Jenny and Her Magical Mom 2
***NOTICE*** This story is very perverted. It contains lesbian incest, magical powers, dickgirls, and pregnancy. I will be writing it in chunks as long as people like it. If this sounds disgusting to you, please do not read. Its weird, but it's also hot.

***NOTICE AGAIN*** This is continued from Part 1. Please read that first before continuing.

Ellen rested on her daughter's bed in nothing more than her long, black cape and millions of dollars in diamonds. As Jenny looked across her bed at her naked mother, in awe of her giant, round, basketball size breasts, her tight abs, her bare thighs, and her luscious legs, she could not ignore the fact that her mother, the plain woman who had given birth to her, was actually jerking herself off. Her mom had somehow magically grown a giant, thick, hard, 18" before her eyes, casting some kind of "hermaphodite" spell upon herself with strange, powerful magic. Jenny watched as cum dripped from the tip of her mom's giant cock, lost in a trace as her gorgeous mom tossed her long, dark hair from her eyes again and threw a sexy smile her way.

"Ready to unlock your magic, sweetie?" Ellen asked her daughter.

Jenny had no idea what to say, and her mom knew that.

Curious, the powerful sorceress with the giant cock and massive breasts closed her eyes and smiled. Jenny just sat on her bed in her skirt and shirt, too frozen to do anything by watch her mom's cum drip down her cock. She was unaware of what her mom was doing ... unaware that Ellen was simply leaping right out of her own mind and slipping into her daughter's. Jenny had no clue what-so-ever that her mom, who had already show her daughter that she could teleport, walk through walls, and grow a penis, was also exceptionally telepathic. It didn't take more than the desire for knowledge for Ellen to hear her daughter's thoughts.

"Oh my fucking god. That cock is so big." Ellen heard her daughter think as she read her mind with her sorcery. "My pussy is so wet, but its so wrong. It's my mom! I can't have sex with my mom. It's my mom's cock. My mom has a cock! What the hell? But god is it sexy. Her dick is perfect. Her cum ... I need to lick her cum. I wanna suck her dick. I want ... to suck ... my mom's dick. But ... no, I can't."

"Yes you can." Ellen said aloud, breaking the silence and hinting ever so slightly that she had been reading her daughter's mind. "Watch me."

Before Jenny knew it, Ellen leaned forward with her mouth wide open. She sat up on her daughter's bed while her giant 34JJ breasts bounced under her chin. Jenny was in shock yet again as her mom continued to jerk herself, each jerk now making her dick even longer. What was 18" became 19", 20", 22", 25" ... longer and longer Ellen's dick grew with each tug upon the shaft. Each tug caused her dick to grow, growing right up and into her own awaiting mouth.

Jenny rubbed her thighs to hide the wetness in her panties as her mom started sucking her own dick. The busty, naked sorceress in the black cape and diamonds moaned onto her own shaft, licking and sucking and letting her daughter know how great her own dick tasted. Cum dripped from Ellen's lips and down her shaft, oozing down and dripping onto her giant, round, bare breasts. One of Ellen's hands reached down and cupped her massive balls while her other hand jerked up and down the giant shaft, forcing more cum down her own throat. Ellen didn't care about anything but sucking her own dick while her daughter watched, waiting for her daughter to finally crack. The magical woman knew exactly how hot it was to watch a girl suck her own dick for Kristi, her other magical daughter, had been letting Ellen watch her suck her own dick for centuries. She had witnessed the glory of watching Kristi blast a giant load of cum down her throat and on her face for the cum that was dripping into Ellen's mouth was just a sample of joys yet to come. Ellen knew that if she came now, she could fill far more than just her mouth with her own juices. She wanted to save her orgasm for her daughter, and thanks to her telepathic powers, Ellen knew Jenny couldn't handle watching much more. Ellen knew Jenny wanted to suck her mom's dick.

Jenny bit her lower lip yet found herself inching closer to her naked mom. She ran her hand up her mom's shaft, feeling how thick and hard she was. She could barely get her hand around her mom's dick for it was so amazingly thick. She met her mom's hands upon the shaft, and Ellen guided her daughter's dainty hand towards the tip. Ellen pushed her huge, erect shaft away from her own body and towards her daughter as she sat next to her on the bed. Soon, Jenny found the tip of her mom's might dick before her lips, and she couldn't stop herself from opening her mouth and wrapping her lips around the head of her mom's massive cock.

"Oh yes!" Ellen cried out, watching her daughter suck her dick. "That's a good girl. Suck your mommy's cock."

There was no possible way that Jenny was going to get her mom's 25" cock down her throat, without magic at least. With that in mind, she did the best she could, taking her mom's cock into both hands and jerking her up and down while letting her tongue dance around the giant tip. It was much harder to suck on the head of her cock for it filled her entire mouth. The tip of her mom's 25" cock was as big as an orange, stretching out Jenny's jaw yet calling to her tongue. Ellen sat next to her daughter on her bed and ran her hands through her blonde hair, watching her daughter lick her tip and loving every second of it. A small spasm in Ellen's body caused her to squirt a small load of cum down her daughter's throat. It was a load that would have been just as much cum as Jenny's boyfriend gave her during his orgasms, yet this was nothing to Ellen's body.

"Oh fuck!" Jenny cried, realizing her mom had just cum in her mouth. "What ... that's not?"

"It's pure magic baby." Ellen smiled, watching her daughter wipe cum from her lips. "Isn't it wonderful? Any sorceress who drinks from my cock, including me, will get more powerful. Any girl who is filled with my juices or even gets my cum on her skin will feel it's power. This is only the beginning for you. Want more?"

Jenny looked down at the tip of her mom's dick and watched as another drizzle of cum oozed from her tip. Her cum was white much like her boyfriend's cum, yet it did have a bit of glow to it. It was also delicious; a flavor that Jenny could not understand but she knew she wanted to taste it again.


"Then get on your knees and suck my cock!" Ellen said with more demand in her voice.

Jenny leapt from the bed and ripped off her shirt, pulling it over her head while dropping to her knees upon the carpet. Ellen smiled as her daughter stood before her in her skirt and bra, watching as she pulled her shirt off of her body and tossed it aside. Yet, as Jenny sat before her mom and grabbed hold of her giant cock again, Ellen frowned at the sight of her daughter's 32B breasts in her tiny, white bra. She shook her head in disapproval which stopped Jenny from continuing to get her mom head.

"Those are NOT the breasts of a sorceress. No way." Ellen sighed. "How ever will I titty-fuck you?"

Jenny frowned, looked down at her own small cleavage, then back up to her mom. Before Jenny knew what was happening, Ellen pointed her finger down at her daughter, raising her hand which was adorned with at least six different rings and eight gold and diamond bracelets. Her jewelry clanged and sparkled as she pointed her black fingernail down at her daughter, casting her spell upon the eighteen year-old blonde. Instantly, Jenny felt her bra get tighter. She felt the back strap of her bra dig into her skin. The pain alarmed her so much that she looked down at her chest again ... realizing her breasts were growing. She let go of her mom's cock and watched her chest expand inside her bra, unable to stop her breasts from inflating like two balloons. With a mere thought from her mind and a point of her enchanted finger, Ellen was making her daughter's breasts bigger. Finally, her bra snapped clean off of her body, revealing Jenny's new, larger, firmer, rounder, playful 32DDD breasts. Jenny cupped her new breasts, realizing that they were heavy, firm, yet fantastically soft and playful too. They were magical breasts. They were exceptional. They were massive. They were perfect. They were still very real.

"There we go." Ellen said, looking down at her daughter's elegant nipples atop her new, round melons while lowering her hand back to the bed. "Now where were we?"

Resting on the floor in just her tiny, white skirt, Jenny looked up from her giant breasts and saw nothing but her mom's 25" cock standing proudly before her. Like a leach, Jenny leapt at her mom's cock, grabbing it and latching on to it with her mouth. She sucked her mom's cock like a pro, jerking her with one hand while rubbing her new breast against her shaft with the other. She licked her dick, tugged her dick, rubbed her dick, and sucked her dick. She longed to taste her cum again, already missing the flavors of magic.

"Fuck yes, baby! Suck mommy's dick!" Ellen moaned atop her daughter's bed as she felt Jenny's new 32DDD breasts rub up and own her shaft on both sides. Jenny looked up at her mom with her teenage eyes while her mouth wrapped around her head. Still rubbing her breasts against her mom's massive dick, Jenny let her tongue escape her mouth as she began a trek down her shaft. Jenny licked all the way down her mom's massive shaft, licking and kissing and moaning into her giant, thick, 25" dick. The busty sorceress watched from above as her daughter's mouth found its way to her balls, sucking her her balls and trying to fit their giant size in her mouth.

"Yes, sweetie." Ellen said, throwing her head back at her daughter's tongue. "Suck my balls. I knew you'd love them."

Jenny just smiled up at her mom, loving every magical inch of her body. After licking down her shaft and sucking on her mom's massive testicles, Jenny soon found her mom's dripping wet pussy under her balls, pulling at her tender lips and tasting her pussy juices before coming back cup for air. The teenager's fingers found their way into her mom's slit, fingering her pussy while letting her tongue return to her giant; tennis-ball size testicles. Still fucking her mom with her finger, Jenny's mouth came back up to her giant cock, kissing and rubbing her lovely face against her shaft while looking up at her mom and giving her a timid stare.

"You are so perfect, mom." Jenny said while licking her mom's dick and fingering her pussy. "Why didn't you tell me about this sooner. We could have been fucking for years!"

"You were not ready, sweetie." Ellen moaned, feeling her daughter's fingers inside her pussy. "But now we can fuck forever. Now that you know you are an immortal too, we can be lovers until the end of time."

"Mmmm yes." Jenny moaned. "I love that."

"I love you, sweetie."

"I love you too, mommy." Jenny said, now with her tongue tracing around the head of her mom's giant cock. "Cum for me, mommy. Let me taste your magic."

Ellen could simply give herself an orgasm by thinking it, and that is exactly what she did for her daughter as she rested on her knees before her. With a thought from her mind, Ellen simply gave herself an orgasm so she could cum into her daughter's awaiting mouth. It was not just the spray she always shot with she touched her dick, it was a shotgun blast of cum. It was an eruption of white joy that she blasted down her daughter's throat. It was far too much for Jenny to handle as cum exploded from her lips and dripped down her chin, yet she continued to try and swallow it all. With her cock in her daughter's hands and mouth, Ellen braced herself up on her daughter's bed by resting back on her hands as she shot her cum down her daughter's awaiting throat. Lost in lust, Jenny sucked up every drop she could and swallowed it with pride.

"Oh fuck yes!" Ellen screamed as she gave herself an orgasm with her mind and unloaded onto her daughter.

"God I need more of your sweet cum, Mommy!" Jenny cried out, and Ellen was more than happy to give it to her. She conjured up her magic once more and came into her daughter's mouth like she wanted, blasting a mighty load of her warm cum from her giant cock. Jenny pulled her mom's cock from her lips and let it spray her in the face like a bucket of water. She jerked her mom's massive cock faster, demanding more of her cum on her face and her new, bigger tits. Ellen couldn't help it, laughing with joy and spraying load after load of her cum onto her teenage daughter's lovely face and bouncing breasts.

"Yeah, cum on my tits, mommy!" Jenny screamed, spitting cum from her lips and tossing her soaked hair from her eyes. "Don't stop!"

"Fuck yeah, baby!" Ellen screamed "Embrace it!"

For well over a minute, Ellen shot blast after blast of warm cum all over her daughter. Over and over and over again, Ellen's endless supply of magical cum exploded from her cock, showering her daughter with stickiness. She flung her jizz at Jenny, and Jenny opened her mouth and let it rain all over her. With a free hand, Jenny rubbed her mom's cum all over herself while she continued to yank her cock faster and faster, coating her new, large, playful, firm 32DDD breasts, her thighs, and her face with her mom's semen. She was drenched from head to toe in cum, resting in a sticky puddle that coated her bedroom floor. Jenny was so lost in lust that she reached down ran her hand over the carpet, scooping cum up from the giant puddle and licking it from her hand. She repeated this over and over again before simply dropping down on all fours and licking it up from the carpet like a dog. Something about her mom's cum was indeed special ... it was like a drug, and Ellen just sat above and watched her topless daughter fall onto the carpet and roll around in her cum.

"You will find our cum is addicting." Ellen said, letting her dick go limp for a moment as Jenny bathed herself in cum. "It's properties will make you powerful. It's why we need to fuck, sweetie. You need to let me cum inside you and fill you with magic. You need to let me get your pregnant with my magic."

"Oh yes, mommy!" Jenny moaned, still scooping up cum from the floor to feast. "I want you to get me pregnant, mommy. I want to have our baby."

"Not like that!" Ellen laughed. "You can't have my child. Not yet. Someday yes, I will fuck you and give you a baby. And someday you will fuck me with your magical cock and get your mommy pregnant. That is the only way we can reproduce. But not tonight. Tonight is only the first step. Tonight I must fill you with my own magical cum. Do you understand what I mean?"

Jenny nodded, for now she wanted nothing else. Drenched in cum and in nothing but her tiny, white skirt, Jenny nodded. She rolled up onto her knees and spread her legs wide while running her hands up her soaked thighs.

"Then fuck me, mommy. I need your thick, hard cock inside me." Jenny said, biting her lower lip and lifting up her skirt to show her mom her shaven pussy, a pussy that hadn't had a good cock in a long time. "Cum inside me. Please."

The mere sight of her daughter's shyness caused Ellen's 25" dick to become hard again. She became so hard so fast that she shot another load of cum from her tip without even having to touch herself. Her girly-sperm launched from her dick and landed on her daughter's lovely face, but Jenny just kept her smile on her face. With Jenny ready and willing to get fucked by her magical mom, the only question was how was Ellen going to fuck her daughter ...


... So? How should she? Should Jenny ride her? From behind? Put it in the comments! I'll pick the best one and continue.
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