Kelly's Love Pt. 2
She smiled and pushed me back on the bed.As I lay flat of my back she straddled me with her long lucious legs and crawled on all fours like a wild animal stalking her prey.As she got closer to my face she hunkered down like a wild cat getting ready to pounce.

She stopped at my chest and licked my nipples one at a time as if to be tasting her kill.
Then with out warning she took my left nipple in her mouth and sucked and bit gently sending little electric shocks through out my body,
then she switched to the right doing the same thing except this time she bit harder.OMG
I did'nt know a mans nipples were so sensitive.

I think it made my dick even harder if that was possible.Then she started to slowly slide downward toward my rigid shaft kissing every square inch of my torso on her way down exciting every nerve in my body.

After driving me insane for what seemed like forever she finally reached her target,my massive pulsating ready to explode hairless hard on. She licked and played toyfully like a cat playing with a ball on a string.Gently biting nibbleing,stroking. I was going out of my head with never known before pleasure when all of a sudden she just stopped,and jumped up like something stung her.

Hold on to all your wicked thoughts she said.
I can see your mind racing... with a hard on that needs attention, give me five minutes and she got up off the bed and dissapeared. When she returned in a few minutes I just about shot my load just looking at her.

She left the room with one of the blackest and thickest patches of pussy hair I've ever seen on a woman.I don't care for pubic hair but hers I did'nt mind,in a way it was sexy on her and it went with her almond skin and long waist length black velvet smooth hair.

She dropped the towel she had wrapped around her exposing a freshly clean shaven, and the most beautiful pussy I do believe God ever put on a woman.I felt my mouth moving but there were no words comming out... Say something she said.
The only thing I could think of that did'nt sound completely stupid was,Kelly my love,You did'nt have to do that. After seeing you I wanted to she said.I think you being shaved is just so fucking hot.You are the first man I've
ever seen shaved,I know a lot of women shave but I had no idea that men did too. I don't know I told her,I'm sure I'm not the only one.She said why do you shave down there if you don't mind me asking?

I don't mind you asking at all, ask me anything you like,if we're going to have a relationship it needs to start out honest and straight up,no closed doors or secrets.
She smiled and agreed...

So, why do you shave? I thought for a minute and said I love the smoothness,how it feels when I touch myself,the cool feeling afterwards,not to mention the stares I get at the gym in the shower,I just never have like hair there.Now my turn,I ask her do you ever masterbate?... She blushed a little and said yes, sometimes when I'm having a fantasy about you making love to me.
Is this the first time for you to shave?...Yes, she said shyly.I ask her to masterbate some for me so she could expierence the difference.

She slowly and teasingly slid one hand downward while her other hand started to massage her hard brown nipples,her eyes never leaving mine.She lightly rubbed where there once was a thick of mound hair.Uuuuummmmm this feels so good.She lightly rubbed her clit, Holy shit...its never felt this good before.Excatly I told her,it's cleaner,more sensitive and a bald pussy is just plain hot.

I pushed her back on the bed and this time I did the stalking.I crawled over her slowly stopping at her beautiful mouth kissing her long and passionately our tounges exploring deep into one anothers mouths.I broke our kiss and kissed my way down her neck one inch at the time.When I finally reach her breast she was pleading with me to enter her.I ignored her pleas and pinched and sucked each nipple tenderly giving each the attention they so much needed and deserved.

As much as I wanted to plunge deep into her I refrained my self.I wanted her to expierence something I was sure she had never expierenced in her life.I was pretty sure as beautiful as this woman was that every man she had ever been with hurried up, not being able to wait to satisfy his own lust and pretty much left her hanging out.I was not going to do this to her,I took extra care and time to explore every inch of her perfect body.Kissing and touching her every where.I finally got down to her fresh clean shaved pussy and she was soaked. I took a deep breath inhaling her aroma,God she even smelled beautiful.I flicked my tounge across her clit and I thought she was going to jump out from under me.

What the hell are you doing she exclaimed?
I told her to just lay back and let ol'Smokey
take her to heaven,someplace I'm sure now more than ever you've never been Fancyface,Lay back relax and enjoy.I licked and nibbled her honey hole from top to bottom,with her frantic inquiry I could tell that no man had ever gone down on her before and this new expierence was driving her insane with a new pleasure she had never known.

Her juices were flowing like crazy hot,thick and ever so sweet.Everything about this woman was so beautiful,her looks,her body,her juices were sweet like none other I'd ever tasted.I told her I was going to take her to heaven,hell...I was already there.After only a few minutes of loving her sweet pussy she arched her back and pushed her love hole hard into my face, I'm going to cum she screamed.

When her body started to relax I felt her soft hands pulling me up from her drenched pussy,
she looked at me with those warm black eyes and said in a sweet voice,That was amazing...
My God, I've never felt anything like that in my life.I said my sweet darling you ain't seen nothing yet.I promise to love you like you've never been loved,show you things you've never seen and take you places in the bed room you've never been.Then I slowly pushed her back down on the bed and started all over again.This time I started at her delicious pussy and worked my way up.She climaxed three more times before I found my way to her beautiful face.

She asked pleeeeaaase,pleeeaasse put your dick in my pussy.I need you inside me so bad it hurts.I pushed my stiff hard on in the opening of her love hole and stopped just inside her.
She was so hot and wet I thought I was going to explode right there and then.Pleeeasssee,
then I felt her heals dig into my hips pulling me into her and with one swift motion our bodies became one.She arched her back up to meet my every thrust into her,writhering and moaning beneath me.After a few minutes she asked,can I cum again?I said cum as often as you need to my love,just hold on as long as you can so each one will be stronger than the last.Her body stiffened and her back arched and her pussy started spasming and gripping my stiff love pole making it very hard for me to maintain control of my on orgasm.

Some how I fought off the urge to fill her hot wet pussy with my own hot thick load.After her explosive climax I layed on top of her kissing and sucking her hard nipples loving her all over moving slowly in and out of her all the while.I noticed tears rolling down the side of her face,Whats wrong FancyFace?
Nothing,I've just never been loved like this in my life.If I climaxed at all it was only a few times and not very good,nothing like this.

Well this is just the begining I told her.Then I held her tightly and kissed her with all my heart and started to push in and out like a love crazed man that was never going to feel her loving honey hole ever again.Her pussy was soaked and screaming for release one more time before I shot my own load.

I'm getting close she said,please cum with me this time.I want to feel you go off inside me.
Her breathing started getting more intense and she started arching her back pushing her pussy up and gripping my dick.Squeezing me like a vice,Oh shit,Baby please.....I'm going to cummm,Ohhhhhhhhhhh,Ohhhhhhhhhh my pussy is going to exploooooodddeee,NOW,NOW she screamed
NOW and I fucked with all the strength I had left in me,our shaven bodies slapping together making popping sounds and then it happened,I could hold back no longer.I felt my hot thick cum shoot out like an explosive volcano,with a force I've never known before.Spasm after spasm I just kept filling her pussy with my hot thick love juice.Then I fell exausted in my Fancyfaces arms and we both drifted off into a deep peacful sleep.

That was an amazing twentyfive years ago,and todays loving is no different.Still shaving and loving,What a life...
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