Julie Needs Her Man - Part 3
Approximately 2 weeks ago, Curt was met at the airport by Julie and our baby son. Curt sent me a text a short time after arriving and he said that Julie looked absolutely radiant. I didn't write this but I was thinking, she must have looked like an angel for a guy who has been deployed for 2 years.

Julie wrote that when she got "home" with Curt, he put his gear in the guest room and took a long bath. Julie admitted to me that she forgot to give him a bath towel and had to disturb his bath. She knocked, then opened the door, and put the bath towel on the holder. She did get a peek and said that his cock was peaking through the water.

I asked her why didn't you offer to wash his back? She wrote that this was only the first day and she did not want to seem totally out for some cock. I think she knows now that if the situation comes up again she can enjoy.

Julie made Curt a home made dinner and he could not say enough about how wonderful her cooking is. Near the end of dinner, James, began crying and Julie was still eating. Curt offered to get him from the crib and keep him happy till she was done. He came back with the baby and Julie wrote that he looked very comfortable holding our little one, not like some men who are overly cautious. She said that he took to little James just as though he was his daddy. That comment gave me a hard on and I wrote her about that. She loves to tease.

The other day Curt was mowing our lawn, the temps were in the low 90s. He was not wearing a shirt and according to Julie his body was glistening with the sweat and made his "sculpted body" (her words) glisten in the sun. She came out to give him a glass of water and she gave him a towel for his face and then she wiped his back for him.

They went out to dinner one evening, James was with a baby sitter, and my wife was able to enjoy "a date" for the first time since the baby's birth. She said that it felt good just to talk and not worry about crying in the background. After talking about everything, including if he has any "prospects" on the horizon.

After dinner, they drove back to our place and parked in the drive way. There they necked like teenagers on a hot date. Julie told me that it felt so good to smell his cologne, feel the strength in his arms, and the sexiness of his kisses.

While I was answering this email, I was stroking up a storm.

Note: This brings me up to the current time and I will be adding more chapters as this adventure in to our mutual fantasies really takes off.
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