Janey's Surprise ( Part 3 )
Janey had been looking Frank up and down appreciating his looks and build. Although Bill was a good looking guy and well built, Frank was more so, his features were a bit more rugged with a well muscled frame, he was about an inch taller than Bill, apart from that and his shock of red hair she couldn't see much difference really.

Frank was totally different in a few ways,he was the athletic type and was always on the go, where as Bill was more laid back. Frank had been a rugby player for a few years and lived in a school of hard knocks at Montrose Academy for boys. It was an elite school but Frank had managed to get a scholarship. Also where Bill was totally straight, Frank was bi-sexual.

Eventually they reached the shower room and Janey showed him where everything was. He said thanks and Janey left him to it, or so he thought. Nobody else knew there was a two way mirror in the shower room but Amanda and Janey.

The other side of the mirror was a screen that looked innocent enough in Amanda's bedroom when it looked like a nude painting, but when a button was pushed the outer screen would go down revealing the shower room, and whoever was showering at the time. It certainly brought a few surprises to some visitors, especially when there was a videdisc attached to record everything.

Janey flipped the panel and watched as Frank stripped off. His muscled torso was tanned and like Bill, he must have been a nudist. Not a tan line anywhere to be seen..He got down to his jockstrap and Janey could already see a bulge, he even looked bigger in that department than Bill, and Bill was no slouch.

Franks cock must have been at least an inch longer and a lot thicker than Bill's. Janey started to lick her lips and felt her nipples rise in appreciation.

She watched intently as Frank showered and when he got to his crotch he started to use the sponge as if it were a pussy. Stroking himself up and down his rock hard shaft.

Janey couldn't help herself as her pussy started to twitch at the thought of Franks hard on, she grabbed a towel and went to the shower room.Oeneing the door she stepped in and caught Frank unawares still stroking away at his shaft.

Janey choughed and smiled

"I was .....wondering......mmmmmm..that is a big need any help?"

At that she dropped the towel and grabbed hold of Franks cock at the same time looking him in the eyes and licking her lips. Frank smiled back.

" are here now.....and I think you certainly have me by the short and curlies...not much I could do to stop you is there?" looking straight at her eyes.

At that Janey got on her knees and started to lick his cock, touching the slit with her tongue to taste the precum, slowly she devoured him till the length was in her mouth, she sucked on his shaft with her tongue as she felt him harden even more and started to moan. He grabbed her head and started to fuck her pretty mouth with slow strokes as she slid her mouth back up his shaft.

She licked all the way down each side and then started sucking on his balls one by one. She then took the head in her mouth again and keeping it nice and tucked in ther mouth started stroking him, slowly at first then gaining momentum as he started to tighten his ass cheeks ready to shoot his load. Janey was ready for the explosion that was due to come and when it did she couldn't believe the amoung of cum that Frank shot out, it filled her mouth and slowly worked it's way down through the sides of her lips dropping on to her boobs, she kept sucking until the pulses died down and Frank was limp again in her mouth.

She got up then and they both looked at each other longingly, knowing there would be more fun to come later. They both showered together and made there way back to find Brenda strtched out on the sun longer wearing nothing but her bikini bottom.

"You two took your time......I was ready to come search for seem a liittle wet Janey.........maybe I should punish you two for being naughty without me being there to watch."

"Bring it on" said Frank " I don't think you can make me give in to your whims"

"Be careful Frank.......Brenda has a wicked streak when she wants........she was hurt by a guy before....and he suffered."

"I am sorry about that .but Brenda does not need to take her attude out on us because of the past."

"Ok.maybe I was being a bit harsh..but it wasn't funny you two sneaking off like that."

"Well, next time I have a shower Brenda, you can come join me.........I will keep my hands to myself.........unless you ask me to touch."

"I still have a game to play with you two if you are up for it.......some bondage play.....of course I will be the Mistress." giving them both a look.
"Let's go down to the gym then slaves"

The three of them got to the gym and Brenda moved the horse to the side of the gym beside the parallel bars.Brenda asked them to bend over the horse and reach out to the bars where she handcuffed them both and blindfolded them,

Both there asses were now facing Brenda on the horse and she splayed there legs apart and tied Franks inside leg to Janey's and the outside legs to the legs of the horse.

She went to each of them and patted there behinds before she went to her bag and brought out a paddle.

" to worthless pieces of shit..I am going to teach you a won't play games in future without involving me.......when I am finished I do hope you understand this."

At that she srarted paddling there asses, you could here the whacks resound round the gym, every now and then Brenda would stroke their behinds admiring how red the were.Janey started whimpering a bit and complained she was being to hard with the paddle.

"I would suggest that you don't complain to much.I have been fairly lenient so far.....I could have used the switch...which stings a lot more and marks.....but I don't want to hurt you too enough."

At that she started sroking Janey's ass and then dipped her finger in her pussy and tasted her, then went to Frank and started to stroke his cock till he started getting hard.

"There is pleasure comes along with the will thank me in the end.......and remember from now on you call me Mistress Brenda."

Frank was made of sterner stuff, he hadn't even cried out so far.

They both answered "Yes Mistress Brenda.....whatever you say....we are sorry."

Brenda started to paddle them again.

"This is just to make sure you remember."

"A few whacks later and Frank started to feel it and tried to move but it was hopeless, so he found a place in his mind and settled it.

Brenda went over to Frank.

"I have a special treat for can find out what that horrible guy did to me."

At that she went for her strapon and picked the biggest dildo she could find in her bag and clipped it on. While she was at it she got the gags out of her bag. She stuck one on each of there mouths to keep them quieter. Janey and Frank could only stare helplessly.

Brenda started with Frank and started to stroke his cock for a bit till he was rock hard and he was moaning behind the gag, she felt him start to throb ready to cum and left him like that then went to put the strapon round her waist.and lubed it up.

Going over to Frank she put some lube around his asshole and started to work it in, reaming his ass as she went, while slowly running the other hand up and down the dildo shaft.

When she was ready she slowly slid it into Franks ass and he moaned and tried to move away but uselessly.Brenda had made sure he was going nowhere till she was finished with him.

She slid the didlo in and out of Frank's ass like a well oiled piston and eventually Frank seemed to get used to it as he started to move with it instead of against it, moaning all the time, she noticed his cock was getting harder all the time and throbbing like mad.

The next minute he exploded so much that the cum shot halfway across the room. Brenda took the dildo out of his ass then, and went round to lick the rest of the cum from his semi-hard cock.

"There's a good boy.....maybe later I will let you lick me lady......what shall we do with you.......some of the same perhaps......yes, why seem to like sharing with each other so you can share the same fate.......but for you we will make a difference."

At that she went to her bag and took out a double dildo, it looked like a double rhino horn. One for Janey's sweet pussy and the other for her tight little ass.She went to Janey and started to rub her pussy lips with her fingers to get her moist.(To be continued )
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