Just By Chance
It was truly just by chance, that Gloria and Bill met. The company holiday party was in full swing. Bill was talking to a few co-workers about apoem he saw in the company paper. It really took his breath away, written by a woman named Gloria.
Bill was amazed at her rare talent for words, how they carried him onto the page. Its one thing to read a work, quite another to be pulled into the very scene. But Bill was with guy's who could never appreciate stunning beauty in words. So he was downing it, to be one of the guys, another fool in the crowd.
Standing with her back inches away from Bill, also talking to her co-workers, was Gloria. She heard his petty criticism of her work. So did everyone else close by. Gloria turned and stared daggers at Bill's back. her friends melted into the crowd. They knew this silly man had made a mistake, and Gloria was going to let him have it. Bill's friends saw the woman behind him, cold ice in her eyes of blue. They had enough sense to back away. Bill turned, and he was no longer the same man.
Bill saw Gloria's rich, deep blue eyes. Like her words, they drew him in. He saw paradise for the first time. Soft lips, Bill heard his soul cry out to kiss. Radiant angelic face that made Bill ashamed for what his body was feeling. Dark brown hair, lightly touching her neck, Bill smelled sunshine.
Gloria's hurt and anger melted, the most adorable blue eyes stared at hers. A strong handsome man stood in front of her. Light tan, from lots of time in the sun colored his cheeks. Granite jaw line and chin showed strength, sexy lips were licked nervously.
Gloria's voice quivered slightly, "why don't you tell me what you really think of my poem." If one can picture a voice, Bill did. Strings of gold, stretched long, dew drops of silver shimmered when Gloria spoke.
Misletoe's were hung from the ceiling around the room. Bill saw Gloria was standing below one. He threw caution to custom and kissed her.
A single event can spark a magical event. Surprised by his own daring, Gloria, shocked by his forwardness, their kiss turned curious. Give and take led to a parting of the lips, eager tongues followed. Embracing their own magic, all party sounds ceased as they kissed. No talking, music, or laughter invaded their world. Not until a nudge by a person squeezing by woke them to the outside world. Noise assulted their ears, joining hands, they re-joined the magic created.
Bill's hand slowly moved up Gloria's leg, his fingers tickled from her white nylons. Her dress rose up her leg, the sweetest of kissing shared by anyone. Bill's fingers touched flesh at the top of her thigh high stockings. Whimpers of delight, Bill has a thing about stockings. Gloria felt goosebumps all over her body. Bodies pressed closer, heat burned through their clothes. Bill trailed kisses over her neck, his lips scorched from her skin. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Babe, would you like to make love to me?"
Gloria held her breath as her zipper came down her dress. She's nervous what Bill will think of her body. That was put to rest quickly. Kissing the back of her neck, looking over her shoulder as her dress melted to the floor. Bill whispered, "your beautiful!!!" Smiling, she un-hooked her bra as Bill fumbled his clothes off, still kissing the back of her neck.
Gloria looked behind her when Bill steped back, he wrestled his pants off. She gasped when his underware came down. Eight inches of erect flesh waved in the air. A purple swollen cap on top, tight sac of balls beneath. Her eyes feasted on Bill's shinning armor of knight a few more moments. She took in the rest of his body, chiseled muscle-no hair anywhere!
Gloria snuggled in Bills arms, his dick, a pulsating rod of energy touching her ass. Chills through her body from continual kisses on the back of her neck. Boiling blood from his hands feeling her body, Cupping her breasts, pinching her already stiff nipples.
Slowly, Gloria turned to face Bill, she smiled at his equaly hard nipples. They floated down onto the bed, kissing, give and take of soft lips, more then eager tongues.
Bill's lust fill blue eyes commited to memory Gloria's ravashing body. Silky skin, golden tan, her breasts so soft and full. Toned muscles just below her skin, twitching with anticipation. "MY GOD YOUR BEAUTIFUL!!!"
Her smile was swallowed in his kiss, her body consumed by his kisses. Tantalizing slow and sweet, he teased her and himself. Gloria's breast arched into his mouth when his lips touched her nipple. Her breathing rising steadily, whimpers of delight from both of them as he tongued her other nipple. Her fingers curled in his hair as Bill kissed lower. Light spasms twitched Gloria's body as Bill kissed just above her panties. Inch by inch, her panties were folded down, closely croped dark hair tickled Bill's lips. He pulled her panties down Gloria's nylon legs. Her naked thighs were teased as well, designs painted by his toungue had Gloria's head tilting back. Bill traced the skin around her lips. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM BABE!!!!" Even softer lips then above, touched Bill's tongue. Sweet nectar had Bill almost growling. Gently spreading her legs, his tongue slithered in deep. More nectar waited for him, shifting up, her pearl was sucked into Bill's mouth. His tongue flickered so fast, all snakes in the world bowed in respect. Gloria's hands pulled him in further, her body heaving, like she was running for her life. Bill never ceased, he held on when Gloria's vagina arched in the air. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YES!!!!! DON'T STOP BABE PLEASE!!!!" Bill slids in a finger, her muscles contract so hard, he thought his finger would be cut off. Hot juices flow out of Gloria's pussy.
Her own taste was intoxicating on Bills lips. "I want you inside me babe." Tight silk muscles made Bill gasp, Gloria did also, from his sheer size. Slowly he filled her, Gloria gripped his hips, then ass. She spread her legs wider, hard thrusts had her moaning ""AHHHHHH" in high pitch. A teeth clenching pain look crossed her face. Pussy muscles contracted non-stop. "BABY OH BABY!!!!" Her hips thrust up, meeting Bill's, "OOOOOOOOOOOH."
Being on top is a favorite for many women, Bill soon learned how much Gloria like it. She filled herself with him, heard tilting back farther the more she took in. She griped his chest, nails scratching a bit. Hard thrusts downward, head tilted back as far as it could go. "OOOOOOOOOOH!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!
Gloria collasped onto Bill, her body panting, each orgasm stronger then the one before. Bill held her, after coming down, he asked, "can I have another taste?"
Gloria's pussy grinds over Bill's face, his tongue fucking her pussy. Her hips rock hard, she's panting just as hard. "DON'T STOP BABE!!!!" Cum flows out of her pussy into his waiting mouth.
Deep lighting thrusts makes Gloria's back arch off the bed. Her orgasm keeps building, higher and higher it climbs. Her arms wrap around Bill tight, waiting for her release. Suddenly she screams!!!! Her fingers rake Bill's back.
His balls are so tight on her tongue, she tastes her cum, its all over him. She licks him like a melting ice cream cone. Bill twitches and whiters under her. Pre cum tastes so good on her tongue. She sucks him in slow, feeling his pulse beating, his cum rising. He goes even harder in her mouth, trickles of cum flow before his orgasm. Deep "OOOOOOOOOOOH'S MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM'S" Hot cum fills her mouth.
In his arms, Gloria giggles, he smiles, "what is it?"
"My name is Gloria."
"Oh shit, I'm sorry, my name is Bill."

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