Job security
My final day of this boring office job filling in for the actual woman who I'm filling in for.
Days spent answering a few phone calls, billing and filing. Not hard at all but dull. My boss is nice, if not very talkative.
He caught me daydreaming yesterday on his way out. Eyes glazed and my fingers in my pussy under my desk. He didn't say much, just have a good night.

Today I've decided to lighten things up for the last day here. He's a good looking guy, maybe he needs to loosen up.
Waiting for lunch break, shopping online I pick out new lingerie. I'm fantasizing about wearing them and getting excited. My nipples are hard and I tease them lightly. I'm getting wet and horny. Mr. Brown calls me into his office to take notes on a design he has. I lean closer to hear him.
His breath is hot and he is sweating. I ask if he's ok. Yes he stammers, he's just noticed my skirt and white stalkings. Breathing harder I bring him some cold water and watch him sip, never taking his eyes off me.

Do you like this, running my hand up my inner thigh, raising my skirt enough so he sees the garter belts but no underwear.
I give him my mini fashion show, moaning and revealing my breasts and erect nipples.
He is hard I can tell. I pull him up and lower his pants and take his fully erect cock slowly in my mouth. This, I tell him, is what I like. So full in my mouth I gag and take it deeper.

He is thrusting himself in my mouth, fists full of hair. My pussy grinding at my 3 fingers. Harder and faster in my mouth then he comes on my face.

I'm begging him to fuck me. Eat me, please. Please. I'm shoved over the desk, shocked, as he rams into me. Yes, yes that's it ummmm yeah don't stop.
Take it you slut he says. I knew you wanted it.
Fuck me I tell him, harder harder as he slaps my ass. Pussy juice dripping down my legs and I can't get enough cock. You dumb slut I'm going to make you come all over my face.

He buries his face in my pussy licking and slurping, my back arched my hands squeezing my tits. I'm beyond bliss when I notice his regular secretary is back, watching us from the doorway. I don't stop I can't stop as she approaches the desk. Mr. Brown still eating me out....she moves her mouth down to my tits and sucks both nipples undressing herself also..... to be continued
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