Josie part 3
I was so looking forward to seeing Josie again. It had been a week, and I wondered just what she had in store for me this time.

It was still summer so I wasn't surprised to be greeted by her wearing a bikini. As soon as I was in the door we were passionately kissing and trying to undress each other.

She led me naked to the conservatory where she had arranged a futon on the floor.

I was instructed to lay down and she sat astride me. The lovely lady was well prepared and I was able to enter her smoothly, but to my surprise she hardly moved but wanted to tell me what had happened during the week.

It seemed that she had started sun bathing in the nude in her garden and quite enjoyed her new found freedom. Yesterday there had been a breeze and she had opened her legs, enjoying the sensation of the wind gently caressing her pussy. She was getting more and more excited and had to get 'Hugo' to keep her company. Hugo?, I queried. " Ah, my pet name for my vibrator".

I actually found this very pleasant, I enjoyed the sound of her voice, I was rock hard just listening to her, she was rotating her hips and rubbing her clit against me all the time.

Back to her story. So there she lay, in the sun pleasuring herself with a vibrator. It was a good thing that her garden was reasonably private, as she can get quite carried away as she orgasms.

Then she went on to tell me that earlier, she had seen her neighbour who had thanked her for taking in the parcel last week. She had giggled at the thought of what had happened and then went on to tell her friend the whole story of how she opened the door and gave the postie the shock of his young life and not only that but how she came to be dressed as she was, waiting for me to arrive.

But then she said that Stella, her friend, had a confession to make. Yesterday she had caught her husband, Tony, looking out of the bedroom window playing with himself. She, (Stella) wanted to see what he was looking at and saw me in the nude on the sunbed.

She teased Tony and laughed at his embarrassment at being caught. Although they both watched me as I was enjoying the breeze on my pussy.

By this time Stella was touching herself while wanking Tony. When I got up they both thought that the show was over, but then saw me with the vibrator. Stella stripped all her clothes off and ordered Tony to do the same. Soon Stella was bending over leaning on the window ledge, watching me playing with Hugo, as Tony was fucking her from behind. Apparently I came first with Stella a close second and then Tony shot his load.

I thought it best to apologise for my indiscretion, but Stella thanked me saying it was the best fuck she had had for a long time and kissed me, saying she hoped there would be more.

Josies movements where becoming more intense now. We were both excited by her story telling and she started to lengthen her stroke so that she was fucking me. I was enthralled by her breasts as they bounced before my eyes. Her breathing was getting faster and faster, her eyes were shut tight and her head was thrown back.

I could feel her pussy muscles gripping my cock as she bounced even faster, she was beginning to make little crying sounds and this spurred me on, I felt my balls tighten as suddenly she cried out and held my cock in an almost vice like grip with her pussy. I heard another noise and realised that it was me also crying out as I came deep inside her.

That I think was one of the best fucks have ever had. It was the mix of the spontaneous sex, hearing her soft voice as I fucked her and the story that the other couple had fucked while watching her.

We made love again that afternoon but this time quietly but with the same passion.

As I made to leave Josies parting shot was that Stella wanted to meet me, but with the huge grin on her face I wondered just what she had in mind.
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