By Chiyome

It was difficult telling whether she was moving around the pole or if the pole was just moving around her. She slipped around it like a silk ribbon, twisted her body around it sensuously. Her full, pouty lips were parted slightly, as though she were silently moaning.
Daiki was pleased. He smiled darkly as he rubbed at the growing bulge in his pants, enjoying the show. The strain of his cock against his pants was finally too much and he unzipped, freeing himself.

If the dancer saw him take himself out, she never even blinked. She just went on dancing, flinging her jet black hair back over her shoulder, grinding against the shiny dancing pole, wrapping her long legs around it and climbing to the top.

Daiki was particularly happy with this choice. She was probably the most beautiful of all the strippers he hiredhe couldn't think of any other girl being this good, moving that well. He was lucky to have found her at all; after what he had done to that dancer last month, he had to keep his cover.

It wasn't a big deal for him, really, but it was an enormous pain in the ass to have to deal with all the questions, with the police coming in and poking around. Daiki was the eldest son of a Yakuza boss, so it wasn't like he was in any real danger of being arrested. And Daiki had most of the strip joints and brothels cowering in terror, too afraid to refuse him when he came calling.

What was he going to do to this one, he wondered, slowly beginning to stroke himself. He'd have his way with her one way or another, but afterwards, what would he do? He was in his father's penthouse on top of a skyscraper with guards posted outside both the front and back doors, so she couldn't escape, and the walls and doors were thick enough that it was almost impossible to hear anyone shrieking and begging for their lives.

This bitch was amazing though. She wasn't afraid. She climbed to the top of the pole and opened her legs wide,, slowly rotating around as she exposed her barely concealed pussy to him. She smiled and then clamped her legs down tight on the pole and hung upside down, facing him. Her breasts were threatening to slip out of her baby blue half bra, her dark nipples peeking over the edge.

The woman sat up straight and slowly slid back to the ground. She ground against the pole for a moment before turning to face Daiki, her eyes smoky, her red lips smirking. Daiki frowned, narrowing his eyes at her as she gracefully loped towards him, finally sinking to her knees and crawling to him.

Daiki opened his mouth to say that he hadn't given her permission to stop dancing, but her eyes were enchanting and he couldn't find his voice. He straightened a bit in surprise as she made her way between his legs, sliding her long fingers along the insides of his thighs. She wrapped her hand around his dick and pulled, seeming to giggle as he groaned and dropped his head back against the couch.

Daiki didn't like this. He didn't like that this bitch was in control of him. He didn't like that she wasn't afraid of him. Daiki sat up, ready to grab her by the hair and jerk her away, but she lowered her head and licked his balls, swirling her hot wet tongue up his shaft and then to the head of his cock. She slid her mouth down over him, taking his entire length and thickness deep into her throat. She let out a small breathy sigh as she swallowed, as Daiki jerked his whole body off the couch. It was amazing!

Gradually the woman started to bob her head up and down, sucking hard on his prick, jerking it with her hand, pumping him hard. With her free hand she reached down into he tiny thong, sliding those long fingers over her clit and pussy. She moaned around his dick, bobbing her head faster as she ground against her own hand.
Just when Daiki felt himself readying to shoot his load, the woman jerked her head away, her hand squeezing down on the base of his cock to cut him off. She thrashed between his legs, her head whipping back as she gave a long, primal moan of ecstasy, coming hard before Daiki.

Daiki's eyes flared. How dare the bitch come before he didhow dare she stop him like that?! She was going to pay for it

As soon as the last of the shudders faded, the stripper licked her lips and grinned mischievously as she stood, slipping away her panties and slowly crawling over him. Daiki stared up into her beautiful face in disbelief; who did she think she was?

Crouching over him, the woman took his wet cock in her hand and carefully slid him inside of her. Both of them gasped and moaned at the feeling, her pussy so hot and so tight around him. She lowered herself all the way down to the hilt and groaned, carefully lifting and lowering herself on top of Daiki.

Daiki couldn't do anything. He went completely limp. His mind was screaming in outrage, but she felt so perfect that he did not have the will to fight back. He just laid there against the couch, enjoying it, feeling the hard nipples of her breasts springing free of her bra and rubbing themselves against his face. He turned his head and licked at one, struggling to draw it into his mouth. Even as the bitch moaned in pleasure, she seemed to know that he was going to bite her and leaned back, away from him.

Daiki felt her pussy beginning to pulse and grow wetter. He gasped in shock as her body tightened around him and seized, as she thrashed against him and shrieked in euphoria, pounding her body against his hard, bruising them both before finally slumping against him.
She stopped moving just as he was about to come. Outraged, Daiki grabbed her by the arms and shoved her back up right on his lap. He was going to have fun with this one

Daiki yelped as the woman's hand shot out and grabbed him by the jaw, brutally jerking it open. Her opposite hand planted itself against his forehead and shoved Daiki's head back, pinning it against the back of the couch.

The woman lowered her face to Daiki's and opened her mouth over his. Daiki tried to scream as the woman sucked something out of himeverything out of him: all of his blood, all of the viscous fluids, all of his air, his own essence and soul, all sucked screaming out of Daiki's body and into the woman's mouth.

Finally it was done, and the woman carefully stepped back, letting the leathery shell of the murderer Daiki slump over onto the cushions. He got what he deserved, the murderous bastard. He had gone too far and stupidly killed a dancer that a rival Yakuza lord adored, and the lord had hired her to exact revenge in the most horrible way possible.

Heaving a small, bored sigh, the woman unhooked her bra and tossed it aside before soundlessly dropping down onto all fours. As she stepped forward, the woman's body warped, reshaping itself, until a nine tailed demon fox stood in the penthouse apartment.

Yawning, the kitsune trotted over to the tall plexiglass panes that walled in the penthouse. With a snort she easily crashed through, ignoring the sucking wind and the klaxon of alarms behind her.

Yawning again, the kitsune backed up a few feet, then tore forwards, shooting through the broken window and leaping through the air. She nimbly bounded away over the wind gusts and skyscraper roofs, heading back to her employer for another mission.

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