John' Big Hangers
John was in my mouth when I clamped my lips around his shaft. He moved his hips forward, and I felt that fleshy cock slide across my tongue to the back of my throat. He started pumping me as I sucked on his swollen cock. My first taste of his pre-cum was sweet as I kissed the tip of his cock. He hit the back of my throat which made me tilt my head to let him go further if he wanted. He said to me, "You fucking hot bitch!" which made me suck harder as he withdrew from my mouth. Of course, we started the cycle all over again as I was holding John's balls. And oh, what a set of balls he had.

John was one of Sandy's long-term friends. She had met him when she was taking nurses training, and he was an executive with the administration of the school. He apparently liked what he saw, and she responded by flirting with him. That is all the encouragement John needed to get her alone at school and find his way into her panties. She says she fell in love, but he was looking for a few blow jobs that his wife was withholding. She did give him what he wanted, but she said he never fucked her as he was getting enough of that a home.

When she relayed her adventure to me, she said, "John had a more than adequate cock, but his balls were huge. I had a hard time getting them in my mouth." When I laughed, she said, "Alright lover, you want to see them yourself? I can fix you up with a date with dear John, and it will only cost you a blow job." My curiosity overcame me, and I said, "Fix me up sweetie, I must see these fantastic balls!"

My date consisted of dinner and parking in some secluded spot off the highway. I did like John. He was older and very distinguished, but parking on a dirt road felt like being in high school again. We sat and chatted in the car, and I was doing my best to let my skirt ride up without being obvious. He did like the cleavage I was showing because all through dinner his concentration was there. After all that was staring, he just reached out and put his hand on my breast. I reached down to unfasten his belt, but he interrupted that with a kiss. Open mouth passion was very much the action from John. His hand moved from my breast to explore under my skirt. I did not expect that and had worn pantie hose, thinking I would only be using my mouth and hand. His hand was warm and skilled on my pussy. He finally asked, "Carol, may I pulled your hose down?" When I told him to do what he liked, the pantie hose were pulled down, and my pantie was pulled to the side to let John manipulate my bare pussy.

Damn, was he skilled? He had me breathing hard and wanted very much to be fucked. I did remember Sandy's words telling me he only wanted a blow job. He did his thing to work me up, as men do to get their way into your cunt. He asked me if he could fuck me. I only answered my kissing him and putting my hand on that bulge in the front of his pants. "Are we going to retire to the back seat?" I asked.

"I have a blanket it the trunk. There is a clear space no that far in the woods. I would like to go there and spread the blanket on the ground. I would like you to take off all your clothes, and I will too. I want to look at that beautiful body of yours. Then I want to make love under the stars."

As he was spreading the blanket, I was taking off my clothes. He looked at me while he took off his. Oh my god, there they were, those big balls, hanging below a very stiff cock. He came to me and kissed me, and I could not resist to reach down and hold those magnificent holders of life creation. He was kissing my tits as I laid on the blanket and helped him guide him into my pussy. The delight of the night was being fucked and feeling that sack filled giant, bang against me with each pump of great fucking.

I went home fulfilled entirely. Three times I shouted into the sky, and it felt good. When Sandy asked me what did I think of those big balls, I replied, "Beautiful! I gave him a blow job he will not forget." I was almost three weeks later that I finally told her I did more than blow him that he tried to fuck my brains out. Her look was that of jealousy, but I hope she will forgive me because if he asks me out again, I definitely will not pass up those big things banging on my ass...
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