Jenny and Ellen: Genderbenders
***NOTICE*** This story is very perverted. It is about a sorceress, her magical daughter, their incestuous love, and their magical ability to gender-swap whenever they want. I will be writing it in chunks as long as people like it. If this sounds disgusting to you, please do not read. My goal is to push my fantasies and their limits as far as they can go, even if they do get too wild for even myself.

***ONE MORE NOTICE*** Your comments/ratings feed this story. If you want it to continue, you have to let me know! ;)

The eighteen year old Jenny woke up her most favorite way: on her stomach, naked, and with her arms draped the body of someone who was just as naked as she was. With her eyes still a bit blurry, the naked teenager slowly pushed herself upward as she used her hands to explore the body of the naked person next to her. With her lovely, blonde hair dancing in front of her face and her large, round, bare breasts pressing against the body next to her, the teenager's fingers told her than this other naked person who was in bed with her was not a man but a woman, a woman with long, flowing hair, giant, round, full breasts, and a tiny, firm stomach that begged for Jenny's fingers to dance upon her soft skin.

"Oh. Yes." The naked woman next to Jenny moaned as Jenny's blind fingers danced along her tight abs below her gigantic, round, real breasts, causing the woman to open her eyes and face the blonde teenager next to her. Jenny just smiled down at the face of the naked brunette woman next to her, the ravishing face of the gorgeous woman she had shared her bed with the night before. This exceptionally beautiful woman with the giant round breasts resting in the morning sun was easily twice as old as Jenny herself, but Jenny did not mind at all. The brunette woman who was resting under Jenny took the teenager's hand into her own as it tickled her abs and pushed her hand slowly downward along her tight tummy, guiding Jenny's hand further downward. As the sun beamed in on the two lesbian lovers and blessed their morning love, Jenny leaned down at kissed the older woman's lips softly, kissing her and tasting the sex that they had enjoyed the night before on her tongue.

"Morning, baby." The older woman said as their soft, loving kiss parted.

"Morning, mom." Jenny said, looking down into the eyes of the beautiful, black-haired woman who had given birth to her eighteen years ago.

It didn't matter to Jenny that she had enjoyed sex with her own mother the night before, and it didn't matter to Jenny's mother Ellen that she had fucked her teenage daughter the night before. As Jenny leaned down again and took her mother's tongue into her mouth, it was clear that there was so much more between Jenny and Ellen than just being a mother and daughter: they were lovers. As Jenny's hand slipped between Ellen's fingers and gripped her mom's hand tightly, clicking their matching diamond wedding rings together, it was clear they were more than just lovers: they were married to each other in incestuous wedlock. Then, as Ellen moved her daughter's hand down between her thighs and begged for Jenny to take her giant, hard, thick, 18-inch penis in her hands and slowly jerk it, it was clear Ellen was more than just a gorgeous brunette woman: she was a beautiful, busty, very well hung shemale who was not only Jenny's mother, but her father as well.

"God damn." Ellen moaned into her daughter's lips as their kiss momentarily parted. "You got me so fucking hard."

"I sure did, mommy." Jenny giggled, slowly taking hold of her mom's giant dick and running her hand up and down her thick shaft. "Want me to jerk you off? I love getting your cum all over my tits and then letting you lick it off. It was so hot last night when you shot your cum all over my face. I wanna do it again. I want to bathe in your sticky cum."

The idea alone of shooting her cum all over her skinny daughter's giant, round, teenage breasts and then licking her own cum off again caused Ellen to moan and stretch out as her daughter's hand tugged on her cock. She reached up into the pillows and pressed her massive, round, milky breasts upward, causing milk to squirt from her nipples at the mere idea of getting to cum all of her daughter. As milk ran down her mother's massive tits and down to the bed behind her, Jenny fell to her mother's nipple and began to suck, tugging on her nipples and drinking her milk as she continued to stroke her cock. The brunette babe looked down at her daughter as she sucked her nipple and smiled, expressing more milk instantly as pre-cum oozed from the tip of her dick. It was clear that her morning wood would have to be taken care of.

"No, sweetie." Ellen moaned as she watched cum ooze from her cock and milk drip from her breasts. "I want you to fuck me, baby. I want your cock to pound me into the bed!"

Jenny pushed herself up from her mother's breast, tossing the white sheets from her naked body and falling back on her knees. It was then that the blonde teenager with the giant, round, bouncy breasts, and the tight, toned abs revealed to her mother that she was just as hard and well-hung as her mother. The eighteen year-old girl had a giant, hard, 16-inch cock of her own sticking straight up from her tiny body and already oozing with white cum. Ellen looked up at her daughter's giant cock with joy, taking her hand from her own wet breast and stroking her daughter's dick slowly as more pre-cum spurted from her tip. The second Ellen touched her daughter's 16-inch cock, Ellen became so excited that her own dick started to grow even bigger, growing from the small 18-inch dick she commonly had to over 26-inches long in just a matter of seconds. Jenny just smiled down at her mom's growing cock, a cock that was longer than her arm and just as thick. It stuck straight up like a flagpole over her mother's body and continued to drip with cum. Jenny tried to take her eyes off of her mother's gargantuan cock, mesmerized by its size. She finally was able to turn away as she looked down at her mother below and watched as her mom inched upward towards her daughter's 16-inch cock and finally let her tongue lick the tip.

"Oh mommy!" Jenny moaned as her mom started to suck her dick. Ellen closed her eyes and started to suck her daughter's dick, moaning and bobbing up and down as her own dick shot a mighty load of cum straight up into the air. The excitement inside Ellen's body was hard to contain for each time she felt something she enjoyed, whether it was her mouth upon her daughter's dick or her hands upon her daughter's sagging testicles, she shot cum from her cock and let milk drip from her nipples. Ellen pulled her daughter's cock from her mouth and let her tongue roam down the shaft until she found her daughter's large balls to suck on. Jenny almost fell forward as her mom started to suck on her balls, tugging at them and sucking tightly before sneaking her tongue under her balls and along her pussy. Having tasted the sweet juices of her daughter's lips and the salty cum from her daughter's cock, Ellen rose back up and wrapped her mouth around Jenny's dick one more time, taking all 16-inches of her thick cock down her throat.

"I love fucking your mouth, mommy." Jenny moaned, trying to keep her balance.

"I want you to fuck my pussy though." Jenny heard her mom say even though her mom's mouth was wrapped around her thick shaft. Jenny could hear her mom's voice in her head for her mother was not only sensationally gorgeous AND had a giant cock far bigger than any man's dick, but her mother was also staggeringly magical and possessed telepathic abilities. Since Jenny was indeed her mother's daughter, she too possessed magical powers, powers that caused her knees to float right up off of the bed and into the air above her mom.

Knowing that her mom wanted to get fucked and fucked hard by her gigantic cock, Jenny used her magical powers to float up into the air, rising above the white bed weightlessly and effortlessly. Despite her beautiful, busty daughter floating above her, Ellen would not stop sucking her daughter's giant cock as she started to move in the air above her. Jenny floated her naked body overhead as her huge cock hung down for her mother to enjoy, smiling down at her mother's milky breasts and massive cock that was still oozing with excitement. Just as her own cum started to ooze out from her cock and into her mother's mouth, Jenny pulled her dick from her mother's hands, shot her in the face with a stream of her white cum, and then pulled her dick down between her mother's thighs. As Ellen licked the cum from her face with her exceptionally long tongue, Jenny parted her mother's thighs, lifted her giant testicles and cock out of the way, and saw her mother's soaked pussy waiting for her giant cock. With her mother resting on her back before her, Jenny eased her tip between her mother's pussy lips slowly, slipping inside her mother and finding it remarkably easy to fit her entire 16-inch cock inside her.

"Ooooooooyes." Ellen cried out as she felt her daughter's massive cock push against her rib cage from inside. "Oh fuck me, honey."

The excitement was too much for the horny mother as she shot a stream of cum from her 26-inch cock, shooting it straight into the and letting it rain back down upon her and her daughter. Jenny giggled as her mother's cum landed in her blonde hair and upon her giant breasts, knowing that there was far more cum inside her mother and also knowing just how to get it. With her dick deep inside her mom, Jenny pulled back and slammed in to her mother again, watching as her mother's milky breasts bounced atop her tiny frame. Jenny took hold of her mother's ankles and opened her legs wide, licking her ankles and sucking her toes as she started to buck against her. Ellen began to bounce on the bed below as her daughter's pace quickened, bouncing up and down as Jenny's magnificent, magical cock moved in and out of her soaked pussy.

Jenny took her time with her mother, knowing that it was her job as her mother's wife to please her and bring her to climax after climax. With her mother's giant cock sticking straight up and shooting load after load of cum into teh air, Jenny leaned forward and wrapped her breasts around her mother's cock, fucking her mother with her own dick while letting her mom titty-fuck her as she rested before her. Jenny took hold of her gigantic, round, bouncy breasts and rubbed them up and down her mother's mighty 26-inch shaft, a cock that seemed to be growing even larger still. As Jenny fucked her mother's pussy with her huge cock and Ellen titty-fucked her teenage daughter with her own cock, Jenny opened her mouth and let her mom shoot a nice, big, salty load of cum upon her face, soaking her daughter just before Jenny could dive down at take her mother's cock into her mouth.

"Oh damn that's good!" Ellen moaned as she felt all 16 inches of her daughter deep inside her.

"So good!" Jenny called out with her own telepathic powers as she fucked and sucked her mother.

Then, Jenny stopped. She stopped suddenly as she got an idea of something new to do with her mom. With her mother's cum on her face, her cock between her tits, and her own cock deep inside her mother's pussy, Jenny paused for a moment and looked down at the beautiful body of her mother as she rested on her back in their wedding bed. She knew she had the magic inside her to give her mother something she had never had in her life, and she wanted it to be a gift. Unable to read her daughter's thoughts unless her daughter let her, Ellen rested on her back and started to moan, wondering why her daughter had stopped pounding her tight pussy.

"Please fuck me, sweetie." Ellen sobbed, grabbing her giant tits and rolling them in her hands. "Fuck your mommy hard. Fill her with your cum. I need your cock so bad. Fuck me and suck me and make mommy cum."

Jenny said nothing to her mother but instead closed her eyes and clenched her fists. She flexed every muscle in her body, including her cock that suddenly grew two inches longer while inside her mother. Ellen whimpered as she felt Jenny's cock push further, but then also bit her lip as she watched her daughter's naked body glow with strange, new magical powers. Ellen rested on her back with her tits in her hands and her cock in the air as her daughter's arms became thicker. She rested on the bed in confusing as her daughter's massive, round, full, cum-soaked breasts became smaller. Jenny's hair became shorter. Jenny's ab muscles became more defined. As Jenny's body continued to radiate light throughout the bedroom, her breasts became pecks, her arms became thick and hard, her new 8-pack abs glistened with sweat, and her hair became very short and dark just like her mothers. In just a few seconds, Jenny was no longer Jenny.

Jenny was Jimmy, and Jimmy was now a thick, strong, handsome, 18 year-old boy.

"Oh baby!" Ellen shouted in joy, realizing she no longer had a daughter but a son.

"How do you like me now, mom?" Jimmy smiled, talking in a more manish voice than when he was a girl.

"Come here and kiss your mother, son." Ellen begged, opening her arms for her new son.

Jimmy fell on top of his mother and kissed her deeply while thrusting his 18-inch dick inside her. He had to push his mother's cock aside so that their kiss could meet, holding his mother down with his thick, strong arms as he opened her mouth and explored with his tongue. Ellen moaned into her son's mouth as they kissed, wrapping her arms around his strong back and pulling him tightly against her. Like a cougar finally getting her prey, even if it was her own son, Ellen started to push back against Jimmy's giant cock, begging for him to pound her into the bed. Knowing what his mother wanted, Jimmy broke his kiss with his hot mom and rose back to his knees, taking his mother's giant cock back into his hands as he started to pound his mother's tight pussy.

"Fuck me, son." Ellen shouted as she bounced on her back below her son, taking his giant cock deep in her pussy as her massive cock and balls bounced up and down in her son's hands.

"Okay, mom." Jimmy nodded, jerking his mother's cock while driving his deeper inside. Back with his mother's dick in his face, Jimmy started to lick her tip and suck his mother's giant cock, begging for her cum to shoot all over his thick chest and hard body. Jimmy sucked his mother's cock as he pounded her deep, driving his massive teenage cock harder and harder as his mom bounced on the bed below. The teenage boy pounded his shemale mother while sucking her massive cock atop their white bed, fucking and sucking and jerking her off with both hands.

"I wanna get your pregnant, mom." Jimmy shouted, popping Ellen's cock from his lips for just a second as he continued to fuck his mother. Jimmy was already shooting small loads of cum deep into his mother's womb, so there was no reason to stop his quest to get her pregnant for the second time that week.

"Yes!" Ellen screamed, moaning at the idea of having another baby with her son. "Fuck yes! Give me your sperm! Get mommy pregnant. Give us another child."


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