Las Vegas convention

It's 6:30am and I'm standing in the security check line at the Pittsburgh airport. I have nothing to look forward to except a 5 hr flight to another boring convention. Thank God this one is in Las Vegas. At least after meetings, dull and boring lunches with people I never met before I'll be able to have some fun. Maybe I'll play in the casinos or catch a good show somewhere.

As I scan the line of people waiting to get through security I'm trying to guess who my seat mate will be. The way my luck has been going it will probably be the fat guy with the cold that is sneezing, runny nose and a coughing. Just my luck, Las Vegas and I'm sick in bed with a cold. Or maybe it will be the young mother with the hyperactive 2 yr old. Everyone else in line seem normal enough. WOW! Where did she come from? She just arrived at the back of the line. I really can't see much of her through the mass of people but she looks really cute. I can see she has beautiful brown skin, beautiful face, fantastic eyes, wearing a dark blue suit jacket, white shirt with the collar over the jacket collar highlighted by a thin gold necklace. Forget it! She probably isn't going to Vegas. Some lucky jerk will end up sitting next to one of the prettiest ladies I have seen in a long while.

Finally I'm through security and on my way to my gate. Still thinking about the pretty lady in the line. I shrug my shoulders and give way to the realization that I'll never see her again. Too bad...she was lovely.

I walk to the departure gate and find a seat. I start to read a newspaper I bought at the coffee shop. Not much new happening in the world so I glance through more to kill time than learn anything. I put the paper down just in time to see the girl I saw in the security line. She's sitting at the end of the aisle about 20 ft. from me. Now I can get a good look at the and see that she is even more beautiful than when I first saw her. She is chatting with an older couple and smiling. When she smiles she lights up the room. My heart is pounding wishing I could meet her. Kiss her. Explore her beautiful brown body with my eyes, hands, and tongue, and make love with her. Maybe she is going to Las Vegas too.

We start to board the plane...I can see her in line. Maybe I'll see her there. We board and I find my seat. I can't find her so I have no idea where she's sitting. The crowd in the aisle soon thins down as people find and get settled in their seats. WOW!! Guess who is sitting just across the aisle from me. If I can't start a conservation with her at least I'll be able to admire her beauty. As we wait for the plane to start to taxi she reaches into her purse and pulls out a convention pamphlet. She is going to the same convention and works for the same company I do! There is a God! Now I have an opening to start a conversation. She tells me her name and I realize she is Shawna from accounting office. We had exchanged a few emails over the past few weeks.

Chatting with her and admiring her beauty the flight didn't seem long at all...before I know it arrived in Las Vegas. We share a cab to the hotel. Having her sit close to me, feeling her leg next to mine, smelling her dick is starting to come to attention. After we check in we find that we are just a few rooms away. We decide to go to our rooms, unpack and meet to go to lunch. We have a few hours before the 5:00pm social hour before dinner starts. When I'm with her the time flies. Before you know it it's 5:00pm and we start down to the social hour. We planned to walk in together, go our separate way and meet after dinner. I can't take my eyes off her as she glides around the room, meeting new people and chatting with old friends. Several times when I was looking at her I'd see her look at me and smile. She disappears for a few minutes and I can't see her. Then she slides up to me and smiles. "How are you doing?" she asks. "Better now that your beside me" I say. I tell her that I was going to sneak into the dining room and move her place card so that she would be sitting next to me. "I already did that" she says as a sly little smile glides across her lips. She looks sooo kissable now.

Since this is her 1st trip to Las Vegas I tell her I'll be her guide and show her around. After dinner and a few boring speeches we head out to see the town. We are staying at Paris so the first place we go is to the fountain at Bellagio. The dancing waters never looked better than when she is standing next to her. As a matter of fact she makes everything look better. It's a little cool after the sun went down so she cuddles up to me to keep warm. Then she suggests that we go back to the hotel and have a drink or two in her room.

We enter the room. Open the drapes so that the lights from Bellagio light the room. She asks me fix us both drinks while she goes into the bathroom. Soon she comes out wearing a full length white satin night gown. She looks absolutely beautiful! Her brown skin is highlighted by the white gown. She glides across the room, every step she takes her legs are silhouetted against the white satin. Her breasts are full and firm, the nipples are standing up and almost poking through the gown. I'm speechless, as I hand her a drink our hands touch. This is the first time since the cab ride that I touched her. We look into each others eyes for a few seconds. I could spend a million years looking into her eyes. I've never felt this way before with any woman.

She steps close and puts her one hand around my back and give me a little hug. I put my drink down, put my hand around her waist, take the drink form her hand, hold her tight and kiss that beautiful face and lips. Soon she is rubbing her body against me as my tongue seeks and finds her tongue. She turns and walks to the bed, motioning me to join her. She doesn't have to ask twice. She is watching me as I undress. First shoes and socks, my shirt, then pants. As I start to take down my underwear she stops me and says "I'll do that" slowly she pulls them down slowing watching my dick appear. She smiles when she sees that I'm smooth. "OH, I love the smooth look. Your dick looks sooooo good." I settle in bed beside her as her hand starts to rub my dick and balls. We kiss and she sighs and wiggles into my arms still holding my dick which by now is as hard as a rock. My hand moves from her back to her breast and she smiles again. I kiss her neck, shoulder and move toward her boob. It feels like magic, the satin gown covering her boob. I move it aside exposing her nipple. It's perfect, just the right size for my tongue and lips to play with.

Soon my hand starts to move down across her belly, she sighs and pulls the gown up above her pussy. My had glides down to her pussy. She is smooth too. God! I think I'm falling in love. I start playing with her lips and opening her lips. She is so wet she glistens and I know I have to drink her juices. As I start to kiss her belly and move toward her pussy she slips out of the gown. Now for the first time I can see her whole body, totally nude. She is perfect. I look down and see her lips open and her pink pussy is begging to be kissed. As I start to kiss her lips she ask me to turn around so that she can suck my dick. She tastes so good I never want to stop drinking her juices. Soon she starts to breath a little differently, her muscles tighten up and she starts to cum in my mouth. The closer she gets to cuming the harder she sucks my dick. Her beautiful face is contorted in ecstasy. Her belly tightens up and she's moaning as my mouth kisses, licks, and sucks her clit. I can feel the cum rising in my dick too. I know we are going to cum in each others mouth at the same time. She is on top of me grinding her pussy onto my face. My arms are around her waist, squeezing her tight so that I can keep my tongue on her pussy as she wiggles and squirms with delight as she cums. Just as she finishes her orgasm my dick explodes and fills her mouth with cum. She is trying to swallow every drop but her mouth can't hold what seems like gallons of cum. As she starts to catch her breath and come down after cuming she still has my dick in her mouth just playing with it kissing it, sucking it and rolling her tongue up and down and around the head. She is still on top of me with her legs spread and giving me an excellent of her pussy. Brown skin, pink pussy in the middle surrounded by the most perfect lips I have seen. Big, full and just big enough to nibble on. I love to play with lips like this while I'm fucking.

After a few minutes she turns around and kisses me. My dick starts to get hard again and she smiles, rolls onto her back and says "fuck me". I slide into her tight little cunt we both sigh little moans of pleasure. I love the feel of her open, juicy cunt and the way she moves her hips to match my thrusts. The feel of her lips on mine when we kiss is heavenly. She rolls me over so that I'm on my back and she is riding me. Her boobs brushing my face as I try to stop her so that I can kiss her nipples. She just smiles and sways harder, slapping my face with the prettiest tits I've seen. At first she just rides me, long gentle strokes. Then faster and harder as she starts to cum. I feel my balls tighten up and feel the cum rising. Harder and harder, fast and faster we fuck each other till I fill her sweet cunt with cum. She makes little moaning sounds as her pussy tightens around my dick bringing her to orgasm. We lay together, kissing gently as we fall asleep.

In the morning she says that just because "what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas" we will still be dating when we get back home. This is going to be the start of a beautiful romance.
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