Everyday I went to school. I smiled and laughed. But it was all just a ploy. I tried to hide how I really felt to everyone around me. No matter how much I tried though you knew what I was hiding. I was halfway through my sophomore year before you finally confronted me. It was a rainy day during the beginning of winter. We were standing under the walkway and you asked me why I hid who I really was. I just looked away and told you that it was none of your business and went I walked away but you stopped me. Looking at me with those lovely eyes. I almost couldn't resist telling you. But I managed to get a grip and took your hand off of my arm and told you to go away.
I see you start to cry but I couldn't bare to stay any longer.
I left the school early that day complaining of a stomachache. Later that day at my house I my parents were away and I heard a knock at the door. I got up and answered the door and saw it as you. I went to close the door but you put your arm in the way. But without realizing you did that I smashed your hand in the doorway. I hear you shriek loudly in pain. Immediately I forgot everything else and brought you inside. Getting some pain killers and a bandage to wrap your hand in I gave you a glass of water. Wrapping your hand trying not to hurt you. Sitting down you ask me why I left and why I still try to hide. I just look at you and reply with you don't give up do you. Knowing I can't hide it from you any longer I sit down in front of you. I take a deep breath and begin telling you why. First I ask her if she has ever known real pain. then I tell her that no matter what she has been through she would never understand true pain. True pain isn't something that you can make go away with medicine or bandages. All my life I have been persecuted and hated. Steadily moving from place to place trying to escape it. "Did you know that when I was young my own brother raped me." I asked and continue with. "Everywhere I went I would find persecution. All because I was different." You look at me with saddened eyes. "I didn't know." she whispered. Before tears weld up in your eyes I placed my hands on either side of your face and without thinking I kissed you passionately. Lovingly caressing your tongue with mine. I feel you lean into my kiss. Even though I didn't want to I broke the kiss and leaned back almost ashamed of what I did. I close my eye's thinking that what I did was wrong, but before I could say anything you straddle me wrapping your arms around my neck you tell me to forget the past and that now is all that matters. We are together and can't be separated. Slipping off her jacket I kiss her neck. Licking the pulse beating in it. Smelling that sweet perfume. I moved my hand down and lifted up her shirt. After Pulled it off I began moving my hand down in her pants clenching her ass. She grinned when she lifted my shirt and saw my muscular chest. I slipped my hand down and undid her zipper slipping my hand underneath her flirt thong
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