Just deserts
Hi All

The second part of my dream dinner date, if you like it please please vote and comment Muahhhh

Jon stood looking at her he marveled at the way her breasts quivered as she shuddered trying to regain control of her body, he felt his cock aching pressed against his trousers, he looked down a clear damp circle showed on the Khaki material. He unbuckled his pants kicking them off and tore of his underwear, looking down at his cock curving up and slightly left the head shiny with precum.

Jon walked closer to the table he could see the puddle if Dele's juices, he took his aching cock in his hand and slowly rubbed the tip against her pussy lips hearing her moan he lowered his hips and gently eased the tip of his cock into her push making her squirm and moan as he stood still.

Jon thrust his cock into her sliding easily into her pussy making a squelching sound that Dele drown out as she screamed her hips convulsing as he pumped hard & deep 3 times he felt her juices coating his cock as he thrust faster withdrawing as he felt the urge to cum, he looked at his cock shiny with her pussy juices, he smiled as he saw her looking at him, walking slowly round the table his cock bobbing in front of him. As he was level with her chest he reached out giving her nipple a twist , Dele gasped.

Walking to the top of the table he bent to kiss her lips, they kissed deeply she could taste herself on his lips as she sucked and eased his tongue between her lips, Jon hooked her arms pulling her up the table, her head just over the edge, the long blonde hair like a waterfall to the floor, bending he kissed and sucked her nipple.

As he leaned forward Dele felt his cock against her cheek, her nostrils filled with the intoxicating smell she turned her head kissing the hard shaft, as he felt her lips he nipped her nipple in his teeth making her squeal, looking down he could see his cock against her cheek, she looked up at him then kissed his balls. Jon stood and moved closer he could feel her tongue and lips sucking and rolling his balls, he stared as precum dripped onto her throat and upper chest, she reached round and squeezed his cock stroking him, as his hips pushed he could feel her teeth tug at his balls gently, stretching the skin.

Stepping back Jon rubbed his cock over her lips then slipped the head into her mouth, then deeper slowly pushing, Dele grabbed his ass pulling him deeper his breathing ragged he slowly pushed deeper , straightening he looked down as his cock touched her throat she grabbed his ass pulling gently his cock pushed into her throat. Dele gasped relaxing her throat pulling him deeper the urge to gag so strong, she felt his hips pushing then his cock was in her throat.

Jon felt her throat contract round his cock as she swallowed, looking down he could make out his cock as he pushed and slid back, the muscles in his leg ached and he stumbled his cock slid deep and Dele cried out as best she could , as he tried to pull back she grabbed his ass and held him.

Reaching down he pulled her nipples and she whimpered, he stared at the way they moved as he fucked her mouth and throat, his body tensed he felt like he had a headache his hips pumped faster he tipped his head back, eyes closed then bellowed

Hi cock erupted 2 huge jets of cum into her throat making her cough and struggle, he stepped back as a 3rd sprayed onto her face, his cock sprung up and a 4th jet sprayed into the air landing on her breasts and thighs, his knees buckled and he dropped onto the floor his cock running through her hair.
As he recovered he stroked her cheek then leaned forward to kiss her his tongue flickered into her mouth and he got his first taste of his cum and realized it didn't taste that bad.
He stood up and smiled at her helping her from the table he led her into the shower.

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