Kitchen Fun
He came home after a long day at work, but was still up for cooking dinner with me. After his shower we started cutting veggies, etc.

Suddenly I felt very horny. Maybe from being so close to him, hands touching, seeing him concentrating on each cut, sharing the events of our day..... I started kissing him; his neck, his cheek, and ears as my hands roamed over his body. He kept preparing dinner and let me do what I wanted.

My hands moved down to feel his excitement, he was rock hard. I whispered in his ear "I want you". He smiled and started to say something, but I kissed him and said 'shhhh'.

I undid his pants, tugging at them frantically. I pulled down his shorts and boxers as he stepped one foot out of them. I stroked his hard cock and bent down and started sucking. Kneeling in front of him, he stopped what he was doing and put his hands on my head, moving his hips back and forth as I sucked harder. Swirling my tongue around the tip of his cock, feeling him throb as I sucked down to the base. My hand fondling his shaved balls. My eyes looking at him, sucking harder. His hands weaved through my hair pulling my head toward him as I slurped and sucked, working my tongue even more. I was so horny for him, so wet and so turned on from being on my knees in the kitchen with his cock in my mouth.

He moaned and moved his hips even more, tugging my hair and pushing my head making his cock go deep in my throat making me gasp and want more. I kept sucking as our breathing increased, then I tasted his precum, felt the throbbing intensify and his body quiver, I knew he was ready to explode and I wanted it! I sucked harder as I stroked his cock and his hands pushed my head down passionately. He moaned as he filled my mouth with his warmth. I licked until he was almost completely cleaned of his satisfaction.

He stood me up and undressed me, kissing and sucking on my breasts, sucking hard on each swollen nipple. His hand quickly found my wetness, lots of wetness. One finger slide in, then another, he leaned down to taste me. His tongue probed as I moaned.

He turned me around and bent me over, my hands gripping the counter top, his hard cock sliding right inside. I moaned and felt every inch inside me, his hands tightly grasping my hips thrusting in and out. I came quickly.

We moved to the bedroom, he was still hard and we were both needing more. He laid on the bed and I climbed on top straddling him, moving his cock up and down my wetness then slowly sliding down on him, I knew I would cum again soon....He said he could wait since we had to save something for dessert ;-)
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