Jenny and Her Magical Mom 3
***NOTICE*** This story is very perverted. It contains lesbian incest, magical powers, dickgirls, and pregnancy. I will be writing it in chunks as long as people like it. If this sounds disgusting to you, please do not read. Its weird, but it's also hot.

***NOTICE AGAIN*** This is continued from Part 2. Please read that first before continuing.

"Fuck me, mommy. I need your thick, hard cock inside me." Jenny said, biting her lower lip and lifting up her skirt to show her enchanted, naked, magical mom her shaven pussy, a pussy that hadn't had a good cock in a long time. At first she had been terrified when she watched as her mom simply transformed her tiny clit into a giant cock and testicles with one of her magical spells, but now she wanted her mom to fuck her hard with it. "Cum inside me. Please."

Ellen was, for the first time that night, in awe. She had been showing her daughter spectacle after spectacle all night long, but as she saw the sweet, tender, shaven pussy lips of her teenage daughter waiting for her 25" cock, her jaw dropped. So far that night, she showed her teenage daughter the magical powers she had kept secret for 18 long years. She showed her own daughter how she could teleport around their house, walk through solid walls like a ghost, and even make her daughter's breasts grow to their current, round, 32DDD state with a mere point of her finger. But now, as she sat on her daughter's bed in just her long, flowing, black cape and nothing more, Ellen was in love. Her dick was in love as well for it quickly shot another massive load of cum without Ellen even having to touch it. Her girly-cock clearly wanted to fuck Jenny as well, launching a massive load of her magical sperm into the air. Jenny didn't move as she felt her mom's cum land on her lovely face. She just kept her smile on her face as the load of cum dripped off her eyebrow, cheek, and chin.

"Please, mommy." Jenny moaned, slipping her finger down between her thighs and in between her wet lips. "I need your cock so bad. I'm so wet for you."

Ellen couldn't believe what she was hearing, shooting another load from her tip and down onto the carpet. Her own daughter was now masturbating on the floor in a puddle of her mom's sticky cum, longing for her own mother to stick her cock in her pussy and drill her hard. Jenny pinched her giant nipple and fingered herself softly as she felt her new, playful, mighty 32DDD breasts, rubbing the cum that coated her skin into her body and trying to absorb its magical properties. It was clear that her cum had helped soften the blow of all the craziness of the night, and now Jenny's long dormant, kinky behavior was being unleashed.

"Come here and kiss me, sweetie." Ellen moaned as her cock stood firm. "Give your mommy a kiss."

Jenny nodded, and rose up from the ground. She pushed her way past her mom's giant, erect shaft and gave her mom a soft kiss on the lips. Ellen and Jenny stared at each other for a moment, smiling as Jenny kissed her mom like she had always done; softly, politely, and exactly light a daughter might kiss her mom.

"Now kiss me like a lover." Ellen told her daughter. "Kiss me like we are in love."

"Oh, I do love you, mommy!" Jenny almost sobbed. "I do want to be your lover, mom! I want to be your lover, your mistress, your sex slave, your girlfriend, your wife, your slut, your daughter, your everything."

"Among our kind, it is very common for mothers to marry their daughters. It has always been a dream to have you as one of my wives, sweetie." Ellen smiled up into her daughter's eyes. As Ellen smiled, a diamond ring appeared on Jenny's finger. She looked down at her hand, realizing that she could have exactly what she wanted. "My daughter ... my love ... my creation ... my wife."

In a burst of lust, Jenny kissed her mom as if it was their honeymoon night. She wrapped her arms around her mom and stuck her tongue down her throat, tasting her magical powers in her kiss. Ellen opened her mouth and let her daughter in, sucking on her tongue and tasting her own cum in her daughter's mouth. The topless teen pressed her new breasts against her mom's own, rubbing her sticky nipples against her mother's own giant chest. She straddled her mom, feeling her dick rub against her eager pussy as she pinned her magical mom to the bed. Still frantically kissing her mom like she was kissing her boyfriend earlier in the night, Jenny found herself pushing down against her mom's giant cock, rubbing her pussy lips on her shaft yet unable to find the tip so she could ride her. She wanted to ride her mom's cock. She wanted her mom's massive, magical dick to rip her tight pussy in half. She wanted her mom to fuck her, but Ellen had other ideas.

"How about this, sweetie?" Ellen moaned, breaking their kiss and looking up into her daughter's youthful eyes.

Then with a sigh, Ellen's naked, busty body simply vanished from below her daughter, disappearing into thin air and letting her magnificent cape fall to the bed behind her. Jenny was not startled at all to watch her mom simply vanish below her, disappearing from sight like a ghost haunting her room and leaving Jenny resting on all fours on her bed. Instead, she now giggled at the thought that her own mother was a powerful sorceress who was capably of defying reality with her mind. The topless teenager giggled as her new, massive, cum-soaked, 32DDD breasts hung below her slender, eighteen year-old frame. She pressing her tight ass up into the air behind her while waiting for her mom to reappear and fuck her tight pussy with her giant cock. She smiled for she now thought of the experience not as a horrific thing, but as a present. She was as giddy as she had been on Christmas morning, only instead of the gift of toys and dolls, she was going to get the gift of her mother's massive cock in her wet pussy.

Jenny turned around and looked back at her bedroom wall as her mother started to reappear. Molecule by molecule, the naked body of her gorgeous, busty, well-hung mother came back into being, reappearing from some other reality where only the magical could exist. Ellen reappeared at the foot of the bed, looking down at her daughter as her tight ass and wet pussy looked back towards her. She smiled down at her pussy, but Jenny didn't quite smile back at her mom. Instead, her jaw dropped again for her mom was in a whole new state. She still had her long, flowing, dark hair tickling her supermodel face. She still had her giant, round, firm, playful, 34JJ breasts above her tiny, tight abs. She still had her massive, hard, 25" cock hanging between her firm thighs. Yet it was her feet that were different. It was her toes that Jenny was staring it. She was staring at her mom's elegant, bare toes for her toes were over three feet off of the ground.

Ellen was floating calmly above the carpet, looking down at her daughter from above.

"Oh my god!" Jenny shouted with joy. "You can fly, mommy?"

"Ha ha ha! Of course I can fly sweetie." Ellen laughed, still floating ever so elegantly over there feet off of the carpet. Her bare toes dangled loosely and freely under her busty body as her massive, 25" cock stuck up into the air. In nothing but her diamond jewelry, Ellen floated like a naked, busty, superhero who was ready to fuck the teenage girl resting down on the bed before her. "I thought that might have been pretty obvious by now ... what with all the other powers I have. I'll teach you to fly tomorrow if you like."

"Can we fly outside ... like, over my school?"

"Of course, dear. Now show me your pussy, honey." Ellen continued as she levitated and began to pet her giant cock as it if was her pet cat. "Show me where you want your mommy's cock."

Jenny giggled again as her own mother floated in the air behind her. She tossed her white skirt from her ass, spreading her legs wide while showing her mom her sexy pussy lips between her thighs. Ellen licked her own lips at the sight of her daughter's pussy, watching as Jenny slipped her hand down along her shaved lips before starting to finger herself. Jenny fucked herself softly as her mom stroked her giant cock. Ellen was hardly able to contain her lust as she levitated three feet in the air. Finally, her lust took over and the lovely sorceress soared down from above, bouncing on the bed and rested her giant cock between her daughter's tight ass. Jenny reached between her legs and grabbed hold of her mom's giant cock, pulling it between her thighs and guiding it along her lips. Hornier than she had ever been in her entire life, Jenny pushed back on her mom's massive, 25" cock, but instantly found a problem that could keep her from getting what she desired.

Her mom's cock was just too big.

Jenny's teenage pussy was just too tight. The fact that the head of her mom's cock was the size of a grapefruit didn't help either. Eager to fuck her immortal daughter, Ellen grabbed hold of Jenny's thighs and pulled her back against her cock, trying to stuff her 25" dick in her daughter. She pushed as hard as she could, causing Jenny to moan in pain as her mom's cock just couldn't fit. Ellen wouldn't stop, and Jenny didn't want her too either. Yet, her mom's cock was just too big.

"Your cock is too big, mom!" Jenny cried, tugging at the sheets as her mom tried to stuff her giant cock in Jenny's tiny, teenage pussy.

"Relax, honey." Ellen said. "Your powers are simple, and since you have already drank and bathed so much of my cum, your powers are starting to grow. Simply think about what you desire, and your powers will grant your wishes."

Jenny tried to relax, and thought about her body. She thought about being able to accept every inch of her mom's 25" cock. She thought about her pussy being wide enough to fit its girth, yet tight enough to please her mother and make her cum. She thought about her body being exactly what her mother needed it to be to stuff her fat dick inside her. She thought about nothing else, and felt the pain subside.

Behind Jenny, Ellen watched as the tip of her dick finally slipped between her daughter's lips. She fell forward slightly as 2", 3", and 5" of her cock was suddenly wrapped up in her daughter's pussy. Ellen pulled herself back again, fucking her daughter slowly from behind. She eased herself in further with each thrust of her cock: 6", 8", 10" deeper as she moved her cock in and out. Jenny moaned at her mom's thickness, begging for more yet keeping her mind on her own body. 12", 15", and 17" soon fit inside Jenny's teenage body. It took Ellen longer and longer to pull her shaft all the way out each time she fucked her daughter, realizing that Jenny's magical pussy was accepting her. Finally, with one epic thrust, Ellen's thighs met her daughter's ass as she drove all of her 25" cock inside her daughter.

"Oh fuck yes!" Jenny screamed, knowing that her mom's cock was pushing against the inside of her rib cage. "That's so fucking good."

"Your pussy is so good, honey." Ellen moaned, moving her giant cock in and out of her daughter's tight pussy. "So you feel no pain?"

"Nothing I don't want to feel, mom." Jenny smiled, sweat and cum dripping from her brow. "I can feel my powers."

"Want me to pound your little pussy, dear?" Ellen continued, resting her hands on her daughter's tight ass while looking down at her magical girly-cock as it moved in and out of her daughter.

"Yes, mommy! Fuck yes!" Jenny cried, pushing back against her mom's cock. "Fuck me hard! Fill me with your cum! I want it so bad."

There was no need to hold back as Ellen latched on to her daughter's hips from behind and started to drill her tight pussy. She pulled her massive, 25" cock almost completely out of her daughter before ramming it back inside her. Ellen watched as the thick veins in her cock pulsated as she drove her cock in harder to her daughter's pussy. Her thickness glistened with her daughter's juices, lubricating her deep thrusts into her teenage bride.

Jenny gripped the sheets of her bed as her mom fucked her from behind. Her new 32DDD breasts bounced frantically under her tight body as her mom's cock pounded her pussy. The teenager tossed her wet, cum-soaked hair about, moaning each time her mom pounded her lips from behind. She reached back and tried to stroke her mom's cock as it moved in and out of her body, begging for her mom's cum to explode inside her. She longed for her cum, needing it like a drug any way she could get it.

"Oh I need it mommy!" Jenny screamed so the neighbors could hear. "I need your fat cock."

"Yes, sweetie!" Ellen screamed along with her as her giant 34JJ breasts bounced all around above her tight abs and massive dick. "Fuck your pussy is so good. So tight. So wet. I can't help it."

"Fuck me, mommy! Fuck your slutty daughter's pussy with your giant dick."

Jenny ripped at her pillows and scratched at her bed while her mom pounded her from behind. Her cock was too big, too great, too perfect for the teenager to handle. She felt her own cum explode from her pussy as her mom fucked her, unable to hold back at the joyous thrusts of her mom's dick. She screamed into the sheets, trying to muffle her cries in the pillows while her mom scratched down her slender, sweaty back.

"OHHHhhhffffffkkkkk." Jenny shouted into the pillows.

"Yes baby! Cum for me! You like your mommy's cock, don't you?"

"Yyyyyyysshhhh! Mmmommmmyyyy!"

Ellen couldn't keep herself together either as she blasted a load of her magical cum inside her daughter, impregnating her instantly with magical powers. She came over and over again while ramming her cock as deep as it could go into her daughter's magical body. She felt cum flow from her magical testicles which had infinite cum inside them ready for her to use. She felt her cum go down her shaft and burst into her busty daughter, causing her to overflow as cum dripped from her lips while her daughter belly began to expand. Ellen couldn't top herself from cumming over and over and over again inside her teenage daughter as her belly grew larger and larger with each massive load she left inside her. Jenny's belly was growing larger by the second for she was full of her mom's cum. She looked pregnant. She had a nice, round, fat, firm belly on her tiny, but busty, teenage frame. Then, as Ellen's orgasm started to pass, she felt her magic take over. She was no longer cumming ... she was simply flowing.

With her daughter's belly full of gallons and gallons of her cum, Ellen smiled down at her daughter's sweaty back, letting her cum drain into her body. No longer needing an orgasm to cum, Ellen felt her cum pour into her daughter like water bursting from a hose. She watching her daughter's belly get bigger and bigger, knowing that her cum would make her powerful. Ellen rested back on her knees and drained her cum into her daughter for over a minute, relaxing as she filled her daughter up to the brim with her magic. Finally, as Jenny moaned in joy below her, Ellen inched back along the bed, pulling her giant dick from her daughter's pussy. She crawled back on her knees and watched her thick, hard, glistening dick slowly slip out of her daughter inch by inch, pulling it back with her hands as her feet touched down on the sticky carpet.

Only, her dick did not come out yet.

Ellen was shocked for she was now standing on the ground over three feet away from her daughter's tight ass and dripping pussy, yet her cock was still inside her. Confused, Ellen took another step back, pulling her cock again, yet the head of her cock was still inside her daughter. Four feet, five feet, then six feet away, yet she as still inside her daughter. Against the wall, the naked woman grabbed hold of her dick and simply started pulling it like a hose, reeling her dick in and watching as it still remained in her daughter. Finally, with a pop, the tip of Ellen's dick fell from her daughter's pussy, bounced on the bed, and landed on the carpet. She was holding her limp dick in both hands, yet her dick was still resting on the floor in a coil like a snake. It was like an anaconda that was as thicker than a 2-litre bottle of soda that had grown from her pussy, fallen to the floor, and looped around itself several times.

Ellen's cock was over ten feet long.

Yet, as it rested on the floor and in her hands, Ellen found that she had complete control over it. She moved it like another appendage, watching as the head of her cock moved up like the head of a snake and slithered up to her smile. She looked at the head of her dick like it was the head of a cobra. She smiled at her dick as if it was the face of a lover. She placed her hand upon the head of her dick, caressed it, closed her eyes, and then kissed her own cock. Her kiss was more than a kiss as she quickly pulled her giant cock to her lips and started tonguing her urethra. She wrapped her arms around her giant cock and made out with it, kissing and tonguing and nuzzling against her giant dick. She opened her urethra with her mouth and tongue-fucked her own cock. The moans of her mom caused Jenny to turn and catch her mom making out with her cock. The teenager smiled smiled at the perversions her mom was allowed to enjoy, watching as she stroked and sucked on her own dick. Realizing Jenny had recovered, Ellen and her cock turned as if they had been caught kissing. Ellen and Jenny shared a giggle; a mom making out with her limp, thick, ten-foot cock as if it was another person and a daughter whose belly was pregnant with gallons of her mom's magical cum.

Ellen tossed her cock aside, letting it flop onto the ground as she dove towards her daughter. She stepped over her snake-like dick as it still coiled on the ground, bouncing her giant 34JJ breasts around as she hopped onto the bed beside her daughter. Dragging her dick behind her like a long tail between her legs, she rolled he daughter onto her back while climbing in bed beside her. Ellen smiled at her daughter while running her hands over her sweaty, sticky, naked body. She felt her belly, her new breasts and finally ran her hands over her lovely, teenage face.

"Are you ready to join me in eternity now?" Ellen asked as she rested next to her daughter in diamonds and nothing more, her tight, bare ass glistening with sweat as the moonlight peered in through the window of her daughter's bedroom. "You'll love being immortal. No one can judge you. No one can hurt you. No one can tell us what we can or can't do. We can be as perverted as we want. We will live forever as mother and daughter. As wives. As lovers. As gods."

"Yes, mommy." Jenny said, looking down at her giant belly. "I wanna do everything you can do. I want to fly. I want to fuck. I want a cock."

"Tomorrow, dear." Ellen told her daughter. "But like a caterpillar in a cocoon, you need to rest for now so your powers can develop. Besides, you have school tomorrow and I have to go to work."

"Can't you just stop time so we can keep fucking, mom?"

"Ha ha ha!" Ellen laughed. "Of course I can stop time ... but not tonight."

Jenny understood.

As they rested on the bed, cuddling in each other's arms, both girls watched as the head of Ellen's ten-foot dick started to slither up onto the bed and between the two girls. They watched for the dick seemed to have a mind of its own. Ellen grabbed her cock and started to kiss it again, yet made sure that Jenny did the same. She did, and together Jenny and her mom started to suck on her mom's cock. They made out with it, tonguing it and sucking it and licking all around it as if it was a third member of their sex. Jenny grabbed hold of her mom's dick and stuck her tongue in her urethra, fucking her mom's massive dickhole with her tongue. Ellen just moaned and smiled, watching as her daughter fucked her cock. She ran her hands through her daughter's wet hair, enjoying her desires while reading her thoughts. Finally, Ellen let her dick cum on their faces, squirting a massive load of cum upon them which quickly prompted the girls to giggle.

"Ha!" Jenny laughed, her face dripping with cum.

"I think I'll take this in the other room." Ellen said, her face dripping with her own cum.

"Aww, mom ..." Jenny pouted, kissing her mom's neck with her sticky kiss.

Ellen pushed her cock away from their kiss, shoving it down between her thighs so she could kiss her daughter goodnight.

"We have eternity to fuck, sweetie." Ellen told her daughter. "But for now, you need to let my cum unlock your powers."

Ellen then pushed her dick inside her pussy, shoving her cock deep inside herself and using it like a sex toy. She let her daughter watch as she let go of her cock with her hands, letting her cock fuck her slowly as she rested next to her daughter.

"For now, I need to go fuck myself. Mommy needs to get fucked too."

Jenny felt her pussy get wet again as she watched her mom grab her giant breasts and ram herself with her giant cock, controlling it much like a tail.

"That's so fucking hot, mom! You can fuck yourself." Jenny said as she reached around her giant belly and fingered herself while her mom's cock moved in and out of her own pussy.

"It's so good too." Ellen moaned. "How do you think I got pregnant with you?"

The idea that, 18 years ago, her mom had got herself pregnant by sticking her own dick in her pussy and cumming hard caused Jenny to moan. She thought about her mom in bed by herself one lonely night, whipping her giant, 10-foot-long dick around like a tail between her legs and driving it into her own pussy from behind. She thought of her mom cumming hard inside herself, blasting her juices deep in order to impregnate herself so she could one day give birth to a new, magical girl. Jenny wanted to watch her mom fuck herself but she wouldn't get to watch long for her mom simply faded into nothingness, teleporting slowly off to some other realm where only the most powerful girls could go. She heard her mom moan in joy just as she disappeared completely, leaving her daughter alone to sleep.

Jenny did just that as she rolled back over in her bed. She looked down at her new wedding ring, wondering how she would explain to her boyfriend that she was now married to her own mom. With her giant belly to massage, she smiled down at her naked self, not caring for what obscene perversions she had enjoyed that night with her mom and only caring that she was happy.

Tomorrow ... she would learn what it meant not only to be happy, but to be magical.


Ready for tomorrow? How crazy can things get? Vote and leave comments and I'll start Part 4!
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