Know What'cha Want?
I can't take my eyes off the waitress who seats me in this darkened dimly lit corner. Her eyes undress me as fast as mine undress her. It's nearly closing time. I thought I was hungry but there's a deeper craving desire gnawing between my loins. Our body language displays the anatomical accents our eyes focus on intensely.

She sits down real close attempting to take my order but I'm speechless. Her knees intertwine with mine, she places her order pad on the table, her hands glide up and down my thighs reaching further into my groin with every stroke.

Her knees begin widening as they spread mine with playful jolts of enticing revelation. Her tight black mini skirt stretches open as her knees widen and she adds dance steps raising her ankles and toes in rhythm enticing my following her seductive moves.

She's wearing a loose fitting jean style shirt tied around her waist, open down to her belly button. Her sleek streamline body twists and frolics while her jaw grinds away on a wad of chewing gum.

This gal has me in the palm of her hands with full surrender dripping from the tip of y cock and tongue. Her loosely flowing two tone shag hairdo emphasizes her chiseled jawbone smile with lips that curve half way around her cheeks. Her low tone voice is a gravely seductive mantra...

"Know wha'cha want?"

Her smile is so radiantly sexy, words spill out of my mouth with random abandon...

"I lost my appetite for food as I'm sure you're quite knowingly aware." As I clumsily rant on she takes hold of my hands, places them on her thighs and guides them with soft massaging strokes until she's satisfied that I know she's got the same fathomless hunger that matches mine.

"You're the last customer, I'm off in ten minutes, I'm sure you're an oyster sucking fool, order a drink and I'll bring you a dozen appetizers, you're gonna need'em. I live next door. Take me home and I'll introduce you to the juiciest oyster you've ever dreamed of sucking, licking, inhaling and swallowing."

Her lips attack my lips before I can respond. Our tongues leap and twist while she maneuvers the wad of gum so we both simultaneously chew and stretch with vigorous mouth watering fervor. Our hands go wild with free style searching for what we both know is already waiting for endless seductive stimulation.

She thrusts her pussy into my hand while my other hand reaches around the small of her back pulling her ever closer to my ever expanding cock. She lowers my shorts enough to expose my throbbing erection. Her hands wrap around my shaft as she jacks me off with long feverish strokes. Cum oozes out from her pussy as steadily as it oozes from my cock.

I'm awe struck to find my hand filled with a massive clit that expands beyond my palm with dripping pussy lips that flap from side to side. As she strokes my cock I stroke her clit which continually expands into a huge cock-like appendage. I wrap both hands around her enormous expanse of slippery meaty flesh and we stroke each other into a juicy orgasmic frenzy.

With our hands covered with cum we massage our way up into each others chest spending slow sensuous time stimulating each others hard nipples and swollen rosettes. Our tongues never stop playing leap frog with each other. Somehow half of her gum is in my mouth under my tongue, her gum is flattened up around her upper teeth. Our faces are covered with juicy extracts especially after devouring everything from earlobes to eye brows down to those erect nipples.

"The hell with taking me home, fuck me right here and now, make me cum all over your cock and balls. Then I'll give you the ultimate thrill of your entire sexual life experience."

There's a couch in the corner next to our table. We strip each other in seconds, she stands on the edge of the couch leaning against the wall, one leg propped up on the arm of the couch opening her pussy with an invitation to take her like she's ready to be taken with aggressive force.

Without hesitation I stand in a similar pose giving me an angle of attack that'll take her breath away.

As I reach for her shoulders to steady my posture she grabs my dangling hardened cock, massages the pre cum inside my foreskin and around my crown adding her own juices, swirls the head of my cock between her pussy lips getting us both well lubricated then guides me into her tight pussy while stroking my foreskin to stimulate her cock like clit which is so huge it glides over my cock. The deeper I penetrate her pussy the further into my belly her clit penetrates. I lean back and start thrusting hard and deep while her clit glides along the top of my cock up passed my belly button.

I don't know who's fucking who harder but the thrill of meeting someone who loves to fuck like it's the only mission in life to fulfill, is a joy beyond belief.

We fuck each other through several orgasms never slowing down, just adjusting our rhythm to our breathing. Cum steadily shoots down our thighs, legs and ankles. We both take a moment to enjoy sliding around in it adding more sensuous pleasure.

I cup my hands around her massive clit giving her the sensation of fucking my hands. As I withdraw my cock from her pussy the sensation gets overwhelming. It feels as if I'm jerking off two cocks at the same time. Then she announces...

"Care for that surprise ultimate thrill?"

"As ready as you are."

She slumps down in the couch and reels my body around to fuck her upside down and backwards so that her clit can fuck my ass.

"Are you into anal penetration?"

"I am now!!!"

Her clit is as long as my cock but not as thick. It feels so smooth as she slowly guides her clit into my anal sphincter. I use an anal massage vibrator for prostate health but I've never been penetrated so deeply as with her clit. My God it feels good. What have I been missing?

"You prepare yourself quite well, I like that in a man. Feel free to fuck my ass, it's well prepared."

"Then you don't mind taking time for purification techniques?"

"Not at all. It adds to the rush of knowing we can take it to the limit and then some."

Just knowing we've both prepared for this occasion adds the stimulus that takes us into a fucking frenzy that neither one of us wants to stop. I never had any idea anal penetration could feel so good. The deeper she fucks my ass the more intense the orgasmic build up becomes. My partners ass is a pleasure to fuck as well. Although I get off more with fucking a tight pussy, her ass is just as smoothly tight. The only big difference is that a woman's pussy has so many different chambers to enjoy. Still, in all, the variety adds sustenance and I crave sustaining sexual pleasure indefinitely. This new experience is just what she described, an ultimate life time sexual experience.

We fuck each other into a stupor, then curl up into a comfortable hugging position with my cock buried in her pussy, her clit bent upward between our bellies. Our hands continue dipping into the liquid issuing when my cock as it withdraws from her pussy. Then massaging her clit both with our hands and bellies. Her enormous pussy lips drape around my balls. Every so often we massage the two together giving us enough enticement to reach an unprecedented boundless fucking spree that has no equal.

The boundless joy in fucking so long is that endless orgasmic rush that sustains its intensity indefinitely. This anal experience has me so excited I can't wait for us to revive our hunger for seconds and thirds.

I can finally understand why women get such satisfaction from double penetration. While she fucks my ass she lifts my cock to her mouth, inserts her tongue deep into my foreskin and swirls in both directions. In minutes I shoot a wad of cum so deep down her throat she nearly gags. At the same time I achieve an orgasmic experience she rotates her hips so her clit cork screws deep into my lower intestine. The sensation makes my body quiver uncontrollably. Did I just have a double orgasmic experience? Whatever the sensation is it catapultes my desire to fuck her once more.

She positions her body so I can fuck her ass and suck her clit the same way she did me with one added course of pleasure...

"Now fist my pussy so I can have the ultimate orgasmic explosion possible."

As I accommodate her craving desire I feel my cock penetrate her ass as I fist her pussy. The slow pace prepares her body for what becomes an extreme all blowout. Her pussy widens allowing my fist to open enough to wrap my fingers around my cock from inside her pussy. She leans back further onto her shoulders giving me free reign to fuck her ass deeper than I was able to fuck her pussy. I suck her clit deep down my throat and experience another orgasmic rush.

Our bodies go ballistic squirming in all directions as a simultaneous orgasm engulfs our total senses. I can't stop fucking her ass, sucking her clit and fisting her pussy. It's like I lose control of all my faculties and just pound her senseless. Her screams and moans of blissful pleasure is music to my ears. Time fades into forever as our bodies go numb with intense ecstasy.

Hours later we wake up from an unconscious stupor with my cock buried deep in her ass, my fist in her pussy up to my wrist, her clit limp in my other hand. We lay there motionless experience a lingering orgasmic wonder of wonders...

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