Just talk to me...
"If you would just listen to me-"
"No! If youre cheating, I want you out!" Brian yelled at Natalie, pointing to the door.
"Im not cheating! I just want you to FUCK ME! I should be asking you that question! Not the other way around! You wont even touch me anymore!" Out of frustration, she picked up the glass at her side and smashed it into tile, glass scattering everywhere.Brian opened his mouth to argue and she stopped him."Dont even fucking try to argue with me about this!When you come home, I cook for you in nothing but an apron, when i serve you, i sit in your lap, and feed you. For our bed, ive boughten lingerie, im open to ANY position, and i dont mean to brag but i can suck the nails out of a board and you know it! What the fuck is wrong with you!" Even though she was arguing with, underneath her robe, her nipples started to harden, her pussy starting to get wet. Even angry with him, she wanted to jump him. Maybe if she knocked him out and duck taped his hands she could rape him. No, that's not right...maybe if that wouldnt work either. She sighed, and ran her trembling hand through her long red hair.
Brian stayed silent this time, his blue eyes aimed at the shattered glass. Exasperated, she held out her hands. "What do you want to do? Tell me and we'll do it! I love you, I want to stay committed to you, I want this to work, just tell me how!!!" Brian looked up at her, contemplating whether to answer or not, and Natalie could tell. She closed the space between them, wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning her forehead against his. "Tell me baby," she whispered. He out and untied the strings of her robe, opening it to find her wonderfully naked. His hand grazed her high D cup breasts, brushed down her flat stomach, down further to her small patch of hair and warm wetness. "Your'e so beautiful, and im...not," he whispered as he dipped his head down to her left nipple and started to suckle softly. Natalie closed her eyes, twining her fingers around his blond hair and pushing his mouth more into her breast. "You beautiful to me...why do you think...i want you so badly?" Natalie was 5'6" with green eyes and deep red hair. Her hour glass figure and clear skin always make guys turn their heads when they see her. Which is why Brian couldnt understand why she wanted him. He was only an inch taller than she, with freckled skin and wasnt fat, but had a thicker build than most. How could she want him? But she did, she begged for him actually, and he just couldnt understand it. His lips from her left nipple to her right,his hands squeezing her hips and lifting her onto the counter. She spread her legs, and wrapped them around his waist. "Please...dont stop... this all that ive wanted." Natalie jerked his shirt up over his head,and started undoing his belt. yes yes yes this was all that she wanted. His pants dropped and she wrapped her fingers around his cock, going into a rhythm that she knew he loved. His moan broke the silence, and moved from her breasts to her mouth, delving his tongue into her hot mouth, while his left middle finger delved into her hot pussy, stroking her with a rhythm that quickly brought her to an orgasm, one that she hadnt had for so long. "Yes baby, touch, love me...god i want you inside me," she beathed, increasing her strokes making him whimper. He could only nod,positioning himself and slowly pushed himself insider her, her hot tight pussy clenching around his cock, feeling him as he stretched her walls and stroked her g spot over and over. "I am such an idiot," Brian said in a strangled voice, trying to not explode. "How could i have not wanted this everytime you offered it to me?" His thrusts increased, he put her legs in the crook of his elbows and spread her legs wider, thrusting deeper. Their moans growing louder, more frequent. Natalie threw her head back a she orgasmed yet again, her nails digging into his shoulders. Brian shortly followed, growling as his orgasm shot inside her, filling her in a way she hadnt felt in so long.
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