Just For Her
It was time for her to let go of the stress and flood herself with the pleasures of the body and soul. It was time to let go and escape the confines of the daily grind.

While she was at work, I came home on this winter afternoon and turned the heat up to 78 degrees. We hadn't felt 78 degrees for over 5 months. I filled the tub, scented the house with patchouli and lavender and put on sensual music. I placed her favorite toy on the ledge of the tub, lit candles and smiled.

As she walked in the door she reacted quickly to the ambience with a bit of surprise and a wry smile. I made her drop all of her things, kissed her and asked her if she trusted me. She simply nodded as I put a blindfold on her, stripped her naked and led her to the bathroom. I helped lift her leg to the awaiting water and lowered it in, toes to the ankle, and then the next leg. I placed her hands on the wall in front of her and poured warm water over her shoulder, watching it drip over her breasts, down her tummy and drip from the lips of her now swelling vagina. I ran my hands down her cleavage, following the trail of moisture from the water, down to her wet tuft of pubic hair. I stopped. I squeezed some water on the back of her neck watching it drip down her back into the crack of her tight rounded posterior, which got a sudden rash of goose bumps. She was heating up for sure! Water dripping from her most sensitive spot was the only sex she was getting.

I lowered her into the water and walked out of the room shutting the door behind me. I peeked back in to tell her to remove the mask.

As I was preparing a tray of delicacies to awaken the taste buds, I could hear the buzz, the water moving and the breathing that comes with an orgasm. She was satisfying herself with the rabbit dildo, dreaming of who knows what (or of whom?). The release sound came and then came again. I knew giving her some time would be what she needed, but it wasn't long before she called me in. She handed me a razor, dropped to doggy style, vulnerably pointing her opening to me and ask me to begin shaving. As I completed the backside, she rolled over, spread her legs for me to continue. I lightly massaged her lips, causing them to swell and I smoothed her clean with the razor. Between her legs was like a blooming pink lily. It was drawing me in. So beautiful. So wet. So wanting. I had to taste it. My tongue lightly touched her bud. I went low, licking from the opening that would soon be letting me in, on up to the tip of her clitoris. I licked and lapped up her juices. I sucked on the petals of her flower. At her breaking point I sucked her clit into my mouth, sucking back and forth, licking back and forth until her whole body tightened and she let out a low scream. I looked up and she was flushed, all relaxed except her rock hard nipples.

Then it came. The moment I had been waiting for - to see the want in her eyes. "Come in, come in now", she cried.

I entered so smoothly into her warm and wet canal. I caressed her, told her I loved her and moved my thick member in and out. Slow at first, until she grabbed me hard with her nails. I then slammed her as she so loves. I thrashed her, watching her breasts bounce and hearing her breath pushed out of her at each thrust. When I began to cum, she held me even tighter as if to get the last ounce of passion and penetration. I exploded. We collapsed. The night was young.
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