Julia; Part 2
I looked up at Julia, a sleepy smile on her face, a wicked one on mine. I could still hear the shower running, and knew time was short for decisions. But it had to be her choice; I did not want to coerce her. She asked me again if I was sure, and I nodded. Tilting her lovely face closer to mine, she nodded too. Quietly we untangled ourselves and went upstairs. We pulled the blankets down, and positioned Julia in the middle of the bed, with me kneeling between her long legs.

My husband came out of the bathroom and stopped in awe at the sight that greeted him on our bed.

I was licking and sucking on Julia's clean shaven pussy. It was the most delicious thing I had ever done, not just the taste, but each moan I drew from Julia's body, each shiver, each whispered yesss' shook me to my core. It made me wet thinking about what my husband was seeing. I slid my fingers into Julia, and beckoned my husband over. I kissed him, so he could taste Julia's sweet juices on me. He kissed me with a hard edge I had never felt before, and it tore out a moan of lust from my throat. I withdrew my fingers from Julia, with a slight sound of protest she looked up to see what I had in mind.

My fingers were slick with Julia's arousal. I removed the towel from around my husband's waist. I wrapped that slickness around his already hard member and stroked. Reaching down to kiss Julia, I kept stroking him, and then shifted to kiss his thick cock. I wiggled back on the bed and pulled him into position at Julia's nether lips. He looked at me to make sure I was sure, and I nodded with a smile as his thick cock began to disappear into Julia's arching body. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and I could feel my body respond like never before. I scooted up to kiss Julia, sucking on her lips, gently biting, moaning at her taste in my mouth. I nibbled my way down her neck, pausing to lick and suck at sensitive points that I loved attention on. As I reached her nipple, felt a thrill. Julia was in bliss with my husband's thick member sliding in and out of her, glistening with her juices. I took the hardened nipple in my teeth, and bit down gently, rolling my tongue across the sensitive nub captive in my mouth. Julia arched up, her hand grasping the back of my head in bliss. I reached over to her other breast, shifting over her slightly and her hand trailed down my back, tracing light circles down my super sensitive flesh, her nails digging in deliciously down my rear, to my knees, and then I felt her fingers tracing my wet lips, flicking my clit, and I shifted again so she would keep up her maddening stroking.

Her moans were getting throatier now, and I glanced up at my husband to see him intently watching the interplay between me and Julia. I smiled wickedly, and reached my hand down to briefly stroke his balls, and turned my attention back to Julia's breasts. She was very close, her body was twitching in pleasure, her thumb strokes became harder against my clit and suddenly there was an urgency building in my core, my inner muscles grasping her fingers pulling them in deeper. Julia came first, her orgasm was intense, and her body curled up, almost in double, before shakily relaxing in twitches of delight. Her inner muscles must have contracted around my husband's cock as she came, because he had a sudden look of intense pleasure, and he looked like he was trying to hold on as he continued to slide in and out of Julia.

I had a moment of hesitation, but decided I had come this far, holding back now would lead to regrets. I touched my husband's shoulder, and he moved aside. I kneeled before him on the bed, my face buried in Julia's dripping pussy, and as his cock slid into me, it pushed my tongue into Julia and he began a hard tempo that had me moaning in pleasure as I felt his thickness stretch me, his balls slapping against my clit. His fingers began to trace rough circles on my sensitive nub, and Julia's hands were buried in my hair as I brought her to another orgasm. I came in deep, shuddering waves. My intense orgasm trigged my husbands and I felt his fingers dig into my hips, the throbbing of his orgasm set me off again, and I came again, my fingers stopping their assault on Julia's sensitive nub as my body was rocked with pleasure. She moaned a protest, as she was close and my husband reached out with shaky hands to finish what I had started. She came bucking against his hand, and I smiled tiredly.
We all untangled, snuggled up in bed with my husband in the middle. Cozy under the covers, I looked at the two people who had given me so much pleasure, all sleepy and satiated, and decided with the last thought I had before falling asleep, was having this being repeated.
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