Just the Four of Us
Just the Four of Us
By: Sassy Sue

It has been over a month since that night I opened my big, mouth and inserted my foot. I remember that morning clearly; the four of us were having brunch after a night of very bawdy sex. The evening started out with Jeff and me in one bedroom with Rachel and Mark in another bedroom. This was not our first time with Jeff and Mark; they were our regular fuck buddies lately. We had made love numerous times before and it was never boring.

It was so hot to hear each other moan, groan and squeal as we fucked and then at some point during the night a sultry game of bedroom tag began and the men would switch bedrooms and Jeff would screw Rachel and Mark would try to dominate me. This would continue usually until the early morning hours and we ended up back with our original lovers.

In the morning we would rise shower and go out for a brunch and plan our next escapade. We were laughing, having a good time, shoveling food into our fuel starved bodies when I opened my big mouth without thinking I made a suggestion.

"Look guys, why don't we just save a lot of time next time, we could just use the larger bedroom with the king size bed. Eliminate all this trotting back and forth between the bedrooms and it would be so hot seeing each other screwing."

Silence, dead silence, at our table, eyes glancing at each other, time was at a standstill, was Sue serious, I could read it on the faces of my lovers. No response so I pushed a little bit more, just as a joke. I never thought anyone would take it as a challenge.

"What's matter, afraid of a foursome, hell we could do each other at the same time, I am willing!"

There it was out there. I put it on the table thinking no one would take me seriously. It was just Sue showing off her sexual bravado, her in your face attitude and her brand bullshit of pushing sexual boundaries.

Mark was the first to reply, the first to call my bluff, "Alright Sue, next time no holds barred, one bed, the four of us and let nature its course, and I am up for a foursome."

Jeff and Rachel looked at each other, then at Mark and concurred with the idea of a foursome. It was something none of us have every done.

They looked at me, "Sue you got your foursome."

I was stunned, never in a million years did I expect my sweet Rachel or my fuck buddy Jeff to agree; Mark, on the other hand, would agree to most anything as he, like me, he is an intensely sexual person who liked to ride on the edge in everything he did and sex was no exception.

We all left with this on our mind and had agreed that on week prior to our Saturday night foursome, we would not have sex. Now that was an easy task for Jeff and Mark as they hand the ranch to keep them busy and Jeff had his business as well. However that is not the case for Rachel and me, as we live together and are accustomed to having sex anytime we wanted too. That week would be a challenge to say the least.

Rachel did not have the problems that I did as she had much more self-control that I did, she proved to be a mistress of her own domain. However, I am unable to show the same strong restraint, my domain was in constant peril.

The week before was now here, Rachel went into abstinence mode and sex in our house became. I would see her naked, the winsome glimpse of her in her bra and panties but that was it, no cuddling, groping or copping a quick feel. She would start strong but I suspected by the weekend her pussy would be quivering, leaking and her nipples would be aching and getting inordinately hard as her mind would be filled with sexual thoughts.

I am a very sexual woman and I am not into denying myself sexual pleasure. I live for the pleasure that I derive from sex and it does not matter if I get pleasure from self-satisfaction, toys, oral pleasure or intercourse, as long as I can cum. The days were not passing quickly enough for me; the first three weeks were no problem with my sexual needs being sated with frequent lovemaking with Rachel. However, that last week has been a killer for me. My morning ritual of self-pleasure in the shower reduced to a fleeting rub or two but sans the intense climaxes that I longed for, not even a little one.

Each day I would get up and my body is going withdrawal from the lack of sex. I would see Rachel's naked body and I could feel an ache in my loins. My nipples seem to be hard all the time and I was constantly thinking of sex, wanting to have the taste of cum in my mouth and but the only cum I tasted was my own. It was a long week and I on edge all week. For me, Saturday could not get here soon enough.

I had no idea that my bedfellows were conspiring all month long to ensure I would get more that my fair share of carnal pleasure on Saturday night. These trios of lovers having contrived a devious plan to make me the center of this pending foursome and failed to mention this tidbit of information. My friend, my sexual competitor, Mark was the tip of the spear of this plot and what a lovely spear tip he had between his muscular thighs.

Alas the much anticipated day had finally arrived, Saturday. All that remain was to get ready and make the long drive over to Jeff's ranch.
Preparations started with a shave and since Rachel and I usually shaved each other this was going to be a tricky hurdle. We enjoyed the tugging and pulling of each other's vulvas to remove the most errant of pubic hairs. After shaving we always had a great 69 to evaluate our shaving skills. A tongue can find a single hair or stubble if it exists, not to mention the other benefits of licking pussy. Not today Rachel, aka the Iron Maiden, was all business and I experienced the quickest shave ever. Then it was her turn, Rachel applying the shaving gel, laid there with her legs spread and was all business. I tried to stray but she reprimanded me rather quickly so I finished and she cleaned her sweet smelling cunt, leaving me to deal with my nagging desire.

Showers were next and not shared today as they often are. I took the opportunity to lie on the bed watching Rachel soaping her sexy body, her hands cupping her bountiful breasts. Her nipples standing tall on her scrumptious boobs and I realized how much I missed sucking on them. It was not long before I could feel a warm wetness between my legs. The shower ended as quickly as it began and I was left with a burning desire to torment my body until later tonight.

Rachel quickly dressed as I took my shower and I used all my restraint to keep my fingers from administering a good dose of well-deserved self-gratification. By the time, I finished showering; Rachel was combing her hair and was wearing a pair of burgundy, lace panties with a matching half bra that allowed her dark areolas to rise above the cup with a hint of nipple. She had a multi-colored, sequin covered, cocktail dress lying on the bed which was quite short with a deep V neckline. I was drooling now.

We talked and I stepped into a red satin thong and pulled it tight on my vulva. At some point the thong disappeared into the crack of my butt. I slipped a wispy sheer bra on which did not conceal anything but did cast a rose colored glow over my boobs. It was the perfect lingerie for the black dress I hand selected. It is a little black shiny number, with a plunging neckline, something that with a quick tug on the zipper would be on the floor in a flash. Perfect for a night like tonight, a night where clothes were not going to matter.

Over at Jeff's place the guys were preparing for the pending night of sex. After a shower, Jeff has slipped on a black, satin thong, which cradles his manhood and his boys, pulling his cock close to his body in an almost semi-erect state. Black slacks over the satin thong, leaving a slight bulge in the slacks, a white tight t-shirt, with a black blazer over his modest frame and he is ready.

Mark is ready for Rachel and Sue with his monstrous thick cock which always makes the girls squeal with delight when he puts it into them. Inflicting pain as he enters them for the first time, stretching their vaginas, making them weep, as the pain becomes pure carnal pleasure and whimper for more of his prick. He is wearing a pair of white silk boxers, which provides minimal concealment of his long, viscous prick. Seven plus inches of manhood for his Rachel and her wife to take in their orifices tonight and the plan was to fill all of their holes. It will be different than the other times when they have just shared lovers, tonight Sue would get hers first and then Rachel and Mark was up to the task at hand. He had no doubts Jeff would hold up his end of the tryst and we women would get all the cock we could handle.

Mark donning his jeans, a cowboy shirt over his ripped body, and a pair of his best cowboy boots. A splash of cologne and his cowboy hat on, Mark walked up to the main house to meet Jeff.

The dinner was light and cordial with a little salacious flirting tossed in to keep things interesting. The stage was set for a night of decadent debauchery after a pleasant meal and a few drinks. Unbeknownst to Sue she was going to be the center of attention tonight, her willingness to push her sexual boundaries was going to be pushed to the limits and we would see if Sue could walk the talk. First her and then her lap dog, lesbian wife would get hers as well as an added attraction. Rachel had agreed to seduce Sue into a foursome tonight but was unaware that she too would get two cocks stuffed in her lesbian holes concurrently at some point during the night.

The room was ready for the women, the room filled with flickering candles that were giving off an ambient light. Four long leather lashes, one tied to each post of the bed and coiled neatly under the bed ready to be used to tie ankles and wrists if needed at some point during the night. Numerous shorter lashes lay upon the nightstands adjacent the large tube of Astro Glide lubricant. The king size bed was made up with a fitted red satin sheet on the mattress and a black satin flat sheet folded neatly at the foot of the bed. Several black pillows were scattered about the bed. No air freshener was required because soon the room would be filled with the musky aroma of hot wet sex.

Entering the bedroom, Jeff holding Sue's hand and pulling her to him he gave her a soulful kiss with his tongue parting her lips for a second or two. Jeff's fingers are toying with the zipper on my dress, sliding it up and down before he eases the black garment from her shoulders. Cascading over my naked breasts, past my hips, then down my legs, pooling at my ankles and I am left standing in red satin thong with a very pronounced, wet camel toe. After a week of forced celibacy I am ready to fuck! Jeff presses his palm to my wet thong and softly caresses my mound before he hooks his thumbs into my thong and pulls it from my pussy revealing my moistness.

I was the first one naked with Jeff's help. My little black dress is in a puddle on the floor. Jeff is kissing my breasts through the wispy bra and his deft fingers undoing the bra's hook. My tits exposed and Jeff is thumbing my erect nipples, biting them making my nipples ache.

I am running my hands over Jeff's chest, under his shirt and soon as I have his blazer and t-shirt off I am kneeling before Jeff, undoing his slacks, and pulling them from him. Jeff is running his fingers through my hair. I am gliding my fingers over his black thong, tracing the outline of his throbbing prick and want to free it from the thong. Kissing the slick material I can taste his pre-cum, I slowly peel his thong off, now Jeff is naked much to my delight and his as I take his glans into my mouth.

Mark is cupping Rachel's ass, squeezing her firm globes and kissing her neck as she wraps her arms around Mark's neck and she is grinding on his body.

Mark deftly eases Rachel's colored dress from her body and Rachel standing there in her burgundy panties and bra, which was Mark's next target. A quick twist of Mark's finger and the lace bra fell to the floor revealing her dark areolas and very erect nipples. With his hands on her hips, Mark rolled her damp panties over her hips and down her supple legs where she steps out of them with a web of her nectar clinging on for dear life. Mark kissed her mound playfully before he pushes her onto the bed.

Taking Rachel by her ankles Mark spreads her legs and her flower in full blossom now; he rubs his engorged cock over her swollen pussy lips. Rachel flexing her hips, trying to capture his elusive prick and wants to feel it in her dripping cunt. Mark is not ready to screw Rachel just yet, there is the matter of filling Sue with his cock and that is Mark's priority.

"Sue how about one of your famous blowjobs and a hand job for the guys," Mark prompted.

"Yeah Sue, you can handle two hard dicks," Rachel chimed in rubbing her wet slit.

Jeff and Mark lay across the bed with enough room between them for me. Their pricks jutting into air, two towers of flesh waving in the breeze of passion that is filling the room. Kneeling between the two men, wrapping my fingers around their hard-ons I began jacking them off. Mark is groping my tits, pinching my nipples and letting his hands roam my body. Jeff is fondling my greasy slit and caressing my mound. I am pumping their yummy cocks, licking slick knobs and kissing pulsating shafts with an occasional cradling of their swollen balls.

"She does love the cock," Rachel boasted as she looked over at me, her wife, jacking two men's cocks.

I am jacking the cocks in my fists, making the foreskins snap. Their fuck rods are thickening in my fingers, growing stronger every second. Leaning over toward Mark's prick and I lick it ravenously. My tongue flicking across Mark's cock and then I stuffed it between my lips. Nursing his cock between my lips while I am slowly stroking Jeff's massive hard on which was fully erect and already dripping pre-cum.

"What a hot little mouth," complimented Mark.

"Suck our cocks," Jeff demanded, "suck it! I want that dirty lesbian married mouth around my prick Sue!"

My pussy is salivating juices, as I service the twin towers of flesh. Rubbing the engorged heads on my wet lips and then taking Mark's cock into her mouth first and jacking off Jeff. My mouth wet with saliva, and I am slobbering all over Jeff's swollen meat and tasting his pre-cum. Licking Jeff's unyielding prick was soaking my snatch. Jeff is getting impatient to have his turn at my mouth, to feel my silky lips on his velvet head and his cock in my throat.

Quickly sensing Mark's urgency I swapped Jeff's cock for Mark's thick prick and take his stalk into my wet, warm mouth. My lips hitting his hairy balls as I draw his cock in and out of my mouth. Sucking and gnawing on his hard cock, teasing him with my teeth along the underside of his mammoth, purple head, I bring Jeff to the proverbial edge but I am refusing to let either man cum.

"That's it! Suck my cock!" Jeff demands as my mouth is slurping loudly at his hard cock in my mouth, "Harder!" he demanded. Jeff threw his head back in delight as Mark and Rachel are watching my head bobbing back on forth on Jeff's dick.

"That's it! That's it! Suck my dick Sue!"

Just as quick as I stared sucking Jeff's cock I stopped, leaving both men with a serious case of blue balls. Cocks are primed and ready to fuck one of us and at this moment it is going to be me.

"On the chaise Sue!" Jeff begins to direct the action as if he were directing a porn scene which he was.

Jeff lay's on the chaise with his stiff cock waving in the air. I slip from the bed and kneel on the chaise, straddling Jeff's swollen prick with pussy lips brushing the head of his engorged purple head and my ass towards Mark. I was in my favorite position, the doggy position.

Rach's legs are spanning the chaise with her pussy in front of my face which I cannot resist licking. Her legs spread and I can smell her wondrous scent as she is rubbing her clit with her right hand and her left hand on top of my head. My tongue flicking in and out of wet cunt for the first time in a week.

I lower my hips, I can feel the swollen glans of Jeff and his cock spreads my lips open. I push down trying to impale his prick in my cunt. I feel the pre-cum on the head of his dick, my lips dragging on his shaft and my pussy closing on his throbbing cock. I fuck Jeff slowly and dine on Rachel's scrumptious pussy a Making them both groan.

I feel the coolness of the Astro Lube tricking down the crack of my ass and over my sphincter. Mark is working my tight ass with his finger, teasing my puckering hole. I feel him probing my ass, I am relaxing and Mark has his finger buried deep in my ass now. I am pushing on his finger and riding Jeff's cock and my tongue is licking Rachel's clit. I am on fire, my body tense and my cunt sopping wet. Mark is no longer patient.

Mark grasps my ass cheeks and presses his monstrous thick cock to my ass, and with a firm thrust he pierces my ass and fills me with his cock. He pauses the head of his cock is in me. The pain is intense and my muscles gripping his throbbing cock tries to hold him until the pain becomes pleasure. I am shrieking now, not a hole left vacant. I am being fucked and eating pussy all at the same time. I could feel both cocks in me; rubbing on the thin membrane wall of my pussy and on each other I am sure.

Jeff is the first to cum, his throbbing cock spewing his cum into quivering cunt. I am climaxing, my third or fourth now, I am at that point where they just blend together and my pussy is full of cum.

Rachel has sprayed my face with her cream and is sharing it with me by rubbing her cunt on my face. I can feel her juicy lips rubbing on mine and I try to shove my tongue into her very tasty hole.

"Oohhh! I am muttering and shouting, emitting sounds of decadent pleasure, Oooo! Arghhh!! Ohhhh! These sounds are coupled with pleas for more cock and more fucking.

"Yes! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!"

I am moaning clenching my mouth closed in pain and salacious debauchery. Feeling as though I am being split in half, my body tenses as Mark and Jeff are filling my holes with their hard pricks and both giving me all the cock I can take.

"Ooo go slow! Go slow!"

I am begging and I can feel both men inside of my body, pain erupting as Mark's cock head penetrating my sphincter; he is shoving the rest of his cock into my tight ass. Jeff's cock is buried deep inside sloppy, wet cunt. The pain and discomfort was soon replaced by ecstasy and my pleas go unheeded.

"Oh fuck! Oh my god! Fuck me," I am shrieking!

Mark is pistoning in and out of my ass with long deep stokes, and my ass clinching tight on his shaft as he fucks my ass. His balls slapping my butt with each thrust and then he is buried in me and ropes of cum are filling my ass with his cum. I am such a slut is flashing in my head as he cums.

I look at Rachel's pink, wet slit and it has been far too long since I have tasted her cookie. I lower my head, my lips greeted by her inflamed lips and I softly kiss them. Rachel squeals and shoves her wet pussy to my mouth; she is an eager slut tonight. Her wetness on my tongue, swirling over my tongue and I lick the wet folds of her pussy. She is bucking, rubbing her passion flower on my hard tongue as I lap her juices from her cunt. Her pungent aroma is filling my nostrils, with her delectable juices dripping from my chin.

Jeff not to be ignored grasps my hips and guides my cunt onto his throbbing prick pressing it to my separating labia. I shiver at the first touch in a week, the head of his prick just barely in my cunt and I am slowly sinking on his pole. My pussy gripping him tight and we begin a slow fuck at the onset. Jeff is now thrusting drawing my pink flesh along his dick, sliding with grace as he takes me. I am spread wide and enjoying his thrusting and clawing at the sheets while he pleasures me.

I could feel Jeff moving in me and then Mark's monstrous cock, filling my ass and the searing pain as he fucked my ass. Two cocks in me, separated by a thin membrane fucking my holes, I was lit up and humping furiously trying to cum for Jeff and wanting Mark to cum in my ass.

Rachel had her legs wrapped around my neck, and my face buried in her wanton pussy, covered with her cum and enjoying a second orgasm as I am sucking her aroused clit. My tits aching, my nipples are rubbing on the sheet as I devour my wife's cunt.

I could not believe I was being such a slut, allowing my body to be used by three people to fill their carnal pleasure and mine as well. I was cumming, bathing Jeff's meat in my cream. Rachel had cum a couple of times now and was whimpering as I would not release her clit from my mouth. Mark was fucking my ass with long deep strokes, his full balls spanking me, I would thrust to match his strokes and Jeff's prick was being rubbed by my velvety pussy. Jeff is cumming pulling me tight to him so I could feel him shoot his jism into me. All that was left was for Mark to fill my ass with his cum.

I did not have to wait long for Mark had shorten his strokes and was grinding against my ass, holding my ass tightly and then I could feel the ropes of his cum in my ass. Spurting, burning, so fucking hot have three lovers cumming in me. I was full of cock, cum and pussy, it does not get any better than this. I am truly a slut.

As always cocks grow soft, and as each one pulls from my body cum is oozing from my orifices. I lay on the bed, my body spent, but my libido was ready for more fucking.

Rachel flipped around and crawled on top of me. Her pussy is over my mouth and her mouth on my mound as she is inhaling the scent of a fresh fucked woman. Rachel's tongue is flicking out, dipping in the concoction of cum from three donors and as she rolls the cream over her lips. I feel her open my cunt, lick the gooey mess and exciting me in the process and I am moaning into her sweet pussy. Her sweet cunt is pulsating, squeezing, spurting her nectar and I devour her cum greedily. My hands squeezing her ass and rubbing her wet slit on my face with my tongue dancing in her womb.

Her firm tongue is soothing my ravaged pussy that Jeff has fucked relentlessly to the point that I am feeling a bit tender. She can smell his manly pungent cum on the folds of my pussy, tasting his bitter sweet ejaculate that he left behind and my sweet cum that she loves. I want to cum for her but I have little left for her.

The moment passes, I have cum in my ass, and pussy from two men who fucked me simultaneously something I have never experienced until tonight. Now have the cum from Rachel smeared all over my face and mine on hers and we finish each other off and lay next to the boys.

Some cuddling and soft gentle fucking finishes the night off. I cannot handle another round like that again tonight. Jeff and Mark cannot sustain a hard on for a prolonged time right now, so filling Rachel with cock will have to linger until Sunday, just a few hours away.

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