Kissing Cousins...Bath Time
As you've all read by now my cousin is teaching me about sex and how to love a woman.
My parents had to go out of town and due to school and other functions I was unable to go so my hot sexy cousin volunteered to watch over me while they were gone.They said they should be back on saturday and for me to behave and do what she said.Well I really tried to act disappointed that they were going to be gone for six days but truth be known I could'nt wait for them to leave for it was almost bed time sunday night.As they were saying good bye,all I could think about was the next six days and nights of being alone with this hot beautiful young woman while wearing nothing but our skin.No clothes of any kind,that was her rule when it was just me and her with no one else around or no chance of anyone comming around.It was a rule made by my parents that I was to have no company of any kind while under her care.Of course I had to protest this with them but I would'nt dare invite anyone over,I loved being alone,and nude with my cousin.
As soon as they were gone and there was no chance of them returning,off our clothes went.

Finally!...she said,I did'nt think they were ever going to leave.Damn she was so beautiful and gracful.Her breast(34-C) jiggled when she walked and my dick went to immediate hard on status.I loved seeing her naked.I ask if it would be alright for me to touch her?
I've taught you well she said.A gentlemen always makes sure before he just does something and for that,yes you may touch me.

Where?,as if I have to ask would you like to touch me? She parted her feet to give me access to her smooth shaved pussy,I slowly reach out to touch her and gently rubbed her hard clit.Uummmm,that feels so good she said.
While her eyes were closed I stepped closer so I could suck one of her hard nipples into my hungry mouth.

She jumped back and slapped me lightly across my cheek.I did not say you could do that she replyed sharply.
I started to say, I thought...she cut me off saying never take it for granted that it will be ok to do something,NEVER!
Now,what to do to you for punishment so you'll remember this small but simple rule.
She looked at me with a perplexed look on her face while she thought of what she wanted for my punishment.After a few minutes of silence she said,I know,for starters you're going to eat my juicy hot pussy until I tell you to stop.

She got on the bed and lay back and told me to get busy.I started eating like it was my last meal.Touch me no where else she commanded.
I carefully licked and softly bit all the places she had taught me and before long she was humping my face like a wild woman.Saying things like...Thats it baby,Yeah UUUUMMMMMMM,
You're making my pussy so weeeettttt,I wanted to fuck her with my finger,to find her G-spot but I did'nt dare touch her for fear of what else she might do or worse make me stop and go to bed without the chance to maybe getting to put my dick in her tight hot pussy.

Then without warning she pushed me back and told me to stop.Why?...I pleaded,please let me eat you some more,you taste so good and I love eating your juicy pussy so much.Please,Please let me keep going.She told me no,that she was getting close to cumming and she did'nt want to just yet.I want to let it build before I explode,besides the night is early and we don't want to rush things do we?
Well I did'nt want to rush things but I did want to feel my dick in that hot honey hole of hers before she told me it was bed time.

She got up and got something out of her overnight case,it was actually more of a suit case that she always brought with her when she stayed with us for any amount of time,it was something I've never seen before so I ask what it was?It's my favorite little toy,I'll show you what it does and maybe if you're willing to try something I'll use it on you too.Use it on me?????What the hell could it be,that she could use it on me?It was long,big and stiff.
Where could she use it on me I thought to my self.I was definetly courious,if it had something to do with sex I was interested because I wanted to learn all I could about sex and pleasing the women of my future.I watched as she got back on the bed and started to rub that thing in her hand that sort of looked like a big gaint rubber dick against her pussy.As I moved in to get a closer look she put that rubber monster in her tiny pussy hole and slowly pushed it in,deeper and deeper
until there was just the big rubber balls to hold onto.I was in awe as she started to push and pull this thing in and out of her pussy.
Oooohhhhh shit this feels so fucking good she said.I watched excitingly as it would come out and then disappear again and again over and over and her moaning got louder and more intense as she continued to fuck this big dick.

She told me to take it and keep pushing and pulling it in and out of her like she was doing.I did as she instructed and watched as her emotions got wilder and more frantic with each push and pull motion.She said,now sweet baby I want you to lick me on my clit while you fuck my pussy.
My dick was as hard as a rock,I've never seen anything like this,it was so fucking cool.
Before to long after I started to lick her clit she started to damn near scream as she was raising her pussy up to meet me pushing this dick in her pussy.Oooohhhh fuck,I'm about to cum,I can't hold it back much lonnngggger
Uuuuuummmmmm,dddaaammmmmmmnnnnnn,and then she let out a long almost screaming of what sounded like a garbbled,ooohhhhfuckkkkkkI'm cuuummmmmmming and then I swear her pussy shot cum out like a dick.It sort of scared me because I thought it may have hurt her because I did'nt know a pussy could do that.

After a little while she calmed down and said that was the best and most powerful climax she ever had in her life and it was because of me licking her pussy while fucking her at the same time.That made me feel good to know I had made her do that.In hopes of maybe getting to put my dick in her pussy I ask could I lay on top of her and suck her hard nipples.She looked at me as if she knew what I was thinking.You think you're slick don't you,she said.I'll let you suck my tits but you can't put your dick in me not yet,I've got a surprise for you first.

I sucked one nipple then the other and then I got both her breast and squeezed them both together to try and suck both nipples at the same time,she really liked this,Oh baby boy thats good, thats real good,I can feel that in my pussy like little electrical shockwaves.
While I was doing magic on her nipples she reach down and started to rub my dick for the first time since we had gotten naked,her hands were soft and felt so fucking good,I sucked even harder on her nipples.

She told me to get up and stand there and to let her look at me for a minute.She smiled and said I do believe babyboy you're getting bigger in the dick department.She said you're getting hairy and thats one of your surpises,
I'm going to shave you clean and smooth and if you like it,I'll show you how to do it so you can keep it shaved.
We went to the bathroom and she smeared shaving cream all over me and my dick got hard again.Well,you like this part of it,and she begin to shave me.After a few minutes she was done and had me washed clean and before I had time to feel my bald dick she had dropped to her knees and had my hole length sucked in her mouth.Damn,she could suck a dick right out of its skin I do believe.She stopped long enough to ask me if I wanted to try something new.Without stopping to think I said sure.
She took my hand and led me back to the bed room and I felt my bald dick for the first time,it sure felt different and smooth.
I like it I said,she said you little freak you're going to like this too.She pushed me back on the bed and looked in her bag and got out a small bottle and put some of the bottles contents on her finger.Now she said lay back close your eyes and relax.She had me to raise my butt up and put a pillow under me to expose my ass.Then she rubbed her finger with the stuff from the bottle on my butthole.I sort of jumped not expecting that.I've never been touched there,but it did feel good.The more she rubbed the better it was starting to feel.

Now she said don't jump,relax and let me know if it hurts or if you don't like it.Then she started to push against my hole and her finger slid slowly in my ass.Man....I swear my hard on got bigger.I've never felt anything like this.Before long she had her finger in all the way,after awhile she started to pull it in and out.Holy shit,she was fucking my ass with her finger and I was loving it,then she started to suck my dick again.OMG,no wonder she went to screaming this was better then anything I've ever felt in my life.I somehow managed to ask her if we could try the big dick,I wanted to see if I could get that monster in my ass.Easy big boy,not so fast.

I soon found myself humping her finger in and out of my ass with fury.Raising up and slamming back down hard.She ask if I'd done this already,no I tried to say calmly and that this was my first time,why? 'Cause you're enjoying it so much.I told her I wanted more,much more.Ok she agreed,but not much for it's getting late and we have to get up early.Please I begged her,just see if the one you had in your pussy will fit,I want to try it so bad.She removed her finger and put some more stuff from that bottle on my ass and then she took her rubber dick and started to rub it against my tight little virgin asshole.

Ok she said,now listen to me carefully as she put the head of it against my tiny hole.I'm going to push it in only a little to see if you can take it.Relax and take deep breaths. It might hurt some at first but after it slips in so far it will get easy,are you ready? I had cold chills in anticipation,I did'nt know what to expect yet I wanted it,I wanted all of it just like her.I felt her pull it away,Noooo I said put it back!!She said wait,this will help even more and she took her finger and wiped the pre cum that was oozzing from my now extreme hard dick and smeared it on my waiting asshole and pushing some of it inside of me.

Now babyboy get ready for the most awsome feeling you've ever had or ever will have as a sexual expierence.Then she begin to push the head of that monster in my tiny ass.It never even hurt any as she pushed it in.Are you sure you've never done this?It's sliding in very easy for you to be a virgin.I said no,that I've never and that I did'nt know you could but I would do it more cause it felt so fucking good going in my ass.As she pushed it in a little further she slid her hot mouth down my cum oozzing dick,before I could do anything but scream I started to cum like I've never cum before.Holy shit,Now I ain't been cumming long but without a doubt that was the best ever.

I drifted off into a deep sleep and when she woke me in the morning for school I pleaded with her to let me stay home with her all day.
No,you have to go to school,we can continue after you get home.You can get naked as soon as you get home.I've got to go home and pick up a few things for tonight that I forgot anyway.I think you'll love what I'm going to get.It will help with your new found pleasure.
Now off to school you go.

As I walked out the bus was pulling up and somehow I knew this was going to be the longest day of my life.First period was band so it was'nt so bad but the rest of my classes were terrible and seem to last forever.All I could think about was my cousins naked body waiting for me at home,wondering what she had in store for tonight.My mind was running crazy playing games with me cause when I looked at my teachers that were women I saw them naked.Some of thier pussies were shaved and some were really hairy.
I even looked at some of the men and imagined them naked and shaved.When P.E. class started I considered not dressing out because of taking a shower afterwards but I thought what the hell.Let them look and say what they wanted when they saw my hairless cock.To my surprise some of my class mates thought it was cool and wanted to touch me.I let a few of my closest friends,they said they were going home and shave too.The day finally came to an end and I could'nt wait to get home.Luckly I had no home work so when I got home I could strip and just enjoy looking at my beautiful cousin and enjoy what ever she had in store for us.

When I got home I got the shock of my life,my cousin was wearing a big rubber cock.Man that thing was long and fat.She told me it was what they called a strap on for women,so one woman could fuck another woman or a woman could fuck her man in the ass.My dick jumped straight out,I could'nt wait to try and get that big motherfucker in my tiny ass.I ask was it for me?It's for both of us she said with a big smile on her face.You're going to freak when I make you cum without ever touching you.I could'nt wait,I bent over and said do it now.Put your monster dick in my ass!In time she said.She reached out to stroke my hard on and kiss me hard on my mouth.She slid her tounge in and out of my mouth,I loved it when she kissed me that way.Feel my cunt she said it's so wet, then she led me off to the living room and took off her dick and ask me to suck her hard nipples and eat her pussy for a little while.I did so gladly.After a she climaxed she said now it's your turn.

She sucked my dick in her mouth.She got out her little bottle of goo and slicked her finger up and slowly pushed it in my waiting ass.I said that feels so fucking good,but I want more.She put another finger in my ass,this will help you stretch and make it easier for you to take my big cock.
After a few minutes she put her strap on back on and put her goo all up and down the length of it,this one is a little bigger than that one last night so we're going to have to go real slow till I get it in.She said don't try to rush,just relax and take your time.It was bigger but I could'nt wait to see if I could swollow the whole thing deep in my little asshole.She rubbed my ass with my precum and the gooy stuff as well then she put the head against my tiny hole and pushed.I felt my asshole start to stretch to acommadate this monster I thought I was going to pass out it felt so good.Suddenly it slipped in,now she said you do the pulling,relax and let your self stretch.
It slowly slid in inch by inch,she said you've got about four inches in and about five inches to go if you want all of it.I do,I said,I want it I want it all.I want to feel those big balls against my ass.I want you to fuck me like the whore I feel like.She had my legs pushed up high and was watching that nine inch cock disappear slowly inch by inch.

Finally I managed to get in all nine inches.It took for ever it seemed like to get it all in but it was worth it.God it felt so good.After a while,she started to slide it out and then back in slowly,I felt like screaming it felt so fucking good.I dug my heels into her ass like she had done me in the past and started to pull her in a little faster and harder with each thrust.Precum was pouring out of my dick like crazy.My cousin wiped her finger thru it and rubbed it all over my lips and in my mouth and then she drug her fingers thru her dripping cunt and wiped her juice all over her mouth and lips.With a cum soaked mouth she leaned in and kissed me.I loved the taste of my cum,I never tasted it before.I rubbed my fingers thru my cum and licked them clean.I pulled hard against her forcing the gaint cock to slap its big balls hard against my ass.Faster,faster please,fuck me,fuck my ass hard and deep.I love the way your dick feels in my ass.Fuck me damn it make me cum like I've never cummed before.I could feel it building,it was a different feeling than normal.

I felt it stirring from somewhere deep with in my gut.It felt completely different than a climax starting to build from fucking her.
She was sliding her big cock in and out of my ass faster and harder with each thrust and I was going crazy.Then it started.It seemed like I was cumming and cumming and cumming,but the wierd thing was there was nothing comming out of my dick.Then like it all came out at once my hot cum flooded my belly.I've never cum so much and so hard in my life.She slowly pulled out her monster cock and told me "Bath time".
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