John And June part 2
Joined in mind and body, recovery is slow but comforting. Eventually John slips out of her, he cannot prevent himself from sliding to a crumpled heap on the floor. Unable to move, they look at each other, laughing between gasping for air. They both take a full ten minutes to recover, and even then they are both so unsteady they can hardly walk.

Supporting each other like two intoxicated drunks, they stagger to the shower. Cascading hot water revives, and cleanses them, fruit, cream, and their own juices all wash away. Love keeps them as frisky as ever, nothing seems to dissolve their mutual affection.

Soaping each other, and the accompanying massage, revives tires muscles. Their minds are never tired it seems, they touch, talk, and laugh, under the cascading water. Finally they fall into an embrace and kiss like naked lovers in the rain, albeit quite hot rain, well it is a hot kiss! Over at last, they towel themselves but there is still touching and laughter.

Dry and in their robes, they clear the dishes, the sofa and carpet will need cleaning, again. As June loads the dishwasher and makes coffee, John gets out the wet vacuum cleaner, all will be clean and dry in no time. June serves in the TV area, she does not wait for John to finish, he has no interest in The Young And Restless. He listens to music on his MP3, perhaps Dick Hayman's beautiful album Thinking About Bix.

As they watch and listen they still can't keep their hands from each other, they have a casual intimacy that happens without thought or plan. June leans against him, smoothing his thigh and intermittently holding his cock, absentmindedly stroking and squeezing. He, his arm round her, cups her breasts and gently pinches her erect nipples, they have always been sensitive.

Programs and music over, they talk. There are plans to be made, friends to visit, and June has a business trip to make, they agree about it all effortlessly. John has a part-time job at the library, he will be able to do more shifts while she is away. They don't need the money but its good to have something personal, also he is working on a novel, and it has been languishing of late.

As the evening comes to a close they drift off to bed. Even while they brush their teeth they can't keep their hands from each other, little touches and caresses cross between them continuously. The walk to the bedroom is hand in hand. They wear contentment in bed and as they settle they face each other, and cuddle.

She rests her head on his forearm as the kiss tenderly. Her hand snakes around his cock, squeezing; his slips naturally between her thighs, pressing and gently rubbing her pussy. They giggle into each other's mouths as he gets harder and she wetter. Without haste or fuss they continue like this, intimate, tender, loving, for close on twenty minutes.

June breaks the spell, kissing and biting his nipples, followed by trailing her teeth across his stomach. Finally she nibbles his cock from base to head, it is now so hard John could use it to knock down a brick wall. Grinning up at him, June asks, "Shall we?" To which John answers, "A shame to waste it, why not?" June crawls over his body and straddles him.

Leaning forward, supporting herself by one hand on his shoulder, she reaches between her thighs and grasps his cock. She loves the way it fills her hand, she can't get her hand completely round it, but more than that she loves the way it fills, and stretches when inside her. Positioning it at her entrance she sinks down over it, claiming possession, and ownership.

Lowering herself onto him completely, June rocks her hips back and forth and kisses him lightly with every push. He is not slipping in and out of her, so much as stirring inside her, he feels engulfed, dominated, owned. She feels needed, wanted, and also in control. They are both in paradise.

There is no urgency to their lovemaking now, no rush to orgasm, no vigorous thrusting. Only sublime intimacy, they are as one being, totally united. June moves to her own rhythm, she feels her body responding to her lover's presence within her. Her thighs shake and a physical emotion washes over her body to her mind. She sighs, and squeezes him in lustful fulfillment.

Her body satisfied, she kisses John passionately, easing herself off his still ridged member. It stands, inviting, and wanting, she never disappoints. With a knowing smile she kisses her way down his body, slowly, teasingly, until she is just brushing the tip of his cock with lips. His hips thrust involuntarily, parting her lips, he meets her tongue.

She flutters it across the end before swirling it round and round, driving him closer to ecstasy. Taking matters in hand she strokes and sucks him alternately, she can hear his cries of pleasure, she reads his body with loving familiarity. As she feels him on the brink, she pushes him to the back of her throat and sucks as hard as she can. He cums with a heady rush, and a shout of all-consuming, joyous release.

June stays with his cock in her mouth until she has him all, then moving up, kisses his exhausted body, until she eventually reaches his satisfied smile. Exhausted she collapses over him, they lay together, she half covering him, and drift off to a relaxed, satisfied sleep.

At seven the next morning John wakes. They have hardly moved during the night, so he gradually extricates himself from beneath her still sleeping form. She stirs but does not wake, he tucks the covers against her, keeping her warm and snug. He goes to the bathroom to pee and shower, then to the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast, Saturday is Pancakes and Maple Syrup Day, mostly.

Not long before eight o'clock he arrives with breakfast. June comes out of the bathroom at the same time, in deep blue bra and panties, she knows what he likes. They kiss across the tray, she tares a piece of pancake from one of the plates, takes a bite, and pushes the remainder into his mouth. She laughs and walks in front of her lover, making sure her ass beckons him to follow.

John makes sure that they sit on opposite sides of the table, he knows that if they sit together he would not get to work, sex can wait for a few hours. She has other ideas and plays footsie as they enjoy their coffee and pancakes. It's a game they play every Saturday, occasionally she wins, perhaps because he lets her.

But not today, soon after they finish, John is dressed and kissing her good-bye. The chill morning air hits him at the door, the Sun is a milky yellow in a pale blue sky, there is frost on the trees and the car, he would love to turn back. He scrapes the glass and opens the car door, pushes the seat back and turns on both engine, and radio.

He hears the voice of Chris Young, and smiles a broad smile. More than once he has seen June's dress hit the floor as they close the front door, it may not always have been black, but it's the thought that counts. Meanwhile June is, again, not wearing a dress, only her matching dark blue undies. She turns on the radio and clears breakfast, singing and dancing as she goes. Has another coffee and, still in just her undies, starts to prepare lunch.

Pumpkin soup, and pumpkin rolls tied in lovers' knots, that is todays menu. Not too heavy, but special enough for her man to come home to. Also it will give her time to soak in a bubble bath, relax, and wash away the odor of onion and garlic before his return.

John is informing readers, watching the clock, willing the hands to move faster, and advising researchers. Finally the hour arrives, skipping through the door, he almost leaps into the car. A drive home can be many things, but this one is unknown by John, every move, even stopping to pick up groceries, is automatic and forgotten.

He only has thoughts of getting himself home. Although the world seems to move so fast around him, some things, he knows, will never change, and he doesn't want to waste a minute. June, meanwhile, is luxuriating in a bubble bath. Lunch is hot and ready, and she is getting there. One hand on her breast, the other on her clit, she is bringing herself expertly to the boil.

With Lady Antebellum playing loud enough to be heard from another room she doesn't hear John return, put the shopping away, or tip-toe into the bathroom to watch her at play. Eyes closed, reaching her climax, he leans over and softly kisses her. Her eyes spring open, and giggling, finishes herself as they continue to kiss passionately.

Knowing that if he stays to talk to her June will start splashing him, and he is more hungry for lunch than play. He gets a towel and holds it as she steps from the waters wrapping her in its warm embrace. Leaving her to dress, he goes to bring the food to the table, tasting the soup he notices an unexpected extra flavor and texture.

The meal arrives at the table as June enters in a cotton dress, and quite obviously nothing else. With a bemused smile she sits next to John, takes a roll, and breaking it starts to eat. John joins her, but is still not sure what that extra ingredient is. "This is different," he offers, "something unusual added, I can't place it." Without looking up she just utters the single word, "Lobster."

John laughs out loud, and then gets a coughing fit as a piece of roll goes the wrong way. It is difficult to laugh and choke at the same time, but he manages it quite well. "Don't play with your food Dear, it'll get cold." June scolds, watching him sideways to make sure he is ok. The fit almost over, John returns to his meal, looking at June, and grinning, between sips of soup.

Every couple should have special things that mean something to only them. A special song, a destination, a restaurant, anniversaries of all kinds; one of theirs is lobster, the code for a blow job, long slow and sensual. He has no idea when, but John can expect it sometime soon. Keeping the anticipation going is one of June's specialties.
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