Josie part 1
Josie, part 1

The first thing that I noticed about Josie was her beautiful smile.

When people describe a smile as being able to light a room, then Josies smile was just that.

I drive a medium size camper van and had driven into a car-park. I was aware of someone in the next car. I glanced over and saw a woman eating a pasty.

Our eyes met and she gave me that amazing smile. It was warm, inviting, a genuinely happy smile.

I felt that I had to speak to her, at least make contact in some way. I wound down the window and said " You look as if you are enjoying that". She replied, "Hmmm they are the best in the area".

I forgot my reason for being there and stayed in my van so that I could watch this lovely lady. We made small talk and she kept giving me those smiles.

It was difficult to estimate her age, but that was irrelevant. Here was a good looking woman, and like a good wine, she had a full body and had matured well, and with a definite sparkle in her eye.

Eventually, the pasty finished, she got out of her car to brush away the crumbs.

Her breasts were level with my window, her top had a low neckline that looked very inviting.

I had to say something and took a chance with a double meaning, "They do look nice, are they as good as they look."

She was brushing her breasts at the time and said, "Oh yes, the best pasties in the....." She had seen that I was looking at her breasts, and said,"You don't mean the pasties do you?"

"No" I said, "You have a lovely figure, are they as good as they look ?"

With that she opened my door leaned forwards and rested her hands on my thigh, her top fell open and I was granted a wonderful view of her breasts and cleavage. Her breasts were just contained in a white bra, with wide apart straps. "Well what do you think of them ?"

"Beautiful, although I would say they look a bit of a handful." I said.

"Try them for size." she said.

I carefully undid the top two buttons of her top and reached in unable to believe my luck.

Yes, each breast was more than handful, they were amazing, firm but I guess that was the effect of the bra.

As I was only wearing a thin pair of shorts, my erection soon became obvious. "That looks a bit of a handful as well." she said pointing to my bulge.

"You had better try if for size, don't you think."

She edged her fingers under the edge of my shorts ad using her finger nails scratched my cock. I almost came there and then.

" Do you fancy coming to my place." I said indicating the van.

"Oh yes." She said, "You can show me what you've got"

Luckily there were not too many people about. I opened the back door, but had to raise the roof so that we could stand. As I did Josie took off her top and skirt and looked wonderful in just her bra and panties.

With the roof now raised, I took off my tee shirt and shorts. My cock stood to attention, I was proud of my erection.

Josie held me in both hands and said, "Just fingers and hands this time, O.K. You can undo me now."

Although I could see her nipples through the material of her bra, I was eager to release them.

As I reached for the clasp, she gripped me tightly making me gasp, and then as her bra fell away I gasped a second time as I saw her wonderful breasts.

They did not stick out like a perky teenagers might, the weight created the most luscious shape and curve, her nipples dark and mysterious, but eager for my attention.

I cupped each one as if they were the most precious things on earth, which at that moment, to me they were. I leant down and kissed each one. The nipples responded and I gently nibbled them.

Josie had somehow removed he panties and now lay on me bed, she had a small bottle of oil, she took my hand and said, "I need some extra lubrication these days, so can you rub some in for me." She poured a large spoonful into my hand which I let dribble onto her mound, she opened her legs and my slippery fingers parted her lips in search of her clit.

Meantime she had covered my cock with oil and was rubbing me slowly but very firmly the whole length of my cock. It was a wonderful sensation.

We were now rubbing each other faster and faster almost a race to see who would cum first. In the end I did but not before I had used three fingers inside her and then brought her off to a noisy climax. I could imagine people outside the van thinking that murder was being committed.

I stood up to clean myself off and looked at Josie her eyes were closed, her legs still wide apart with her pussy glistening with the oil and those lovely breasts.

"I will be here same time next week." she said as she got dressed. "Don't make any promises but you can make an old lady very happy again if you like."
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