Last Call
A company had asked to use Voisi as a place for them to eat and entertain as they tried to set up a consultancy in a nearby office. David had come in one afternoon and spoken to Dele about what they could offer. Dele had put together a menu and costs for him and he was happy to go along with it as it was one thing less for him to worry about. Every lunchtime and at night he was in chatting and entertaining possible clients.

He always asked to speak to Dele at the end of the night to settle his bill so she got to know him a little, she felt he was not really totally happy being so far from home and he seemed really nice so they had talked until the early hours a couple of times and played pool usually for a drink just to make it interesting. On a couple of nights they had gone for something to eat in different restaurants around the town and had become friends.

One evening it was almost closing time and Dele went to change from her flat work shoes into a pair of heels ready for a visit to a club, when she got back into the bar they were trying to get David a cab but it would take almost an hour as it was raining heavily, Dele offered to stay there with him until his cab arrived.

They had a couple of drinks and they chatted about this and that until he suggested a game of pool for a wager. Eventually they decided a button a game, meaning if you lose you open a button, David said he would undo 2 buttons on his shirt so they were equal and then they started to play. Dele won the first 2 games quickly and he opened his 3rd & 4th buttons. David won the next 2 games and Dele's shirt gaped open as she bent to take her shots, David moved and could see her lightly tanned boobs cupped in white silk and lace after his shot he would place himself so he could see down her shirt as she bent to take her shots as he stood Dele could see the outline of his cock in his pants.

As David won a 6th game he said "I want the button on your skirt."

Dele hesitated but then undid the button and let the skirt fall but the long shirt covered her panties as she stood. David moved to the side as Dele took her next shot he smiled as he saw the shirt ride up exposing her white silk covered ass, his cock strained against his trousers. Dele potted 2 balls then missed a 3rd letting him play. Dele walked opposite him the shirt barely covering the crotch of her panties, David gave the balls a hard blast scattering them all around the table and the black disappeared down a pocket Dele started to laugh.

"I think you did that on purpose", she grinned, "unbutton your pants."

David undid his belt and the button on his trousers, unzipping them he let them drop to the floor.

Dele inserted more money into the table and set up the balls, she leaned forward to break the balls and David walked in front of her at the far end of the table the outline of his cock showing through his underwear. As Dele broke the balls her shirt hung open , she looked up at him smiling .

"Hey that's not fair" she grinned, "You're distracting me!"

David took his shot and missed then Dele bent to take her shot as she did she saw David walk up the side of the table and behind her she felt his hands take hold of her hips then slide upwards gently stroking her through her shirt making her smile, she let her cue rest on the table and reached back she wriggled his cock free of his underwear, squeezing and releasing the hard flesh making him moan and gasp.

On his next shot Dele walked behind him and gave his ass a slap making him jump and miss his shot, she giggled and walked to the bar sipping her drink on a tall stool, David walked round and stood in front of her reaching past for his drink.

As he straightened up he bent forward and kissed her cheek softly, Dele slowly turned her head and their lips met , giving each other small kisses which gradually became more frenzied, their fingers tousled each others hair. Dele felt his hand slip into her shirt cupping her breast gently squeezing, his finger and thumb rolling her nipple through the lace. She pulled his shirt apart and flicked her tongue over his nipple quickly feeling him respond she sucked then nipped it between her teeth, he responded by pinching her nipple harder , her moans and gasps spurring him on.

Dele pushed at his underwear and his cock sprang free, her hand stroked him faster she could feel his slippery pre cum coating her hand as she stroked him , he pumped his hips forcing his cock through her hand. David looked down and could see a damp patch on the white silky panties, he ran his finger over the wet fabric pressing lightly making her purr.

He stroked her chin tipping her head up and kissed her their tongues squirmed against each other , he pushed forward his cock rubbed against her panties, the friction almost unbearable.

He pulled away his arms hooked her legs and he slid her to the edge of the stool smiling. He reached between her thighs and pulled her panties to one side as he eased forward until his cock touched her moist pussy, he placed her legs onto his shoulder and suddenly gasped as her hand gripped him guiding him against her, as he pressed forward he felt her lips part and his cock head slipped into her, the warm wetness coating his cock he felt an urge to push deep into her but resisted holding himself staring at her.

Neither of them heard the tooting of the taxi horn, the driver sat impatiently waiting, there were no lights on at the front of the building but he could see light farther back, after a little while he got out and walked to the service lane at the side of the building. He walked slowly up and peeked into a window, his eyes widened as he saw inside.

Dele stretched her arms along the bar as support her shirt falling open her white half cup bra straining to hold her breasts as David placed her ankles on his shoulders and pushed slowly deeper the withdrew almost completely out of her making her beg and cry out. His thrusts got quicker and harder, he looked down seeing his cock shiny from her juices he moaned "Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk".

David felt his balls tighten and slowed right down then pulled his cock from her, Dele whimpered "Why?"

"I need to get something from the men's room" he replied. "Don't you dare" she grinned as she grabbed him.

He lowered her legs and she wriggled from her panties, she hung them by a leg hole on his hard cock, she could feel the wetness on her inner thigh and ran her fingers over it then ran them over his lips before kissing him. Turning she leaned against the bar wriggling her ass at him. David walked to her his cock curving upward, pulling her shirt down and off he spanked her ass making her squeal loudly, using one hand to unclip her bra which sprung forward and fell, her breasts hung freed from the silky confines.

Something caught his eye and he looked to see a face peering in smiling at him he gasped, Dele asked what was wrong and he leaned forward whispering "We have an audience".

Del gasped as she saw the guy smiling making clapping movements.

"Fuck Me let him have a show" " she whispered.

He slid into her silky wet pussy his hands gripped her hips and he pulled her towards him as he pushed his hips forward, he started to pump into her hard her breasts swinging she cried out "Yes, yessssssss...", he was losing control his cock so sensitive, he felt his shaft thicken as his balls tightened, he shot his cum deep into her his head tipped back and he bellowed his hand slapped her ass , more and more cum flooded into her as he pumped it squelched past his cock running down onto her thighs. He slowed down grabbing her hair he gently pulled her head back to kiss her neck.

His cock softened slid out of her and a trickle of their mixed juices ran down, he ran his finger up her thigh collecting some and reached round so she could suck his finger clean, as she did she stared out of the window. Outside the driver stood his mouth hung open, his hard cock was covered in precum in his hand, he could see them talking and looking at him, he needed release, he made a praying sign with his hands and waited ......
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