Just Hanging Out At Home

It's 7 PM and my heart pounds with anticipation of what I know lies ahead. In preparation, I light candles all over the house and slip into a milk and honey bath with a Bud Light in my reach. A million thoughts run through my mind as I gently wash my body with the soapy loofah. My nipples are hard and very hot resulting from the thought of the pure ecstasy that I know I am about to encounter. I gently rub my swollen clit, imagining that it is your tongue trying to stir the monster within me. At the point of climax, I stop myself and get out of the tub to prepare for the wonderful night that lies ahead.

I slip into a black skirt and sheer top that is soft and slightly transparent against my hard nipples. No need to wear a panty, only makes for more laundry. As I walk into the living room I see my husband, Tom, sitting on the couch with a throbbing hard on in his hand making it obvious to me that he has been having the same thoughts as I. Finally...a knock at the door. We look at each other and smile with excitement as Tom slides his cock back into his trousers. I open the door and there you are standing with a cautious smile and the most sensuous lips I have ever seen. I raise my mouth to yours and press good and hard. It doesn't take much to coax your tongue onto mine. Your arms encircle me, and your hands wander freely. You pull me tight against your warm, taut body and every fiber of my being seems to stand on end, ready for whatever you have in mind.

I tell you to sit next to Tom on the couch while I go get us each a beer. You both talk casually for a moment about how all of this got arranged. From my telling Tom how you and I have had many hot chats on line and how I finally confessed to him how much I wanted to meet you and your meat. As you know now, Tom easily fell for the idea of our meeting. He has arranged and watched me make love to other men in previous times. Watching me get fucked is his turn on......getting fucked is mine.

Returning to the room carrying us each a fresh Bud I walk seductively over to your knees. Leaning over to hand you your beer I love watching your eyes follow the bounce of my breasts as you look at them through the sheer blouse. I sit down between the two of you as my skirt rides high up my thighs. Your aroma is intoxicating...earthly and manly with a mixture of cologne and perspiration.

For about a half hour we work our way through two beers and run the small talk to an end. Reaching across in front of you I sit my beer on the stand. Returning my hand across your denim covered crotch I give your bulge a gentle squeeze. Cautiously, I unsnap your pants and drag down your zipper as you flash Tom a sudden glance. While sliding the zipper down with one hand my other hand follows against your flesh to the inevitable destination and pull out your surging cock. You sigh and slouch down as I drop to my knees between your legs. Not letting go of your meat I use a hand to pull your trousers completely down and off both ankles.

Wrapping both hands around your shaft I touch the tip with my tongue as I look up watching you remove your shirt. Now totally naked I suck your cock deeply into my mouth gently squeezing your balls. While slurping you down I glance over at Tom as he strips off his clothing and his cock springs forward. He turns off the two lamps leaving several candles dancing on the walls and our bodies.

Tom kneels down behind me and pulls my blouse up over my head as I raise my arms. Your cock twitches and throbs as you watch my tits and I quickly grab it back into my hand. You craddle your hands behind my head pulling me tighter against you as your cock slides back into my mouth. The whole girth of your cock completely fills my mouth as I suck and stroke you with my face. You seem to have quickly relaxed and lost any apprehensions of having a woman suck you while her husband watches.

Behind me Tom slides a hand up the back of my thigh until he reaches my soaked clit that he plays with and prepares for you as you smile watching me taste the precum oozing from the slit of your shaft. Then I press down my lips over your swollen head as again your girth fills my mouth while I hold the base with my hand and as Tom continues fingering me while his other hand reaches around to hold a breast. Your chest rapidly rising and falling from deep breathing and a sweat giving your entire body a sexy shine. Gotcha Baby! You aint going nowhere!!

Tom now has rolled onto his back and pushed his head under me between my thighs. Mmmmmm his tongue enters me deep! Heat rushes through me! Moaning I suck you harder and hold you tighter as a huge moan comes from you and your entire body tightens. Raising my upper body before you I stroke your hard cock and take one of your hands placing it on a breast. Gently you play with them as I stroke you and Tom eats me. Mmmmmm my thoughts from earlier in the tub are coming true.

Tom pulls himself back out and stands up behind me and lifts me to my feet and pulls down my skirt. Whispering in my ear he says, "Do your thing." I look down and see your cock reaching for me as I straddle you by standing on the floor and lifting my right foot up onto the armrest of the couch. My pussy is right in front of your face. You are hot and flushed as you scootch closer to me while making eye contact with me. Reaching my hand behind your head I pull you into my fiery furnace. "Mmmmmm Baby! Work that tongue".

Learning fast about your obvious skills I enjoy the fruits of your labor as you do your work. Across the room I now see Tom in a chair slowly stroking his lengthy shaft. While I'm cupping my breasts and pinching my nipples I look down and see you stroking your cock too. Your other hand behind my ass pulling me tight. Spreading my legs wider my clit is so swollen and I am dripping as you eagerly show no mercy with your talented tongue. Mmmmmm Love it!

Oh Baby, I quiver as your thumb teases my ass. I jerk and push my pussy tighter into your face. Gasping and moaning uncontrollably I take another glance at Tom as he pours some oil over the head of his cock and continues to stroke it. My legs are weakening and I'm feeling faint. Pulling your head out I push you back against the couch. Still straddling you I crawl up on the couch on my knees and sit on your thighs, your throbbing wet cock against my tummy. While wrapping one hand around your shaft my other hand behind your neck pulling your face into my breasts. "Kiss my tits, Luv", I command you. Mmmmmm! You're so good at taking orders. Kissing and licking them my nipples respond. I continue to squeeze and message your love muscle as again I look to watch Tom exercising his oil covered shaft glowing in the candlelight.

At the verge of bringing you to climax I let go of your loaded gun and I rise up onto my knees positioning my pussy just above your hard cock jerking recklessly. Reaching both your hands around my ass I begin to lower onto it's head easily starting to take it in as you part my buns with your strong grip. Moving my ass in a circular motion you moan as I tease your cockhead only allowing very little in me. I fail in my attempt to tease you more because I want to take it all and feel it fill me. Suddenly I let myself slid down your length. You groan and jerk your head looking up at the ceiling. I scream uncontrollably and begin riding you. Full length strokes as I ride you up slowly and then back down fast as your hands still support my ass. Mmmmmm the soothing, quenching, and satisfying feeling of a huge cock meeting my needs. Your girth fills my pussy just as it did my mouth.

I could ride your cock all night but the desire to feel you cum overwhelms me. Placing both hands on your shoulders I can't resist riding you faster and faster. The groaning sounds that you make drive me wild as I try to satisfy you like you are me. Pumping you faster I feel your shaft rapidly swelling. My breasts are flopping in your face as you try to bite my nipples. Looking over at Tom pumping himself harder I say, "It won't be long, Baby!"

Tom hurries over beside me so that I can suck him while I continue to fuck you. With my head turned towards Tom's cock I cup his balls with one hand while leaving the other on your shoulder. Your hands under my ass still helping me to ride you long and hard. We are all in rythm. Both cocks incredibly hot and swelling fast. I can tell you and Tom are seconds away as I feel my first surge of cum flood your cock you both explode in me. Both your cocks bursting shot after shot of potent love juices. I am cumming for the third time as we all exhaust ourselves at the same time.

The room is echoing with moans and sighs and occasional giggles. I fall forward onto your chest gasping for my breath. Mmmmmmmm, your tamed beast is still in me slowly relaxing. Tom leaves the room and quickly returns with some towels. I go into the bedroom and return wearing my robe and I proceed to the kitchen. When I return with a fresh Bud for each of us I find you and Tom have dressed.

I sit down on the couch between the two of you. Hmmmmm ! I think this is how it all started a little while ago! We sip on our beers and chat a little while getting our breathing back to normal and our bodies to cool down. The small talk easily revealed that each one of us was content and satisfied with the evenings activities.

As we walk you to the front door you and Tom shake hands and I give you a kiss on your neck. Watching you walk down our sidewalk I yell out to you, "Don't you be hard to find! I may want to yank your ass back here again soon!"
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