Jenny and Her Magical Mom
***NOTICE*** This story is very perverted. It contains lesbian incest, magical powers, dickgirls, and pregnancy. I will be writing it in chunks as long as people like it. If this sounds disgusting to you, please do not read. Its weird, but it's also hot.


The night had been a waste and Jenny was going home early. She wanted to fuck her boyfriend, but he was a one-pump chump with a 6" dick on a good day. He hardly knew how to use it too. With all that in her mind, the eighteen year-old blonde in the white skirt and tank top hopped up the steps towards the front door of her mom's house in the suburbs. She lived with her mom, who was nothing special yet cared for her and was good to her. She never knew her dad and her mom never wanted to talk about it. In fact, Jenny's mom never seemed to date men and was always quiet around the house. She worked at an office during the day, but apart from that she didn't really do much of anything. Jenny never really understood why that was until the night she came home early from her boyfriend's house and caught her mom having sex in the living room.

That night, everything changed.

Jenny was frozen in the doorway for she had caught her own mom having sex with another woman. Jenny could see her mom's naked body through a sheer, black cloak that was draped over her body. She could see her mom's bare breasts for her cloak was wide open to show off her naked body underneath. Jenny was frozen not because her mom's breasts seemed a lot larger, firmer, and rounder that they commonly seemed to be under her clothes. Jenny was frozen because her mom was fucking a skinny, blonde girl from behind as this blonde girl rested on all fours on the coffee table. Jenny was petrified beyond all reason for she could see something thick and hard deep inside this other girl's pussy, and it wasn't a strap on.

It was a cock; a cock that was attached to her own mother.

At first Jenny shook her head and figured it was just a realistic toy, but when her mom took a step back from her lover, she pulled this cock with her. She popped it out of this blonde girl's pussy and seemed to show her daughter that this was no toy but a very real, very thick, and very long penis. It was also as she popped it out of her lover's pussy that thick, white cum oozed from the girl's pussy lips as well as the tip of the giant cock between her mom's thighs. This dick was nothing like anything Jenny had seen in her high school adventures. All the boys she had fucked had 5" or 6" cocks, nothing special. This cock that was somehow dangling between her own mother's hips was bouncing along her knees was hanging at over a foot and a half long. With her black cloak hanging from her shoulders, Jenny watched as her mom held out her hand towards her, stuttering and trying to find the words to explain the situation.

"I can explain, honey." Ellen said to her daughter, standing stark naked with her massive, round, 34JJ breasts bouncing between her robe and her giant, thick 18" cock dangling between her thighs, glistening with sex and cum.

Jenny didn't listen. The teenager did the only thing she could think of and ran out of the living room. What he had just witnessed could not have been real. She could have let her mom explain, but something told her just to get away. Jenny darted up the stairs toward her bedroom, sprinting towards the safety of her own room so she could lock the door behind her. The hallway went by in a blur as Jenny swung open the door to her bedroom, spun around, and slammed the door behind her. She quickly locked the door, keeping her perverted mom out and giving her a moment to think.

"Jenny, stop." Jenny heard her mom say. Jenny spun around and saw her own mother was now sitting on her bed. Her mom was already up in her bedroom standing across the room from her. Jenny was shocked for her mom was no longer naked, or at least not completely naked. Jenny stare at her mother for she stood across the room in nothing more than a long, flowing, silk cape which had a giant black collar much like a vampire's cape. The cape also had sheer, black, flowing sleeves that hung from her wrists with giant cuffs. Hanging from her mom's neck were half a dozen necklaces, each with either diamonds or strange emblems made of gold. Beyond the cape, the jewelry, and the long, flowing sleeves, Jenny's mom Ellen was completely naked. The naked body her mom proudly put on display was definitely not the body of a single mother of one. Her mom looked younger, more slender, more attractive, and more bustier than she did when Jenny left for school in the morning. Her breasts were huge and round despite not wearing a bra, sitting proudly and firmly atop her chest. She had tight, sexy abs and her pussy was completely clean of hair, shaven like a porn star. There was no cock, sex toy, or whatever Jenny had seen in the brief seconds she had stopped her mom fucking the other girl. Ellen was ... in a word ... beautiful. She looked less like her mother of one and more like a movie star or a model.

"What the fuck was that?" Jenny asked. "How ... how did you get up here. Why are you ... what the hell are you wearing?"

"Calm down." Ellen said, standing up from her daughter's bed and crossing her arms over her giant breasts.

"Mom, are you okay?" Jenny heard a young girl say behind her.

Jenny spun around and saw the naked girl her mom had been fucking was now standing in her bedroom too, realizing that this girl was no older than she was. She was standing wearing the exact same cape, collar, and sleeves upon her body, only her cape was dark red. This naked girl looked to be about twenty years-old and just as beautiful as her mom seemed to be. This girl was a supermodel with dazzling blue eyes, red lips, and a white smile. Jenny's eyes continued to look down the naked blonde in her bedroom, in awe of her giant, round, 32FF breasts, perfect, round, playful breasts no girl her age should have had. Jenny became even more in shock as she saw this lovely blonde also had a giant, round, pregnant belly. Jenny saw that this girl appeared to be about eight months pregnant which was very strange because Jenny was quite positive that she did not have that belly when she saw her downstairs. She was very sure of it for she distinctly remembered that this girl was very skinny. If the oddities of her clothes, her jewelry, her breasts, and her belly were not enough, this naked girl had a giant, 16" penis hanging from between her thighs right below her pregnant belly. She was beautiful, naked, pregnant, and an abomination of anatomy.

"Yes. Everything will be fine, Kristi. You should get some rest." Ellen told the pregnant girl.

"You're right." the girl named Kristi said with a nod. She then ran her hands down over her giant, pregnant belly, feeling herself under her red cape. "Our daughter will be so beautiful, mommy. Thank you so much."

Then Jenny's reality was completely shattered ... as if it had not been already. Jenny stood between this girl named Kristi and her mom and watched as Kristi simply disappeared. It was like she was a ghost, leaving behind a faint white aura before dissolving from the room completely. The entire girl standing before her in the crimson cape faded away in a matter of seconds, vanishing from her bedroom and leaving Jenny and her mom all alone. With her eyes wide open, Jenny turned back to her mom as if she couldn't believe what she had just seen.

"Now can I explain?" Ellen asked her daughter. She didn't answer, so Ellen sighed and told her anyway. "I'm a sorceress, honey, and so are you. We are not exactly human beings; we are actually immortals and we can do many magical, powerful things."

"What the fuck?" Jenny shouted, almost angry. "I think you've been doing drugs or something, mom."

Jenny spun around and opened the door, fleeing from her bedroom as her mom stood in her black cape completely naked. Yet, as Jenny turned away and opened the door, her mom was already standing on the other side of the door, stopping her from continuing for she now stood in the hallway. Confused, Jenny turned and realized her mom wasn't in her bedroom anymore but indeed standing out in the hall. Jenny slammed the door on her mom's face, shutting her out of her bedroom and taking a few steps away from the craziness. She felt like she was going to pass out as she watched her mom's face simply slip right through the solid wood door, a face that she just shook as if to say 'Do you think this door will stop me from coming into your room?'. Soon, Jenny watched as her mom's legs, her breasts, and her entire body passed right through the wood door that was supposed to keep her out. Jenny watched with her own eyes as her mom stepped right through the solid door like a ghost, pulling her cape right through the door with her. Ellen slipped her lovely, busty body through her daughter's door and stepped into her bedroom, annoyed that her daughter would not calm down.

"Please just sit down, honey." Ellen demanded, acting like a mother. Jenny obeyed and looked up at the naked glamour model in the vampire cape who was also her mother. "Look. I am a sorceress. That girl, Kristi, so is she. You are too, but we haven't unlocked your magic yet."

"What the fuck, mom." Jenny said again, only this time a bit calmer.

"This is never easy to explain." Ellen sighed. She then sat down next to her daughter on the bed, tossing her cape over her naked body so that her daughter would stop staring at her. "A long time ago, a few friends and I found a magical book of spells. We started to read it, study it, and practice it. We became so good at those spells that we literally became one with the book of magic, absorbing all of its knowledge. Because of that we became immortals and have lived for hundreds of years as such. You are a product of magic. You are magical too."

"Was ... that girl ... how did she?"

"That was Kristi, and yes, she is also a sorceress. One of the many abilities the book blessed me with was the power to be wherever I want whenever I want. I can teleport around the world, or into your bedroom as you flee in terror from your own mother. Kristi is magical too because she ... she is another one of my daughters. She is hundreds of years old and she came here so I could bless her with a child."

"You? She? How old? What?"

"There's much you don't understand, but all that matters is I love you and I want to finally unlock the magic you were born with."

"Unlock my magic?"

Ellen said nothing but smiled down at her eighteen year-old daughter. As she smiled, she tossed her cape from her naked body again, revealing her giant, round, firm 34JJ breasts above her tiny, tight abs. Ellen drew her daughters eyes down between her thighs, running her hands along her hips while opening up her legs. Jenny didn't want to look at her mom's naked body, but she felt like she had to. She knew she had to as Ellen closed her eyes and started to mumble softly under her breath. She opened her legs wider and continued to mumble strange words, waiting to show her daughter her great power. Suddenly, Ellen's clit began to grow longer. It started growing to just s centimeter long, but soon it was an inch, two inches, four inches, eight inches. Veins appeared on her clit, as did the head of a penis. In just five seconds, Ellen's clit had grown into a massive, firm, thick, completely erect 18" cock. It was simply humongous and thicker than Jenny's own arm. Ellen opened her eyes and ignored her daughter's shock as she saw her giant dick between her legs. Ellen took hold of it with her hands and began to stroke herself, waiting as her spell finished. Soon, two large, tennis-ball size testicles grew out from the bottom of her shaft just above her pussy. Jenny's mom now had both male and female sex organs thanks to her magic, and Jenny had no idea what to say. It was the biggest, hardest, thickest, sexiest cock she had ever seen in her entire life, and it was between her own mother's thighs.

"Cool, hu?" Ellen asked her daughter as she tossed her hair from her eyes and jerked her new, giant cock. "Do you think your mommy's cock might be better than your boyfriend's, sweetie?"

It only took a few jerks until Jenny watched cum squirt from the tip of her mom's new giant cock. Ellen moaned softly as she jerked her cock, letting her white cum ooze down her shaft and along her fingers. She let her daughter watch as she played with her new, magical dick, licking her lips at the sight of her own cum as it drizzled down her fingers. Too horny for words, Ellen brought her fingers to her own mouth and licked her cum from her fingers, letting her daughter watch as she sucked her own cum from her fingertips while she rested on her bed in her cosmic, magical, black cape.

"Ready to unlock your magic, sweetie?" Ellen asked her daughter.

Jenny still had no idea what to say, but her mom wanted her to say something ...


... What should Jenny say? Put it in the comments! I'll pick the best one and continue.

(Check out art of Jenny and Ellen on my profile!)
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