She was just living up the road and over the years after so many parties and meals with her parents she considered me family but it was only a game for years in the white knights and kings and queens of old.

So when I was sitting in the booth at the back of the night club I was surprised to see her in purple hot pants with her tongue down a girls throat, although I had heard she was.swinging both ways these days as she was now a grown young woman.

I stayed in the darkness and watched them both have as much sex as you can in a place like this .although the rules were shady as to what you can get away with.

I watched as her hands explored the breasts and butt of this unknown woman.
They kissed and cuddled, putting their bodies out there for everyone to see and be jealous of.

I found myself growing in my pants, a large shaft that would please anyone.
As I watched I started to rub back and forth. Rolling my balls in my hands
It was such a sexual sight.

She saw me sitting there, rubbing myself. I didn't know how this was going to play out.
But before I could think she was at my table with her friend.
Looking down she could see what I was doing and didn't flinch away.
There was more power with two girls over one old man.

I moved over to the end of the table and she introduced me to her Kelly.
"Hi Kelly" I introduced myself to her and ordered another round of drinks

Poppy sat on my lap being such a tease that she is.
She sat with her back towards me, grinding he little ass up and down my shaft.
She thought it was funny.

"Your naughty uncle," Poppy said. So I played along and called her a naughty minx
Kelly was unzipping Poppy's hot pants and fingering the sweet little box and sucking her fingers.

Just sitting there, letting them be in charge just to feel the youthful pussies.
"You are naughty uncle" poppy chirped.

What little pants that she had on was sliding down her thigh as Kelly kneed down in front of her.and put her.head into my/her lap and started to eat Poppies outer lips which had came out of her hot little panties.

There was no chance of moving and to protest was going to be a waste of time.
Not one person had noticed what was going on in the little booth in the back corner.

Kelly reached further onto my lap and unzipped my pants and immediately my rod bounced out exciting both girls."we can't have that out her can we uncle?" Poopy said as she grabbed my shaft and held it against her little belly button. Surprised at the size and length of it.

"We can't waste that, can we?" Piped up Kelly. The two girls looked pleased with themselves having gotten me so hard.
I think now as usual when I get into this position I am usually taken advantage of.

Not this time.
This time would be different

Poppy continued to rub herself against my penis all the while looking down at her lover licking her sex center.
She raised and lower herself all the while just rubbing herself with my throbbing weapon.

"Poppy" she didn't hear either of us say her name.poppy was in complete bliss.she could only feel her legs going weaker and weaker. poppy pushed me back into the bench seat even further.

I could feel Kelly, who was licking the juices from Poppy and also at the same time she was thinking my rock hard cock.
There was no more playing around.
Things had turned into a sensual sex session.

Poppy was in control riding up and down, it was as if we were the only people here.
Up and down she was just holding on to me, then it happened.

My cock entered her hard, she whimpered and took me into her.
Ramming myself into her I was rubbing her clit with my shaft.
Kelly was excited to see all the juices flowing from poppy, eagerly lapping them all upas well as grabbing my balls holding them tight against poppy's slit.

Working as one I couldn't last much longer but I tried.
Fuck these two little bi lesbians were good. Poppy could feel me throbbing.
"Cum in me uncle" she pleaded"you can cum in me its ok"poppy said pleading even harder.
Kelly was mocking saying "yes cum uncle"

Pinching poppy by her nipples under her top I was getting nearer and nearer
I held her close "are you sure? Really sure?" I said

"The time had come for these two to learn something they thought they knew." I was thinking.
Time for me to get some young tail

The next time poppy pushed herself down on me I started to feel a dribble of precum from me. The time had come.

I held her down onto me, holding her tight on my lap I shot my first load into her tight warm pussy.
Again I shot, got cum shooting into her.
"Uncle, uncle, I love it" poppy whispered
"Cum all over me, cum on Kelly as.well" poppy was begging.

I had completely forgotten Kelly, who was now lapping up my cum oozing from Poppy.
Her face was covered with juice and cum, looking like a little girl who had been in the up everything in sight.

Thinking of Kelly and how she was we
Where poppy had exactly wanted her. The sub of the couple, I was jealous of them.

Kelly had been fingering herself all the while as everything else was going on. She lapped up all of my juices mixed in with what poppy had produced.

"Uncle look" I heard Poppy saying, which brought me straight back to the moment. I looked down and smiled, I had unintentionally gotten hard again and this time I knew exactly what to do.

"Shhh Poppy enough". Hanging my larger rod out in front of me I found Kelly was willing to take it in her mouth. Sucking like a woman of an older age.
"Oh Kelly". I said you are good.

I pounded her mouth until I filled her with my hot wad. She took it all like a good little slut she was meant to be.

No longer uncle
I kissed both girls and left.

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