Julie Needs Her Man - Part 5
Julie had her 6 week doctor appointment and everything is good so she has been given the OK to resume a normal sex life. The doctor fit her for a diaphragm and this will be her first time using this type of protection.

Curt said had a very sexy romantic evening and night planned for Julie. He got a baby sitter to take care of James till the next day. He ordered 2 dozen roses, some of her favorite candies and then cooked dinner while she took a nap.

I received an email from Curt and he told me about the evening.

When Julie finished her nap and took a nice long bath, he put out a sexy baby doll night for her to wear at dinner. She looked fantastic according to Curt, when she walked into the dining room. The lights were low, he had candle light and soft sexy music.

Curt said that she looked like an angel with her sparkling eyes. He took her in his arms and gave her a deep kiss and said that dinner was ready.

They had dinner and afterward, danced a while to the music. She told him that dancing in the privacy of your home is much nicer than a club. She said she prefers to wear something sexy like a baby doll with a guy she is falling in love with. He said that he was wearing silk shorts and while they danced, his hard on was stiff as a tent pole.

After making out while dancing, they went to the master bedroom and stripped.

He laid her down on our (their) bed and he started kissing her at her sexy lips and then moved down her neck, her breasts, tummy, and they her very hot pussy.

He then gently kissed and licked and made love to her clit and her vagina with his mouth. She had one orgasm, her first orgasm since Jame's birth. According to Curt, she told him in very strong language she wanted his cock deep inside of her now.

He mounted Julie in the missionary position and began fucking, no it was making love, to her. Both were in another world, just lost in their deep feelings. He did ask her if he should pull out and Julie said "Please give me every drop that you have in your balls".

That was all he needed and soon he emptied his 10 supply of sperm deep inside of Julie's hot womb. They made love twice more before falling asleep in each others arms.

In the morning he said that his cock was totally rock solid, combination of morning wood and a very sexy bed partner. Julie woke Curt up with by kissing and sucking his cock and balls until he gave up his sperm to her deep inside her tummy. After swallowing his load she went with him into that bathroom and held his cock as he took a piss. Then she did something that we never did together. After he finished pissing, she kissed and licked his cock clean and then sucked on it for nearly an hour.

He fell back asleep and when he did wake up, Julie was in the kitchen making breakfast. Curt came up behind her, she was wearing a sexy little robe and nothing else. He put his arms around her and kissed her neck and told her how beautiful she was and how he loved waking up next to her. They had breakfast and then went back to bed and made love again before they had to go and pick up little James.

End Part 5
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