Kinky Sex and Silver Dollars
Kinky Sex and Silver Dollars

Rachelle was an incredibly young over sexed 24 yr old woman, her husband had taken full control of her life shortly after they met, after some wild and crazy sex! She was a naive horny young woman and after giving her a number of incredible orgasms she was hooked and her lover now her husband had taken full advantage of this. He had two burning interests in life, one was rare coin collecting and the other was female sexual slavery. He had easily convinced his new young bride that to be his sex slave would allow all of her sexual fantasy's to be sinfully and perversely fulfilled !

Over the four yrs they had been married he had made many of her thoughts and fantasy's about kinky sex come true. He was very good at it and was usually very selective when it came to who she had sex with, mostly single men and several bisexual women along with several couples! For Rachelle as a slave, sex was like a powerful drug the more she indulged in this lifestyle the more she wanted!

Her husband now her master loved to show her off and have Rachelle expose herself to others in public!

They had been invited to a special reception one that was held every several years, she thought it had something to do with her husbands successful business of dealing with rare coins of silver and gold. He spent most of his time at home doing so and could do most all of his business over the internet.

This had allowed him to divide his time between his two most interesting loves. He had explained to Rachelle early in their marriage that he owned her and that she was his willing sex slave, she had even signed what she thought was a legal binding contract that stated her husband owned her and was her master and as such was required to do what ever she was told! Especially when it came to kinky sex,or any time she was wearing her slave collar and leash!

For Rachelle it had been one of her many fantasy's as a young girl to he a kept woman naked and on a leash, so for her it was the perfect arrangement!

One thing her husband required was that she not wear panties or a bra when they went out and to keep her pussy well shaved at all times! She loved the idea of being owned and told what to do and to wear nothing under her clothes. He was her master when it came to her sex life, and loved it.

The following is in Rachelle's own words!
For this reception my master had me wear a long black cocktail dress that was split up both sides almost to my waist it had no back and a plunging neck line that ended at my naval. The dress was thin with two small straps over my shoulders, and it clung seductively to my soft shapely breasts barely covering them, and left little to anyone's imagination especially of my lower modesty!

This dress was compete with thigh hi black laced stockings, and a pair of bright red shinny 5" spiked heels. I had put my hair up and was trying to look a bit older and more sophisticated emphasizing my eyes with a lot of make up and eye liner.

He likes me over made up as a sexy hi class call girl or a slutty looking whore and insisted on me wearing very bright red gaudy lipstick. The only other thing I wore was my black leather slave collar, and short leash that would let anyone know I was a sex slave!

When we got to the hotel I found out, that it really was a convention for owners of female sex slaves! My master then took from his pocket a "Morgan Silver Dollar" and showed it to me. Stating much to my astonishment that they were worth around $500,00 each!

Then said that anyone handing me one of these silver dollars during the evening had his permission to use me any way they wanted, and I was to take the silver dollars and, put them in my little purse and do whatever I was told!...
The thought for me to be used and abused sexually by strangers and would gladly give up one of these rare expensive coins to enjoy my sexual charms had made my bare pussy already moist instantly wet and the fact that I had worn no panties allowed this female wetness to seep down the insides of both my bare thighs!

It was a big event, and the fact that it was actually a slave and master convention, I had guessed by the crowd that there must have been over one hundred people or more in the big hotel ballroom. They were mostly men like my husband and other couples with slutty looking slave women dressed like me that were also on leashes and willingly exposing themselves on command!

They were mingling about sitting at tables or gathered at several of the hospitality bars. My master found us a table with several other men he knew and sent me to the bar to fetch some drinks. I was standing waiting for the bartender to take my order, when a man came up to me from behind and reached into the slit of my cocktail dress and placed his hand on my bare bottom, and squeezed it hard, in his other hand was a "Morgan Silver Dollar"!

I took his silver dollar as he guided me out of the ballroom and down a corridor with his hand firmly on my bare bottom .
Apparently he was quite familiar with this hotel as he opened a door and pulled me into one of the janitors small service closet's "On your knees, Honey", was all he said,as he grabbed my leash! I am use to doing what I am told, as a well trained sex slave and easily did so. My long black dress that was split up both sides allowed me to do this with no problem at all. Then in a firm voice he told me to place my hands behind my back and to keep them there no matter what!

I knew from past experience that he meant business! After this he pulled the straps of my dress off over my shoulders and let them fall exposing my bare breasts. Then he tilted my head back placing several of his fingers in my mouth forcing my red lips apart, telling me to keep my mouth wide open!

Then he undid his fly and took out his big cock that was already getting hard. I was helpless and could only take a quick breath as he stuck his cock through my red lips and deep into my throat!
I sucked him as best I could while he was content to just lean back against the wall as he pulled my leash tight.

But when he was about to cum he grabbed my head and shoved himself down deeper in my throat, roughly face fucking me until I was gagging and choking, this left me with tears running down my face. When he was almost finished ejaculating a large amount of cum, he pulled out of my mouth! The last forceful string of warm cum shot out no longer encumbered by my mouth and red lips! It struck me full in the face and dripped off onto one of my bare nipples!

Then he said you love it don't you honey, zipped up and not saying another word or even helping me to my feet, left!.
I almost said yes to his question as I did love it, then I got up and pulled the straps over my shoulders and with my pussy wetter than ever went out and found a ladies room.

With cum all over my face the make up and eyeliner was smeared and the tears had made me look well used and abused! I repaired my face straightened my hair as best I could and went back into the ball room. I was headed back to get the drinks that my master had sent me for earlier, but I never made it.

I was stopped by a man who had a leering sadistic smile as he pressed another silver dollar into my hand. He then took me by the hand and with me in tow, we went to one of the elevators. When we got in, he told me to take my dress off, I did as I was told as this strange man watched me slip out of my dress! I stood there naked wearing only my heels slave collar, and leash!

He stuck his hand out motioning me to give him my dress! Once he had it in his hand he told me to turn around slowly as he held up the leash, when my backside was facing him he gave me a hard whack on my bare bottom! This made me yelp out, then he punched the up button?.., It was a short ride as I rubbed my bottom that was still stinging and when the doors opened, I realized I was completely naked standing there in only red hi heels and my birthday suit on this mans leash!

I was scared to death that others would be waiting for the elevator as the doors opened, thank goodness it was a deserted hallway with mostly empty offices at this time of night. He led me me down the hall by my leash and squeezed one of nipples so hard it hurt! Again bringing tears to my eyes as he twisted it even harder, and pulling me by it into a deserted men's room!

Here is where he had me stand with my legs wide apart and bent over one of the sinks. He took one of my hands and placed it on my pussy and told me to masturbate, as I heard him undoing his trousers. Then he spread my ass cheeks wide with me standing there naked in only my red hi heels, kicked my ankles farther apart so I was lower and at the perfect height!
It was quite humiliating to be naked and bent over in the men's room with this strange man as I fingered my cunt,.. he stuck several of his fingers in my young ass hole checking to see how tight I was!
Then he began by rubbing his hard cock head up and down my, now almost dripping slit in between my cunt lips, and when the slimy head passed back and forth I tried to hold it against my clit! It was all I could do, between my fingers and his hard cock head to remain standing on my trembling legs!

Then, with no warning he grabbed my hair and leash pulling me, and arching my head back as he assaulted my tender little ass hole! He was pushing forcefully to get his hard cock deep into me, this man wasted no time and it really hurt, as I squealed in pain when he finally was it in all the way.

I had never been fucked in the ass before so harshly. He was none to gentle in fucking me either and kept up a steady stream of name calling! I had almost gotten off from this verbal abuse, as he pulled my hair harder and harder at the same time he slapped my ass really hard numerous times.
Sweet little bitch he yelled! You are a slut and a cheap whore, you love being naked and fucked in the ass by a stranger don't you,... say it, as I stammered trying to say the words!
He was certainly right I did love the pain and humiliation of being naked playing with myself, and fucked in the ass in what I thought was a deserted men's room of this hotel! Then he came,and finally pulled out, had me wash his cock off, and with no further ado, zipped up and left me there to recover, it was then I realized that my dress was gone!

Did he take it with him? OMG! How I thought to myself was I going to get back to the ball room wearing only red hi heels! My mind raced, I still had my little purse with more silver dollars but nothing else and was completely naked?

Finally I got up enough courage to open the door of the men's room and peek out into the deserted hall, still wondering what I was going to do! My heart skipped a beat as I heard some one in one of the stalls behind me flush? OMG! I thought someone else had heard my wild sexual encounter, and what I had just did! Terrified my composure returned for a moment not sure what to do! I spotted my dress hanging on one of the office door knobs at the far end of the hall, next to the elevator!

Now worried and not knowing who else was in the mens room I was in a hurry to fetch my dress,.. though the hall was deserted and no one seemed to be around I quickly left the men's room and carefully made my way down to the door. Just as I grabbed my dress two things happened at once, the elevator opened and several men in suits stepped out, as I heard the door to the men's room behind me open?

Our eyes, mine and these two gentlemen met and a most interesting grin appeared on their faces as I clutched the dress to my bosom trying to cover my naked embarrassment as these men gave me more than just a lustful look! I just stood there trembling as they approached uncertain as to what I should do?

One of the men said I want a better look at you as he grabbed my dress and pulled it from me leaving me standing there totally naked and still trembling in only my red hi heels leash and slave collar! One of the men said almost to himself, this young lady finds herself in a most distressing situation?

Then from behind a man said lets flip for it! The first man much to my surprise flipped a Morgan Silver Dollar up into the air catching it followed by the other man doing exactly the same as one called heads and the other tails? The third man, as I turned was a most hansom well dressed black male!

Then said I am not going to ask why you are in our office hallway wearing nothing, but I think we can easily resolve this little problem with your help as he had won the best two out of three and had grabbed my leash handed me a Morgan silver dollar and with the other men watching pushed me down onto all fours, and said you are now my bitch I want you to act like a bitch dog in heat! Then commanded me to roll over sit up and finally bark like a dog!

Being totally naked in this office hall way and these men fully dressed was so embarrassing and humiliating, but the more he did this to me as I barked like a dog the more sexually excited I became? Then with me more than ready, he said you are a human female animal and are a slave for sex as he pulled me up on my knees again, and patted me on the head saying nice little bitch, you don't bite do you?..Well of course you do!

The one that had my dress threw it over his shoulder and all three unzipped their pants as two hard white cocks were ready followed by the biggest and blackest cock I had ever seen and all were ready to be serviced!

I was still heady from being ass fucked, and terrified that still others might come from the elevator and see me naked on my knees sucking these three men off in the office hallway! But three more hard cocks to suck, now made little difference after what I had already been through. I worked really hard quickly sucking the two of them and it only took me several minutes to do them both, quickly and easily as the first one squirted more jizz into my red lips, I easily sucked most of it down when doing the second man I almost brought him to his knees with helpless pleasure!

I had in a most perverse way, left the the black guy who was holding my leash tight for last! He was trying to humiliate me even more in front of these men that were watching, and said to first kiss his big bulbous purple cock head, then lick and suck on his gigantic balls! After which I was to open my mouth wide and keep my hands helplessly behind my back!

As a well trained sex slave I did what I was told and was rewarded by this big black thing being forced down my throat as he stepped over the leash that was now between his legs, and pulled! With his other hand grabbed a fist full of my hair and still with the others watching proceeded to face fuck the crap out of me until he came like a horse OMG! Was it ever a lot of cum as I choked it down, a lot of it had dripped out of the corners of my red lips onto both of my breasts?

I was real proud of myself and my new found expertise as a well trained head hunter, my master would have been equally proud of me!

The one man handed my dress back along with two more silver dollars, and they stepped into the elevator. This big black male still with his dick out hard as ever, and showing no sign of just ejaculating! Was holding my leash watching and admiring me in my naked and embarrassed discomfort? He then not quite done with me asked for my dress, I reluctantly gave it to him, leaving me totally naked again with only my little purse and spiked red heels!

Then to my surprise he turned me around and led me down the long deserted hallway in the opposite direction, by my leash and slave collar! It was both exciting and of great concern, as I no idea where he was taking me, plus Iwas still worried that others would come from the elevator? But the thought of being naked on a leash with this big hansom black male leading me helplessly along had only added to the sexual humiliating and most perverse incredibly stimulating excitement of it all!

At the end of the hall he had me turn around face the wall place my hands up on it and arch my ass out! I did exactly what he said anticipating being fucked really good from behind by this black stranger and him using this incredible white woman wrecking black cock of his!

In the dim light, of the hall I was standing there in my red spiked heels, could feel his hands, and its grip, one on one of my naked breasts and the other in my most sensitive and intimate place! His hand is firm, and so assertive down in my place where few other male hands have been!

Suddenly his grip tightened and he has a much firmer hold on me, and my very wet pussy folds! His other hand, still on my breast squeezes tighter!
Then has pulled me to him, by only this forceful hold on my privates! His hand has easily found my super sensitive swollen clit!

Then releases it and gives me a playful whack on my bare shapely bottom,... then pulls my head back using my hair with one hand, and with the other has clamped it over my mouth! OMG!I think obediently standing there naked in only heels stockings, and with my hands up on the wall, has left my beautiful bare ass sticking out so sinful and inviting! This would be desirable to any man, but in the dim light this had only increased the size of his black manhood!
Leaving it throbbing and dripping with lustful anticipation as to what he was going to do to me! You have heard the term, "Wreck My Wife"! This is exactly what,... was going to happen to me!

Naked and helpless against the wall has left me with a heady intoxicating feeling, of trembling helpless sex? I could only feel him, at first as the big cock head lifted me up slightly before parting my delicate under lips, and with slight resistance at first, then with little warning thrusted harsh deep, and up into me!... I struggled as best I could emitting a gasping startled sound of forceful sex from his violation, as this big black thing forcefully slipped in leaving me standing as high as I possibly could on the very tips of my red hi heel shoes!

But, OMG! I could not stay that way for long! All this did when I could finally stay up no longer, allowed me to slowly sink back down impaling myself even deeper! In seconds he began to hump and jam into my soft pussy vigorously again and again, up and into my most tender of female treasures!

In only minutes I had gone from being led around naked on a leash by this hansom well dressed black gentleman to being hard fucked furiously by him! The fact that I was being fucked at the end this open deserted hallway with the thought that others might catch us doing this most sinful intimate thing only added to my feelings of being helplessly and horribly used! But Oh1, did I ever love it!

OMG! my worsts fears I thought were about to happen, and could hear the elevator open then close and the voices of others, as one said oops wrong floor! They having no idea that only a short distance away a naked white woman was being hard fucked at the end of this public hallway by a big black male!

He said to me like the others before him "You Love This Don't You"! Through my smeared gaudy red painted cum stained lips it was all I could do and only gave a meek resigned submissive moan, this was all that could be heard, as I was being so used,abused, and so harshly ravished!.

OMG! I was,... Oh My! Feeling the start of an incredible and uncontrollable orgasm! One that would leave me hanging by only his hard black dick and my finger nails,.. as they scratched their way up and down the wall as I tried desperately to steady myself!.

In only moments,... he too was the one that had a similar ejaculating orgasm, one that easily matched mine! I could feel his heart pounding against me as lots of his warm sperm shot up inside my pussy, he now clutching my bare breasts harshly with both hands, and savoring the moment with him against my naked body I could feel his warm breath on my bear neck for more minutes as he continued to hold himself up into me and release his cum!

OMG! For him too it was everything he could have imagined in the moment to have incredible sex with a willing naked slutty sex slave like me!

When he finally pulled his dick free it allowed me to helplessly slide slowly all the way down to the floor! I had ended up in a pool of still warm cum his and mine that was easily dripping onto the floor beneath my well used cunt lips, and still stretched open well used young pussy!
Subconsciously and with little success, tried with my fingers to stem the flow of semen! As I did so had touched my swollen clitoris, the sensitive sensations left me trembling and sweating just like a bitch dog again in heat, and left me unable to move for several more minutes!

I was finally able to get up and slip my dress on with him watching, then straightened myself up as best I could again. He was reluctant to let me go, and as I found the nearest ladies room he flipped another silver dollar into the air and let go of the leash all at the same time. Then said much to my amazement that he had a lot more silver dollars and asked if I was for sale? This had left me speechless and I did not know what to say, so said nothing!

Cleaned up once again after this last most harsh and incredible sexual encounter I found my way back to the reception.
I'd started my way back to the bar again to get those drinks, thinking that my husband and master was either dying of thirst or really pissed off at me for taking so long, when another man came up to me. He opened a closed fist, that revealed another silver dollar!...
This time we ended up out in the parking garage, he forced me down on my knees in the open drive, and roughly pulled the dress off my shoulders, this time ripping it exposing my tits! Then once again is where he took great pleasure in rough fucking my mouth, taking his hard wet cock out several times in order to cock slap my face really hard with it as he called me names. "Slut Cunt and Whore"!

Again I was terrified that someone might drive in while I was servicing him, and of course a car did with its lights on bright! I tried to get up and get my mouth off of his cock but he held me tight helplessly until he cummed! The car drove by slowly apparently an older couple amused by my naked helpless cock sucking fate were looking over this sinful display of perverted public sex, had humiliated me even more by commenting the words, "Nasty Whore"!

My husband and master once took me out in public wearing nothing but my slave collar and leash to a side road off the main highway and made me get out on all fours and stay there for some time while he set in the car and watched!
The thought of me naked like this was a big turn on for both of us, as it was in broad daylight!
This perverted situation in the hotel was repeated two more times. I'd enter the ballroom and within twenty-five steps, another man with a silver dollar. Took me up to his room where he hard fucked me, another had me blow him at the end of a hallway, in the fire escape stairwell.

At last I finally made it all the way to the bar and got the drinks, the ones I had been sent for, long ago? Then I finally found my way back to our table .
My master did not seem to be upset or worried at all by how long it had taken to finally get the drinks. He was just setting there with an older attractive black couple, as I served the drinks.

My master with me standing in between him and this big black man took my little purse that was now full of silver dollars, and dumped the contents on the table. Then picked the silver dollars out, lining all eight of them up on the table in front of him. This very distinguished looking older black gentleman setting next to my husband remarked, "Let's make it and even ten silver dollars." and tossed two more "Morgan Silver Dollars" onto the table. My husband now with a most satisfied smile introduced us saying that this was Joe and Amanda.

But then said you need to have some idea of what you have just paid for? My master then raised my long black dress bunching it up so as to give Joe and Amanda a very good look at my wet and very well used pussy! This was followed by my husband encouraging Joe to finger me! I am a closet exhibitionist and was quite scared and excited when he did this in a ballroom with so many people watching! The feeling after all I had been through was incredible, but Amanda's eyes were big with lustful approval!

Then the four of us left the ball room and went up to their very nice hotel room on the top floor. In the elevator my husband had removed what was left of my dress and handed it to Amanda! Then from his goodie bag took black leather restraints and cuffed my wrists tightly behind my back. This left me helpless to resist anything they wished to do?
After this, the big black man and my master took turns playing with me, squeezing my nipples and masturbating my pussy, which had easily brought me off again on the way up to their room, all the time while his black female partner watched.

When the elevator stopped my husband handed my short leash to his wife Amanda and as the elevator door opened, she had no trouble treating me like a slave! Apparently she loved having a young helpless white girl like me on the end of a leash! Kind of like a reversal of what had happened back during real slavery!

Again being helplessly naked on a leash and led along down this hotel hall way we passed several couples that admired my shapely helpless naked body and that I was being led along by a fully dressed black woman! I could only imagine what they thought was going to happen to me!

Once in their room Amanda wasted no time exploring my breasts nipples bottom and had fingered my cunt and was quite impressed by how much I had been stretched and used! But what was of most interest to her was my formerly pink little clitoris that was now dark red quite swollen, and how I trembled from her intimate and then forceful touch?

My master had brought his goodie bag and they first set me down on a small vanity bench from the restroom. It was about two feet long and a foot wide, they placed a pillow under the small of my back, leaned me back and used the black leather cuffs to fasten my wrists and ankles tight to each corner!
I was arched up naked and helpless with my legs wide at one end, and my head dangling over the other. This left my mound puffed up and my well used slit and pussy wide open!
The black husband was playing with his big cock and at the same time was also playing with my pussy! Finally Amanda this attractive older black woman started kissing me, the cum all over my face and the taste of it on our lips for both was quite intoxicating as she played with my breasts licked my lips, and then sucked on my nipples! I had been with several women before that were bisexual, but never a black woman, one that seemed so loving of my naked helpless body?

The experience was very stimulating as her husband and mine stood over us and watched, with this big black cock in his hand! His was every bit as big as the black gentleman in the hall earlier, but I forgot about it for the moment, as this black woman suddenly went down on me! She took her time expertly sucking me to another incredible orgasm paying close attention to my young tender and well swollen clitoris!
OMG! Was she ever good as she sucked nibbled and bit me again and again, Iloved it and enjoyed one of the most forceful sexual releases I had ever experienced, and was quite disappointed when she finally quit!

Her husband had placed the head of his now very hard black cock head into my smeared red lips and commanded me to suck! It was so big that I was unsure at first about actually getting the thing into my mouth! Up to this point I had never been with a black man, but this being my second of the evening, I had heard stories about how big some were, and now knew that this was no mere story!

If I had not already sucked so many cocks, especially another big black one there would have been no way I could have ever done him? But even I was surprised by how easily this big black thing went between my red lips and down into my stretched and willing throat! I am a slave slut and a well trained one at that, but all of this previous training had made it much easier for me to except him and his incredibly large hard meat!

I was even more surprised at first, as I could not see that this black woman after pleasuring me had strapped on a big black double dildo! It was a bit smaller than her husbands real thing and looked and felt realistic as I heard her talking to it like it was a real dick! She smeared some K Y jelly on it, and with her husband in my throat at one end, I felt her at the other slowly slip it into my well used and still dripping cum filled pussy!

But she was not kind or gentle, and did not stop or even slow down until it was all the way in! This black woman just held it there for a moment making sure it was deep into my vaginal depth as possible, and then with me holding my breath slowly started fucking me with it!
Faster and faster with harder thrusts she went as the little bench I was helplessly bound to skidded across the polished wooden floor making a squeaking noise!

Apparently she was getting me ready for her husband! He was very hard now and close to getting off in my mouth! When he finally pulled out I was able to breathe easier, but it took only several minutes as they switched places and she now on her knees started kissing me again with her tongue deep in my throat as a bigger harder real black dick slammed into my well used pussy!

He was harsh and brutal as the little stand I was on moved again a foot or so with each of his hard brutal thrusts! In only moments I had a tremendous orgasm that started deep at my sexual nerve endings! At the same time an incredible amount of cum from him flooded in to me and squirted out around his big cock and my young and very sore pussy, running down between the crack of my ass onto the bench and dripped on floor! I just laid there helpless as he laid on top of me spent savoring this wonderful feeling of using my naked body and little white pussy!

But this little session was not quite over as this black woman now with the dildo removed had turned around and squatted over my face lowering her very wet pussy and dangling cunt lips onto my nose! Then put most of her weight on my face as her clit was up against my nostrils she held the upper part of her cunt/labia lips tightly around my nose, and with the rest of her very wet slit covering my red lips along with how wet she was made it almost impossible for me to breathe!

The muskie smell of her ambiance was quite heady, as I struggled to suck air into my lungs she purposely rubbed her cunt fore and aft grinding it into my helpless face!
OMG! I thought with my lungs burning I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen, and that she was going to smother me as she moved back and up just enough for me to gulp in several mouthfuls of air, then lowered her very pink and aroused clit into my red lips and in a low sultry voice said suck my clit slutty little white slave girl, suck it good! In only moments she had an incredible orgasm as she squirted all over me rubbing her soaking wet cunt all over and around my face enjoying her sexual release at my naked and very helpless expense!

My husband and master had been setting there watching the whole thing as he jerked off apparently loving the sight of me being well used by this loving and abusive black couple!
As I laid there unable to move I heard the woman say to my husband she is really good and we would like to have your young wife as a sex slave for a week or so! We would be more than willing to trade you some rare gold coins for the pleasure of her company?

My master answered the question by saying that he did not usually sell or trade me and that he was quite selective as to who he would leave me with, but the lure of exotic rare gold coins was quite appealing to him as he questioned them as to the exact coins they were offering, and I heard him say that he would be going out of town for several weeks, and that he would consider bringing me over and letting them keep me for the time my master was gone!

This woman Amanda then encouraging my husband to do so,... said if you bring her she would not need anything and when you do make sure she is wearing nothing but a coat!
I found out later that this couple had actually owned several young white slave girls, ones just like me, she called them her pets and that that these young women willingly allowed this couple to do what ever they wanted with them when it came to kinky and perverted sex! Something they wanted to do to me?

My master finally told me to get dressed, I had a hard time covering my self as my black dress was stretched and ripped! Also he did not let me clean up or fix my make up, he my master wanted to lead me through the ball room looking like this!
I was a fright as we entered the big ball room, the dim lights suddenly came on as my master first cuffed my wrists behind my back and snapped a leash onto my slave collar and pulled off what was left of my dress then led me through the crowd of people!

My cheeks were bruised the red lipstick was smeared my dark mascara make up and eyeliner from all of the face fucking cock slapping and having a wet black pussy ride my face left me looking like a well used slutty whore, both of my breasts were also bruised, my nipples were swollen and sinfully exposed, my naked buttocks! Especially my pussy slit and swollen abused clitoris plainly showed for all to see! He led me through all of these people, I heard murmuring and gasps from several straight laced women as he led me into the lobby! I felt so used humiliated and embarrassed as my masters well used slave slut, but it so aroused me, with the thought I would soon be spending time with this black couple, and then we went home!....
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Toys a Tavern and Parking in the Woods
Slave girls and Dungeons
The Story of Sweet Gwendoline
Two Horny People
My Girl
Slave girls and Dungeons
People Pets part 2 The Homecoming Finale
People Pets part 2 The Homecoming
People Pets part 2 The Homecoming
People Pets part 2 The Homecoming
White Slavery or is it Really Part 11
The Fantasy of Rape
Fucking Machines
Topless Dancers
Am I normal Part 3 contnued
Am I normal Part 3
My Friends Wife Blondie part 1
White womanl is sold at auction to black men part 1
A runaway weekend at the Benson
What would you do if this happened to you?
White Slavery or is it Really Part 10
Interesting Questions
The Best Gift a Loving Husband Could Give
The American River Bike Trail
Innocence and a Bet part 1
White Slavery or is it Really Part 9
A wonderfully erotic experience
The Virgin
White Slavery or is it Really Part 8
White Slavery or is it Really Part 7
Would You Like a Ride? Part 1
Girl on Girl Part 4
Girl on Girl Part 3
Girl on Girl Part 2
Girl on Girl Part 1
Am I normal? part 2
The bull riding machine
White slavery or is it really Part 6
Am I normal? Part 1
White slavery or is it really Part 5
People Pets
White slavery or is it really Part 4
White slavery or is it really Part 3
White slavery or is it really Part 2
White slavery or is it really Part 1
Going parking with an older man
Please do not take me home, even if I ask Part 8
The Photo Booth part 2
Please do not take me home, even if I ask Part 7
Please do not take me home, even if I ask Part 6
Please do not take me home, even if I ask Part 5
All you need is a pair of high heels
Please do not take me home, even if I ask Part 4
The Photo Booth Part 1
Please do not take me home, even if I ask Part 3
Please do not take me home, even if I ask Part 2
Please do not take me home, even if I ask Part 1

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