Kegels Part Two
Kegels Part 2

(Can be read separately though is best after reading part one. Both parts are humorous and different. Unfortunately both are quite long but I think they are rewarding, not only because they are unusual.)

I'd never known Ben to turn into our drive with a screech of tyres. Nor had I known him to be out of the car and opening my door so fast. I didn't have a chance to open it myself.

Perhaps it was only because of the video's screening at the hall or perhaps it was enhanced by my attention to his penis in the car on the way home. His penis was hard when I started but it was like steel by the time we got home. It was lucky I had scissors in my handbag because with them I'd been able to reveal his testicles too. While I tormented them with my teasing I resolved that they really did need a shave.

He reached in with both hands, lifted me out of the car and carried me to the house. It was lucky he was so strong. As he carried me up the garden path he managed to free one of his hands. He was quick as he put his hand up, under my dress, hooked his fingers under the elastic of my panties and tore them off. Negotiating the door way was awkward. One of my shoes fell off and I was a little surprised that more of my apparel didn't join it.

The baby sitter met us in the hall and we had a quick word to confirm she was staying the night. Such was our urgency that we didn't talk long. The way she was smiling and the direction of her gaze was a definite indication that she wasn't looking at Ben's crotch to assess the quality of the fabric. I also knew she wouldn't be the only one to be making assessments of Ben's genitalia tonight. I was thankful that she'd managed to get the kids into bed.

I think she made assessments of my genitalia too. The way Ben was holding me, with my legs flexed and my bum hanging down, made a wonderful spectacle. The wall lamp was positioned perfectly to show it all. Some modesty remained intact because my legs were together but that wasn't my fault. The way her eyes flicked from Ben's genitalia to mine confirmed my suspicions.

I was so pleased I'd made a tight bed with clean linen before we left. The crisp linen felt wonderful as I landed on it. My beautiful clothes weren't beautiful for much longer. Ben's hand went between my breasts and with a tug he quickly had my dress off. It tore from the armpits down the sides to show off my breasts. They'd been threatening to escape all night as they bobbled around with my every movement.

It was a wise decision not to wear a bra, the expense of the dress was enough. Perhaps the dress had been a little too adventurous. My nipples had received a good airing. I always think it's strange how at the opera they are so old fashioned but it's always acceptable to have one's tits well displayed. Ben had certainly appreciated them. It was a delicious thrill when I went to the loo and had to stoop as I negotiated my way along the aisle.

Ben rolled me over and pulled the remnants of my dress from under me. He rolled me back onto pillows he'd plumped. They pushed up my pelvis and my natural inclination was to spread my legs. My pussy was certainly well displayed. He studied it for a while.

With his fingers he pushed the hair away from the centre. He could see where it was shaved. He spent a long time studying it. His fingers pulled at my clitoral hood to reveal the little one in the middle. He pulled at my lips to spread them wide and look. His inspection was thorough. Then he crawled on his elbows to lie beside me.

"I knew it was you." he said. I waited for him to be angry, but I knew my man was better than that. He giggled. "I want a personal performance," he whispered and then drove his fingers deep inside me. I too giggled. He was such a boy.

He left me for a while. I could hear him talking to the baby sitter. I listened. He'd obviously forgotten that I'd cut the crotch out of his pants. I imagined his display and reminded myself that I was going to shave his balls tonight.

She was hesitant in the way she spoke. I detected an obvious interest she had for him. She was a pretty thing, a little younger than us with generous breasts separated by a deep cleavage. She wasn't shy about showing it off. I imagined her leaning forward as she spoke to Ben, her breasts unfettered by a bra, they would have been conspicuous.

He soon returned to the bedroom. I saw a banana in one of his hands. He sat beside me and peeled it. Carefully he slid the banana inside me. I flexed my kegel muscles and cut it in half. Such was the power of my muscles that the banana was macerated when I ejected it, with a flourish that made its two halves fly some distance, before they landed on the bed.

He was very impressed. He kissed me with delight, a big kiss on my pussy that wobbled my labia. I had a thought that he could have culinary uses for me and the thought of a salad was a worry.

He left the bed room again. I heard him in the kitchen talking with the baby sitter. There was an incredulous tone to her voice. Obviously she was aware that his wedding tackle was on display and I knew his erection was impressive. I wondered whether she would act on her obvious interest in my husband.

He returned to the bed room with a ping pong ball and a bottle of cooking oil. Quickly he oiled the ping pong ball and liberally spread more oil around my vulva. Before he could do more I grabbed his shirt and pulled. Buttons flew off and he stopped to remove it. Then, with the fingers of one hand he spread my labia. With his other hand he put the ping pong ball deep inside and waited for me to work the kegels. I was able to eject it so that it flew over the foot of the bed and bounced on the wall.

"Wow!" he said as he ran to retrieve the ball. He wiped it clean on his shirt and proceeded to oil it again. I grabbed his pants and he had the decency to get out of them. Again he inserted the ball and saying ,"Wait!" he went to the foot of the bed and waited.
"Now!" he shouted and as the ball was ejected he launched himself to catch it. My husband can be such a boy.

Things weren't going as I'd planned. My plan to have his balls shaved by now had been interrupted by his fun. He kept oiling the ping pong ball and inserting it while I ejected it for him to catch. Over and over he took spectacular catches. I enjoyed watching his penis bobble and his testicles drawn up tight.

He laughed with his success. I had little control over where the ball went which made his efforts especially meritorious in sporting terms. I caught his penis a couple of times and gave it a few strokes. The ping pong ball continued to be placed inside me and he repeated his efforts to catch it. My interest was in music, not sport. I stopped his sport by placing my hand firmly over my sex.

When he tried to insert the ball again I asked him to get a razor, towel and a bowl of hot water. He was quick and his conversation with the baby sitter was mercifully short. She was incapable of talking much anyway, she couldn't stop laughing. I imagined her breasts bobbling about, the fabric of her dress having been lowered to present as much of them as she dared.

I knew he was surprised when I placed my hand on his chest and pushed so I could get access. He held my breasts as I soaped his balls and drew the razor across them. They're not the easiest things to shave. Perhaps it was due to his anxiety that he wouldn't let my breasts go. He kept a tight grip through out. Not that I would have done any harm. I love his balls. Like ripe plums, I suck the juice out of them frequently.

I wondered whether I should go further and shave everything but a conductor belongs in a nest and his nest should remain so long as the fundamentals are well displayed. I felt his balls for the quality of the shave. They really are lovely but I couldn't think of how they'd be useful in an orchestra. I love to bang them and with them I produce beautiful music but they don't qualify as musical instruments.

His penis was different though. I teased it to a throb and watched it twitch. He could control the twitching, I knew that.

"Do that again," I asked him, after a particularly powerful twitch. It wasn't long and I had him twitching to a rhythm. I felt confident that he could do it without my assistance. I played "Song of Joy" and his timing was good.

I set up the DVD player and camera. I hunted the house for my daughter's paint set. The baby sitter was amused. I'm not sure whether she was laughing at me or with me but it didn't matter. I'm entitled to be naked in my own home. I also noticed that she'd lowered her dress so far that her areolas were visible.

I painted his penis. I gave him a black suit and tie, a white shirt, brown hair and I glued on two eyes. They were smaller eyes than those I'd used on myself. With the eyes in place it was simple to paint on a face. My lip gloss was useful. I couldn't think of anything better and painted his testicles black. When finished he was instructed not to mess it up. While I quickly prepared myself he went to get drinks from the kitchen.

As I tidied my hair and placed a little ribbon in it, painted a uvula at the base of my birth canal, glued eyes on each side of my clitoral hood and applied lipstick around my vagina entrance I could hear him entertaining the baby sitter. She laughed at the crazy voice he animated his penis with. I could imagine him. My boy didn't have any secrets.

When I was ready I called Ben. I heard the baby sitter ask, "Can I come too?" With wonderful largesse he replied that of course she could. I wasn't quite sure that I was ready for an audience but she was in the bedroom before I had a chance to think about it. I had thought he was wanting her to play ball with him and I quickly hid the ping pong ball.

She stood close to the bed with a finger in her mouth. She obviously had plenty to think about. Her breasts were almost out of her dress but it was still uncomfortable being naked and so exposed in front of her. It was Ben who told her to get her clothes off and when they were quickly shucked to the floor we all felt a lot better.

The uncomfortable inertia gave way to activity as Ben placed his little conductor in its position by placing his bum on a pillow plinth. I placed my little singer, on her pillow plinth, a little higher to face the conductor. I gave his penis a tease and we were ready.

"Song of Joy started booming from the speakers, Ben's little conductor twitched in time and my little singer sang her heart out. There was no orgasm at the end but it was beautiful when we looked at the film.

A few things could be improved. Ben's penis wasn't totally erect and because of the lack of erection it wasn't as busy as it could have been. We also saw that there was a natural rhythm to his penis twitches. The baby sitter offered to start the music so it would be in time with Ben's twitches. She was learning fast. I also wanted the conductor closer to the singer and we moved our hips closer.

She fiddled to get it right, while I teased his penis to perfect hardness. When ready, we paused as she started a count down. Suddenly the music was playing and we were performing. The baby sitter was in awe of what we were doing, with a finger in her mouth and a hand over her sex, she watched everything we did. Towards the end I saw her slide a finger inside herself and suddenly I was orgasming.

When I looked I could see Ben throwing semen up his chest. It would have been better if it had been showering the performance but that was something we'd have to work for. It was still an appropriate serenade. The music ended and the baby sitter said "Wow!" She couldn't stop saying "Wow". As we settled we laughed. We had made beautiful music together.

"I could do more to help," the baby sitter offered. "And I'd love to be a singer! I want to learn how." We reviewed the video and it was wonderful. The timing was almost perfect, it was certainly acceptable. The best part was that I ejaculated over Ben's penis at the exact moment he started to ejaculate. The chain reaction was freaky and beautiful.

We all knew that with the orgasms it would be a while before we could be ready for another performance. I went to check the children, thankfully they were asleep, and get drinks. When I returned to the bedroom the baby sitter was lying on the bed. Ben asked where the ping pong ball was. I could see that he'd already lubricated her vulva. I gave him the ball, he smothered it with oil and placed it deep within her.

"Now," he shouted. I could see her struggling. It became desperate. She couldn't expel it. Ben tried and his big fingers pushed it further in. I tried and soon had it out. She was grateful.

Ben demanded that I take her place. Soon, he was leaping around at the foot of the bed catching the ball.

We watched him as I told her how I had developed the muscles. She wanted to know whether she could do the same. I had a look and saw she had a lot of work to do but reassured her. If I could do it she probably could too. We agreed to meet in a weeks time.

Perhaps, in time, we could have a full choir!

A week later we met. She'd been doing the kegels I'd shown her and, naked on the bed, we went through them. Her little singer was beginning to respond but had a lot of work to do. We did a video of her trying to sing. It would be a measure of how much she improved with more kegels.

We decided to do another video with Ben's little conductor and my little singer. Ben wanted to play with the ping pong ball again but we weren't cooperative. Instead I shaved his balls. While being shaved he held one of my breasts in one hand and one of hers with the other. She was very helpful in painting the little conductor and even painted a carnation in his lapel.

His erection was wonderful. She handled it with reverence and stroked it in an effort to settle it down. It started to throb and I thought it was going to explode. She was reluctant to cease her attentions and I did wonder whether she was sincere in believing that her stroking would settle it. I saw her give it a few more rapid strokes before she left him to help me. She looked a little disappointed.

We shaved my vulva to restore the appearance of a face, I had an inappropriate five o'clock shadow. I loved the way she was so gentle and meticulous. She checked everything, her fingers busy as they explored. She was especially interested in my clitoris and projected it up with her fingers to check it thoroughly. We wondered how it could be incorporated as a feature in the face of my little singer. Her touch was beautiful as she teased to make all the structures prominent.

She painted my little singer. There was more definition to the structures she created, the lips around the entrance of my vagina and the uvula at the base of my birth canal particularly. It was so much easier than me using a long handled paintbrush and messing it up.

Ben declared that he thought she was being ignored. It wasn't true but he took the paint brush and painted her little singer. He needed a speculum to paint a uvula in place. He was very proficient in painting lips around her vagina entrance. On either side of her clitoral hood he glued a pair of eyes. He even gave her eyebrows and I insisted that he do that for me.

We used two cameras this time. She'd brought hers and with it we got good views of my birth canal. The ending was different, nothing like what I was hoping for. Ben lacked control. Through out the performance his little conductor got closer to my little singer. I thought it was good until, towards the end, he had his penis inside my vagina and proceeded to fuck me. He didn't stop when I asked him to. The music was still playing and instead of being serenaded I was being fucked.

The baby sitter clapped her hands and jumped up and down with excitement. His thrusts were inescapable. I kept saying, "Later, Ben, later!" He was watching her breasts as they bounced. She was holding his balls and encouraging him. I felt her move my labia to allow her a better view. She also gave my clitoris a prolonged rub. Her other hand was inside her little singer. Not such a little singer after all. I couldn't help myself. I orgasmed. It shook me. I cantilevered around the bed and couldn't stop screaming.

Ben's little conductor became dislodged and the baby sitter was fast. She was down in front of him and his little conductor found its way into her singer. She urged him on. She used his balls to pull him into her. She was screaming. He was grunting as he thrust.

I held up the ping pong ball, hoping it would distract him. He continued. She massaged his balls and her breasts shook as he thrust. Her legs were up and around him, she had him locked in place. Neither of them responded to being offered the ping pong ball. With her other hand she was diddling herself. As if Ben wasn't enough!

It didn't take long for Ben to unleash a full throated scream. I knew he was filling her. She bucked against him. I could hear it. His juice squelched inside her. I looked and saw it leaking out.

She pushed him away. He fell on his back. She quickly had his little conductor in her mouth and proceeded to suck him dry. She had her singer over his mouth and it dripped. He caught the drips with his tongue. He had his mouth on her singer. I could see him sucking and swallowing. She cradled his little conductor and balls in her hands as he buried his face in her. I held the ping pong ball out again. Neither of them were interested.

She started to shake. She screamed. He was trying not to drown. I was worried she'd bite his little conductor off. He was drinking as fast as he could. It must have hurt him, the way she pulled his testicles, and clamped them with her teeth. Surely he'd want to stop.

Instead, he gave every indication that his appetite was ravenous. Her orgasm seemed to go on for a long time as her body twitched and bucked. It didn't seem to matter though. His mouth and her singer were inseparable. I tried to pull him away. He should have been doing this with me!

Eventually they slowed. She started to push him away. She stopped her attentions to his little conductor and balls. Both of them had faces black with paint and grins very broad. It made me so angry. I saw my chance. She was wanting to rest but I grabbed her arm. I rushed her out of the bedroom and out through the front door.

I was about to slam the door shut when Ben asked what I was doing. Such a boy. She was crying and he went to her. They were both outside and I slammed the door shut. They both tried to get back in but I kept the door shut and locked it. I refused to throw their clothes after them. I went back to the bedroom and cried until well after they'd gone. Then I threw all his belongings onto the front verandah. On top of it all I placed his ping pong ball.

I haven't used her name since that day.

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