuse. He just had to watch and feel her pain with her. He had taken a shine to Janey and if he could he was going to get her away from there.

Brenda let some more spittle run down Janey's crack till it seeped in at the sides of the little shaft and she pushed harder till she felt the sphincter give and Janey moaned with her lips held tight stifling a yell.

"How do you like that bitch? Does Brenda's little slut want more? Just nod your head darling, oh you do like it, just as well as I wasn't going to stop anyway." Brenda said

At that she slipped the rest of both horns in to the hilt, and started to ride Janey like a bronco star, one hand on her hip.

Janey felt as if she was going to be shoved through the far wall with the force as she gasped and had no option but to go with the flow.

Her ass felt like it was on fire and her pussy was starting to gush already with the juices running down her legs.

"I will teach you obedience girl if it kills you, you do not fuck my guests unless I give permission. I hope that sinks into your brain as this is sinking into your body."

A little while later she drew out as Janey could not take any more. Her legs were starting to buckle.

Brenda undid the strap on and then went to untie Frank who was still strapped to the other vaulting horse. Undoing the cuffs then resetting them again putting Franks hands behind his back she dragged him to Janey's ass.

"Lick her clean , and you better make a good job of it , unless you want more."

Frank said " Yes mistress" as she pulled his head closer to lick up Janey's legs and then her ass and finally her cunt. This was a treat at least for him but he didn't let Brenda see that he was enjoying it. He loved the taste of Janey's juices.

After he was finished Brenda tied them both together on the floor. She then went off and switched the lights off as she went, saying "Goodnight, sleep tight"

Frank and Janey were exhausted and fell asleep.
Next morning Amanda had come home and was stunned to see the two of them tied up. When they told their stories, they looked for Brenda but it was like she had been a will o' the wisp. No sign of anyone else having been there.

Janey and Frank looked confused, it couldn't be a dream, could it?
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