Jeff's Mom Revisited
Jeff's Mom was one of my very early encounters with the opposite sex. I was with her a couple of times and she was sexually wilder than I thought possible. I was 18 and she was about 46.

It is now 27 years later and I am 45 and she is 73. I hadn't though about her in many years but recently I had the urge to visit my old hometown for no other reason than to see how it had changed in the last 20 years. It had changed a lot; twice the size, three times the amount of traffic, and there was no one left that I had known as a youth. I drove around the old neighborhood which had not changed all that much.

As I went past my old buddy Jeff's house I noticed the name on the mail box was the same. Wow, I thought, there's still some of the old gang here thinking that Jeff must have taken over the old family home. I parked and knocked on the door, it opened and there stood Jeff's mother. After all these years she was easily recognizable even though she was a little slimmer than the lady I had my first rough sex with so many years ago.

"Holy shit", she said, "I can't believe it, as I live and breathe if it isn't wimpy Ron. What the hell are you doing here?"

I told her I was just driving around checking out the old homestead and looking for old friends. She told me everyone my age had headed for the excitement and bright lights of the big cities. She said Jeff had moved to New York as soon as he graduated college. She invited me in and poured a glass of wine for each of us.

I felt a little awkward since after our second and last session so many years ago I had done my best to avoid her out of unadulterated fear of being screwed to death. She asked how long I was going to be around and I told her I was heading back home that evening since the old gang had scattered to the four winds. She patted my knee and said I was welcome to use Jeff's old room and stay as long as I wanted.

"I promise I won't screw you to death, I hit menopause and sex became as unwelcome as going to the dentist," she said with a wink. "Besides, fucking a woman 30 years older than you can't be nearly as exciting for a guy your age now as it was when you were a teenager. You're probably after those that are 30 years younger than you are now."

I told her I like to stay as long as she'd let me take her to her favorite restaurant for dinner. She lit up at that and poured me another glass of wine as she went to get all fixed up for her hot date.

We went to a local steakhouse where she had some kind of meatless salad and I had the catch of the day. Seemed a little silly to go to a steakhouse for a salad and fish, but she said she wanted to keep her girlish figure and the only meat I eat is not served at any restaurant I know of.

I must admit she was a great dinner companion, a lot better conversationalist than many of the women I had dated recently. I must admit I started to wonder how she would look without any clothes on which made the little guy hanging between my legs a bit restless. It was still fairly early and she told me she wanted to see the latest movie that just came out but just hated going to movies alone. We saw some silly romantic comedy and half way through it we were holding hands like teenagers on a first date. I had a full fledged hard-on and sat there wondering how I could be in that condition holding hands with a 73 year old woman when a lot of the women I dated half her age didn't even make my dick twitch.

We went directly back to her place, talked for about a half hour and she said it was her bedtime. I went off to Jeff's old room and was just getting settled for the night when there was a little knock on the door. I said come in and she came over to the bed, bent over, and told me she had really enjoyed the evening and I had made her feel twenty years younger. Then she gave me a little kiss on the lips, stood up, smiled down at me, and said, "Damn, you made me feel young and sexy and I'm kissing you like a mother. Good night Ron, don't wake me before eight."

The next morning I awakened to the smell of bacon cooking. I got up, dressed, and went into the kitchen where Jeff's mom was cooking breakfast. She was dressed in a light robe and told me over her shoulder to get a couple of plates as she poured some coffee into a couple of mugs. We sat at the kitchen table and told each other about our lives since we had stopped contact 27 years ago.

She said, "After our wild love making it dawned on me that I had broken some serious laws and decided to make myself scarce any time you were over to see Jeff. Then when Jeff and you went off to college I had several lovers but could never find Mr. Right. When I was in my fifties menopause hit and I lost every bit of my sex drive. I did hormone therapy and some of it came back. But when the cancer scare from using those hormones made the news it stopped me. I can't say my sex drive was completely gone, I wanted to do it, but being as dry as a dessert it wasn't worth the irritation and pain. I hated those lubricants, I hated dildoes, I still had my fingers and could give myself a thrill now and then.

Jeff graduated and moved away, I retired early and did some traveling, but for the last couple of years I guess I've just vegged out watching movies and TV. The minute I saw you I remembered our few times in the sack, how you tried so hard to do me some good, and how good a job you did. Now then, I'll clean up the kitchen and you go take a shower so I can run your clothes through the wash. You're looking a little too dirty to take me out to dinner tonight. I really had fun last night."

I did just that and my clothes were not dry after my shower so I wrapped a towel around my waist and looked for Jeff's mom who I found in her bedroom stark naked as she was trying to decide what to wear. She was thinner than she was and her skin tone was that of a woman much younger. She turned to face me as I stood in the doorway and said, "Don't look so shocked since you've seen it all before."

Her tits were smaller and hung lower but they still had the wonderful areolas even though they were elongated. My erection made itself very evident under the towel and she came over and grabbed the towel off of me and said, "Hell, I'm not up to fucking you, but I'll bet I could still suck you dry for old times sake."

I said, "No, no, I don't cum unless you do," and I gently pushed her back to the bed and started kissing her from head to toe.

As I neared her sweet spot she said, "Just give it one little kiss, see if I can feel it."

I spread her legs and worked all around the edge of her pubic hair kissing and licking her. My tongue found its way between her now thin and dry labia and my saliva started to make her a little slippery down there. I sucked on her pussy lips and they puffed up a little and my tongue went as deep as it could go into her leaving her wet with saliva. She raised her hips to help me get my face against her and as I dined I reached up to squeeze her tits and roll her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Soon she was making small moaning sounds and I took one hand and slipped it under her ass and let my thumb find its way into her tight little back door. Soon she was really humping my face and moaning in pleasure as she came.

I raised myself on my knees and took my dick and started to give myself a hand job and she gently squeezed and pulled on my balls. It only took a minute and I came all over her belly and into her pussy hair.

She said, "Come on Ron, you can't leave that mess on me, suck it up and I'll suck it from your mouth."

I did, and she did.
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