Kacey and James pt 1
Kacey has always had the biggest crush on her brothers best friend James, so one she decides to do something about it, she knew she wanted him.

So she sneaks into her brothers room and sneaks James number of of his phones,she runs back into hers and text James and says "I've always had a crush on you and if u wanna know who I am, u will meet me"

James texts back and says "When and where?",
Kacey texts back and says "Meet me at the creek on miller road at six"
James texts her back and says "Okay I'll be there". Kacey smiles, and texts back "See ya"

Kacey fixes her brown hair, outlines her brown eyes in liner, dresses in her favorite pink top, that puts size d breasts on display.. She dressed in her favorite hip hugging jeans that fit her slim waist just right. Last she slips on her favorite back high heels even she knows that its really not a good idea to wear them out in the country where shes going but she loves the way, they give her the extra height..

Kacey gets into her car and drives to the creek, when she gets there James is already there, leaning up against his truck. He looks so sexy, standing there in a t shirt, jeans and cowboy boots.

Kacey gets out of her car and starts walking towards him. Those gorgeous brown eyes of his were twinkling as he grins and says "I hoped it was you".. Kacey's brown eyes widened, and she asked him, "Are you serious?"

James laughs and says "Yea I'm serious".. Kacey smiles and walks towards him.. Grabs him and pulls to her and gives him the hot lingering kiss. James grabs her ass and yanks her closer.

James breaks the kiss and says "Damn baby that was hot", Kacey looks into those brown eyes and says I want you to fuck me cowboy." He picks Kacey up and walks around to the passenger side of his truck, opens the truck door with one hand, sits Kacey in the seat.

"Lay back" he tells her, Kacey does as she's told. James undoes Kacey's jeans, slides them down her legs. He throw her jeans in the seat above her head. Going back to her panties he takes his thumbs and yanks them down her legs. Throws them with her jeans.

He yanks her to where her ass is just at the edge of the truck seat. He plays with her clit, making her moan. He rubs up and down her slit, he then sides one finger inside, then two.. He starts at a slow pace, then speeds up..

Kacey can't take much more, so she moans and says " I want you inside me now, I need it now." James pick Kacey up again. He walks to the back of the truck and lets the tailgate down with one hand. He then sits Kacey down on the tailgate.

He takes her pink shirt off and throws it in the bed of the truck. He then undoes her bra and throw that with her shirt. He grabs Kacey's breasts and rubs both nipples into hard peaks.He bends down and take one nipple into his hot mouth.

Kacey moans and runs her hand over Jame's chest, feeling his hard muscles under his shirt. Sliding her hand down to the bottom of his shirt, she yanks his shirt causing him to break away from kissing her breast and yanks his shirt over his head. He takes his shirt and throw it with hers.

Kacey runs her hands every where. She smiles and says "I've always want to see you without a shirt on cowboy." James laughs and says "Maybe I've always wanted to see you naked." Kacey laughs and says "Well here I am cowboy."

James grabs her and kisses her, reaching between their bodies to play with her pussy, Kacey moans against James's lips. James pulls her ass to the edge of the edge of the tailgate and rubs his cock against her slit, Kacey moans and say "Quit teasing me already."

James laugh and slams it inside her, starting with slow thrust and going faster when Kacey started digging her heels into his ass. Kacey runs her Hands up and down his chest, thinking "I can't believe that this is really happening..

James slows down again and starts moving his hips in a circular motion as he his cock is going in and out of Kacey's hot wet pussy. Kacey moans as her first orgasm goes though her body. She moans and says "O fuck me hard cowboy."

James thrusts harder, making a loud slapping sound.. He looks down and notices that Kasey's eyes have closed, he tells her to "open them beautiful eyes cowgirl, watch our what i'm doing to that hot wet tight pussy." Kacey's eyes open slowly and she grins at James.

James knows he's close, so he thrusts faster, Kacey moans and it sends James over the edge, she can feel his hot seed fill her hot wet pussy.

James gets up on the tailgate and lays down and pulls Kacey close. They lay in each others arms enjoying the aftermath of their passion. James looks Kacey and says "Will you be my girl?"

Kacey's brown eyes widen to the second time that night. "Are you serious?", she asks. James laughs and says "Yea i'm serious, So will you be my girl?"

"What if my brother gets mad?" Kacey asks.
"Then he gets mad." James replied. "Then yea I'll be your girl." James smiles and kiss her.. He looks at his watch and says "Shit I'm gonna be late for work."

Kacey laughs and says "Call Me later" and gives him a kiss. Redresses and gets in her car and leaves..

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