Just a Kiss
Jade walked down the street, her blonde hair bouncing in its high pony tail. She smiled when she caught her reflection in a shop window. She was making the most of her best assets tonight - her long, lean legs. They were encased in dark blue skin tight jeans, and black, knee high boots. It made it appear like her legs went on for miles and show cased her pert bum to the fullest. She had an off the shoulder grey jumper on. It was loose fitting, which made the outfit more casual. The shocking pink bra strap, which was visible, contrasted with the rest of her outfit.

She reached the cinema, and checked her watch. She was early for once. Jade leant on one of the many pillars and waited for her date to arrive. She was playing a game on her phone when a shadow fell across her. She looked up. Warm brown eyes met her dazzling blue ones and she jumped forward, wrapping her arms and legs around a 6'2 broad shouldered man.

Aaron grinned, wrapping his arms under her legs to hold her securely. "Miss me much?"
He felt her nod into his neck, and he let his hands caress the back of her thighs. Damn she felt good in his arms. It had been a while since they had last seen each other. Work commitments for her, and a controlling ex-girlfriend for him. But Aaron was determined to make this night a good one. He dropped Jade on to her feet and put his arm around her slim waist. "What film we watching?"
She shrugged. "I will let you choose, whilst I get the popcorn and fizz."
He kissed her temple and tapped her bottom lightly as they made their way into the cinema. "I like the sweet popcorn, by the way."

Jade was shivering, and she was sure it wasn't from the cold. Seeing Aaron again had brought back all these feelings. They had been best friends for years, but recently it was hard to make time to see each other, and the most contact they had was a couple emails a month - Mostly to remind the other one that they were still alive. She enjoyed their emails. They might have only been short, but they never failed to make her laugh. Aaron was a wild one, and often left a string of heart broken women behind him. His last girlfriend was a shock though. She hadn't fallen in to the usual stereotype Aaron dated. She was older, mature and highly controlling. Aaron had seemed to fall of the face of the earth whilst he was dating that one, but he was back now.

Jade paid for the large popcorn and lemonade and made her way over to Aaron, who was already chatting to two young women. She bumped her hip against his and flashed him a smile. He smiled back, and placed his hand on her hip.
"Who are your friends?" She looked over at the girls, who were shooting her evil glances.
"Just started chatting now actually," He winked at them, "Amy and Louise, this is Jade."
She checked her watch. "Best get going to this film." She steered him away from the girls, ignoring the daggers they were likely to be still shooting her.

Aaron rolled his eyes and walked with Jade. She had always been concerned about his addiction to women. He loved all women. Their curves tantalised him, the sway of their hips evoked a deep desire. He fell a step or two behind Jade, and watched her hips. They were slim and led down to a pert a little bum. He brought his gaze up quickly before she could catch him looking. He slipped his arm back around her waist as they entered the darkened cinema. They found their seats with ease and settled down. They were right at the back of the cinema. Aaron knew that Jade was prone to giggling fits and that being at the back of the cinema would at least limit the loudness of the sound. He smiled with amusement when he saw Jade slipping of her boots before she sat down. Her odd habit of preferring not to wear shoes or sock whenever possible, never failed to make him chuckle.

Jade turned round in her seat to swing her legs up on to Aaron's lap. She passed the drink to him and rested the popcorn on her lap, making sure that he was able to reach it with ease. She wriggled a little to get comfy, than let out a small sigh. She wriggled her toes, when Aaron's hands fell on her ankles. He smiled at her and turned his attention back to the massive cinema screen. She couldn't look at the screen. She was too busy trying to keep still. The temptation to wriggle her feet a little more was overwhelming, but they were just friends.

Aaron shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Jade's feet were incredibly close to the bulge that had suddenly appeared in his jeans, the moment that she had put them on him. He held her ankles to stop them from moving any closer. She would surely be disgusted with him, if she knew about the thoughts that had run through his head more than once in the past few years. At the beginning of their friendship, no sexual thoughts had even crossed his mind. It wasn't that Jade was repulsive. It was the fact that he had always seen her as one of the guys. That had all changed a few years ago at a party though.

It had been a typical party on a Saturday night. People had been stood in the garden drinking and smoking, the music loud, but not loud enough to drown out the soft moans of the couples who had sneaked into unlocked bedrooms. Aaron had been wandering around, beer in hand, when he had come across what he thought was an empty room. In actual fact the room had been occupied by Jade and a man. Aaron had been so shocked he had stood still, eyes glued to the naked bodies on the bed, till the man had shouted abuse at him. The last thing he had seen was Jade blushing a deep crimson. They hadn't spoken for weeks. It had been too awkward. They had met up again a month or two after the incident. They had both laughed it off, and their friendship had resumed. The only difference was that Aaron now fantasied about Jade's long legs wrapped around his waist as he pinned her against the wall with his hips.

Aaron shook his head and tried to concentrate on the film. The trip down memory lane had not helped him with the bulge situation. It was made even worse when Jade swung her feet off and sat normally, now cuddling into his arm. The popcorn was now balanced on his erection. Aaron tried not to shift, aware of the fact that the popcorn was close to spilling everywhere.

Jade sighed and kept one eye on the film. Her other eye was trained on the balancing act the popcorn was now doing. She stifled a giggle as Aaron straighten his legs a little and the box slide. She reached out a hand to grab it. Her hand gently grazed the bulge in his jeans and she felt him stiffen in surprise. Jade felt his hand reach out for hers and hold it gently. His thumb lightly stroked her skin and she gasped when she felt him raise it and kiss it. It was a good thing she was sitting down as her legs turned to jelly and butterflies swarmed in her stomach. She kept her hand still as he pressed another kiss to it and held it gently in his own. A soft moan escaped her lips.

Adam reached forward and placed the popcorn on the floor, moving the drink to his side so there was nothing in between them. He leant forward and let his thumb trace the outline of her lips. He groaned when Jade's teeth gently nipped and he quickly let his other hand cup the back of her head to bring her closer to him. He pressed his lips gently against hers. His whole body relaxed when her lips moved against his own. He fisted his hands in her hair, titling her head back to deepen the kiss. The arm rest was getting on his nerves, but there was nothing he could do about it. He teased his tongue along her lips and let it dip inside when she moaned. He danced his tongue with hers, basking in her arousing moans that she was making.
His hands dropped from her hair down to her neck and shoulders, caressing her skin. She felt hot to touch and it made him smile, knowing that she was enjoying this as much as he was. Her mouth came away from his and he saw that her eyes were bright and that her cheeks were slightly flushed. They held each other's gaze.

Jade's mind was spinning. One minute everything had been normal, than the next Aaron had been kissing her. Her lips still tingled from his touch. She reached forward and softly touched his face. His head turned in her hand and he kissed her open palm. Her breathe hitched as the tenderness of the movement swept through her. She let Aaron pull her onto his lap, her legs hanging over the arm rest. She felt his arm tighten round her. Jade felt his hot breathe on her neck and shivered when he pressed his lips to her skin. Small kisses were planted all along her neck and shoulder and she bit her to lip to keep herself from moaning more loudly. Her body had never reacted like this before, and it was making her dizzy with desire.
She turned a little and pressed her mouth against his. His tongue was already darting against hers and she moaned into him, feeling her whole body tighten with arousal. He fisted her hair again, tilting her head back to softly suck on the sensitive skin of her neck. She felt his teeth graze her skin.

Jade shivered involuntary, losing herself to the sensations Aaron was casting upon her body. She stroked her hands along his arms, feeling the warmth of his skin. She gasped more loudly then she would have like, when Aaron's teeth sank a little harder into her flesh. She shuddered again her legs clamping together as the ecstasy drove her almost to the brink of insanity.

Aaron trailed his lips back up her throat and back to her lips.
"I think you've given me a hickey Mr." She murmured against his lips. "I may have to get you back for that"
His lips curved into a smile, and he pressed a kiss to her nose. "I have a feeling I may enjoy your revenge."
The lights flicked on, signalling the end of the movie. With some regret he let Jade stand, then stood himself after some re-adjusting. She held out her hand for his, after she'd put her boots back on, and he took it. They walked out of the cinema into the dark of the night. Adam pulled her close against him, placing an arm protectively around her shoulders. She looked up at him and smiled.
He stopped and swung her around, pulled her against him, so they were chest to chest. Aaron let his hands wander down to gently, but firmly cup her butt. Jade looked at him expectedly. "Yes? What can I do for you?" Her tone made him laugh.
"Just a kiss please."
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