Josie part 2
I arrived at the car park early, eager to meet Josie again.

Last week we had met here and finished up in the back of my camper van.

I had learnt that she had a 'significant' birthday recently and had decided she wanted sex and was going to go out, enjoy herself and have fun. After all sex was not just for the young.

There appeared to be very little that would hold her back now that she had started and I hoped to encourage her and be a part of her experience, for both our sakes.

Suddenly there was a tap at my window. I turned and saw Josie smiling at me. I opened the door. She had written her address on an envelope and said, "Give me about half an hour and then you can come and see what I have for you." With that she disappeared.

I knew the area where she lived, but that half hour was the longest.

I parked on the road and practically ran to her door, I was so excited.

When she opened the door my mouth must have dropped. The beautiful woman was almost dressed in a sheer black negligee, black bra and panties, black stockings and suspenders.

She also had the biggest and most wonderful smile. "You look fantastic." I said.

"Yes, so I have just been told." she said.

The look on my face clearly showed that I did not understand.

"Did you see the post van when you came in." I nodded. "Well, I heard the door, thought it was you opened it and stood there in all my glory, but it was the postie, I nearly died. But then I thought 'What the hell lets have fun'."

"It seemed that he had a parcel for my neighbour, she was out and he knocked my door to see if I would take it in. Well he got the surprise of his young life when he saw me like this. He couldn't take his eyes off me and he seemed to have a job to speak, I just enjoyed the moment. Eventually he said that I looked fantastic and sexy and could I look after the parcel. I think he got a hard-on because he was having trouble walking. Wasn't that fun."

I laughed at the way she told the story, but I had a hard-on as well. I quickly stripped and was about to take her in my arms when the door bell rang.

Josie looked through the spyhole and gasped,"Its the postie again, quick hide in the kitchen."

From there I could see Josie but not the door. " Hello again, I didn't expect to see you again so soon." She said.

"I was just leaving a note for your neighbour, when she came home. I offered to get the parcel for her." He said.

"Oh you wanted to see me again did you, you naughty boy."Josie whispered.

"But tell me, do I look better like this." and she took off her negligee.

I heard the postie go. "WOW."

"Or is this better." She said as she undid her bra, and showed off her wonderful breasts.

"Oh my god, what great tits. Oh my god, I've got to go." He said, grabbing the parcel and almost running out of the door.

Tears of laughter were streaming down Josie cheeks. She did look amazing, I stepped up behind her and cupped her breasts, which gently shook as she continued to laugh.

The incident had indeed excited me and I had the erection to prove it. I helped Josie remove her panties but kept the stocking and suspenders on.

Her stockings were that older style. Crisp and shiny with such a wonderful feel to them and that border at the top. I ran my hands up and down her legs, delighting in the feel of them, my erection getting harder and harder.

They have always been my favourite and most erotic piece of clothing, and while Josie was enjoying me touching and caressing her she realised the effect it was having on me.

She led me to her bedroom, lay me on the bed and used her legs and stockings to excite me further. Sitting astride me I could feel that delightful material gently rubbing my legs, arms, body, face and eventually my cock.

Josie moved her position so that she could wank me with her stocking clad feet. I was in heaven, but only for a few minutes before I came, shooting my sperm all over her lovely stockings.

I helped her to remove the now messy stockings and we were both now naked.

"That was so much fun." She said at last. "I was so excited by it all, Oh and you still are by the look of you. Now its my turn. I need you so much."

The baby oil was on the bedside table. We both helped ourselves to it and it seemed as if we were anointing each others bodies with it. I caressed her breasts with it as she using both hands covered my cock, balls and even between my bum cheeks and gently rubbed my anus. It was the most amazing sensation, I had never experienced this before from a woman, but by god she knew what she was doing.

I had two fingers inside her, making sure that she was well lubricated. I also ventured a finger to touch her anus. This made her shudder, so I knew it was the right thing to do.

We were both panting with excitement, "Make love to me." Josie whispered as she lay back on the bed. She opened her legs as I admired just how beautiful this woman was. She had trimmed her pubic hair so all was left was a light covering, her lips opened to reveal the pink tender inner skin and the small nub of her clit.

I held my impatient cock making sure that I was well lubricated. I was torn between wanting to look at her in all her beauty or make love to her. A tough choice but we were both so worked up, I lowered myself over her and thanks to the lubrication found her 'Sweet spot' and entered her smoothly. She gasped as our bodies touched. I was able to use long strokes, almost withdrawing from her before plunging in again and again.

Our fucking was not aggressive in any way but passionate. She had revealed to me that she had not had sex for about 12 years although did have a vibrator that had fairly regular use.

Her breathing became faster and I could feel her pussy muscles contracting on my cock. Her orgasm was a classic, she started by whispering "Yes,yes." and then just got louder and louder until she was shouting. It was such an experience to see her in her climax, she clearly enjoyed every minute.

I had managed to hold back,as Josies orgasm subsided, I continued slow movements in and out of her and in just a minute I could feel her becoming aroused again. I increased my strokes and the pressure I was applying to her clit.

This time we were ready to cum together. It was much quieter this time, I think Josie was quite exhausted but she urged me on saying, "Make me cum, make me cum."

I again could feel the contractions on my cock and fucked her harder and faster shooting my sperm deep inside her wonderful body.

We spent the rest of the day in bed, but just cuddling and enjoying each others company.

I had no idea where we would go from here. What I did know was that it would be exciting and full of sex and love.
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