Janey's Surprise ( Part 2 )
When they had sated themselves on each other after orgasming and licking each other out they both got up and cuddled and kissed again.

"Are you still a virgin Janey?"


"I would love to pop your cherry for you if you would like that. I will be ever so gentle." looking into her eyes and smiling sweetly.

"Will it hurt?"

"Only a little at first then it will get easier....I promise."

"Ok then.......but be gentle."

"I will."

At that Brenda went to rummage in her bags and found what she was after. A strap on that took a vibrating dildo. She had three in her bag to of varying sizes. She chose the meduim one as she didn't want to rip Janey apart first time.

She left the strap on on the bed with the vibating dildo and let Janey play around with it to get the feel of it. Janey blushed a bit then giggled, when she switched the dildo on and run it up her pussy lips.

" tickles....but feels nice."

"Ok Janey.......lie back and relax....I will just use the vibrator for now till we get you ready."

At that Janey lay back and allowed Brenda to get between her legs, displaying her already wet pussy. Brenda started to use the six inch vibrator on Janey slowly up each side of her pussy and going around her clit making it swell even more than it was.

Jamey's juices were starting to flow again as Brenda entered the vibrator into her pussy going in and out slowly. Janey lay beck feeling the size of it, it felt comfortable to her, she was a bit tight to start but soon loosened up and it got easier.

As Janey started to get more open Brenda clipped the vibrator to the strapon and pushed the six inches fully into Janey. She felt the tightness as Janey tightened her pelvic muscles and started to go faster and deeper. She asked Janey to spread her legs a little more and Janey suddenly let out yell as she orgasmed and felt the pain as her membrain burst.

Janey had some mixed feelings as Brenda pumelled into her. She felt the pain but also felt the pleasure and tightened her soaked pussy around the vibrator as she started to squirt even more juice, mixed with some blood, from her pussy. She never thought she had so much in her to give out.

"Oh Brenda...I never realised this would feel so good.....I feel like I am both naughty but in heaven."
"It's only natural to feel that way" she gasped as she came into orgasm too and got of Janey and lay back spent. They slept together after that for the rest of the semester until they had to go their separate ways.

Janey got up from the chair and went for a shower as while she had been thinking about what happened she was fully aroused and her pussy was soaked and the cum running down her legs after masterbating herself. She went for a shower before Brenda was ready to show up.

It was around seven p.m. Brenda showed up looking even hotter than Janey remembered, she had lost some weight since and her curves were delicious looking. In some ways figure wise they were similar as Janey had put on a few pounds since those first days since they had met.

Although Janey's boobs were still just a thirtyfour B cup, they were pert and firm. She kept trim using the gym when Miss Amanda was gone and she had the time.

Janey opened the door and gave Brenda a big hug and a kiss.

"Wow,,,you look good enough to eat.....again."

They both smiled in that knowing way as they rubbed nipples together while they hugged.

"How have you been Brenda.......I have missed you a lot."

Just as she was about to shut the door she saw a car drive up and a guy get out. She did a double-flip in her mind. To her it looked like Bill walking up the drive, but Bill was supposed to be in America with Amanda on bussiness.

When the guy got to the door he looked and recognised Janey from the description Bill had given him and introduced himself.

"I take it you are Janey?"

"Yes.......and this is my old girlfriend Brenda.......who are you.......forgive the look but I though you were my bosses look similar."

"Hi.........pleased to meet you both....I suppose I wouldn't be surprised you are confused......maybe Amanda forgot to mention......I am through on holiday from Inverness and Amanda said I could stay here for a week. I am Bill's twin brother.......Frank."

Brenda eyed him up and down and saw he kept himself in good shape. Janey smiled and the girls looked at each other again with that knowing look.

Janey couldn't belive how alike both Bill and Frank were, although Frank looked more the athletic type.

"Hi Frank.......welcome......make yourself at home.....I will fix one of the rooms up for you....meanwhile.....grab yourself a drink if you want and enjoy the poll or enjoy the sun...whatever floats your boat."

"I will keep Frank company while you sort his room out Janey...if thats allright with you Frank?"

"Sure..thats fine Brenda.......but first I need to shower and change...if Janey can show me the way about the house."

"Oh......I am sorry forgetful of me.....come on.this must think me rude."

"No..not at all."

As he followed Janey down the corridor towards the rooms, watching her petite frame wiggle as she went.(To be continued......)
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