Last Minute Shopping
Last Minute Shopping

by Miss Anonna

The very last of my holiday shopping was nearly done but through all the hustle and bustle I had forgotten the most important person on my list, me. I figured I would run through a couple of stores and see what I could find for myself and at a semi ritzy department store I began rummaging through the juniors' rack.

Everything was so geared towards the teens that I had become extremely frustrated. I finally gave in to a little mini skirt and a knitted cami that would look so hot on my C cup rack and would make me look like one hot cougar. I definitely wanted to see what the knitting would look like with nothing on underneath though I figured I could never wear it that way because my nipples would poke right through the holes.. I snatched the mini off the rack and headed for the changing room. I think I wandered into an obscure area of the store and found a little dressing room out of the way of the crowded scene because no one was in it and no one was around it while all the other rooms were full. "Oh well," I thought. "Good for me!"

I walked in to the room and saw there were two booths so I took the one on the left because I'm a lefty. I locked the door behind me and stripped to my panties. I pulled my sweatshirt off and popped my bra hook. God it felt good to release them puppies. I ran my hands over them several times to make my nipples hard and as soon as they were pointing straight out, I popped on the knitted cami.. "Oh, my God," I said under my breath. "I would NEVER be able to wear that in public." My nipples were poking right out of the holes between the knits so I would definitely have to wear something underneath.

I pranced around the mirror, checking out my wares and turning myself on and then slipped on the mini and while zipping it up I noticed a chunk of the wall missing in the back corner of my booth. Honestly, it was no bigger than the size of a fist but if I got right down at the hole, I could see into the back corner of the dressing room right next to me. I figured that was why no one was using this room and just as I bent down, eyeballing the next booth, some one tries to open the door to my changing room.

"Sorry bout that!" came a booming voice that belonged to no lady that I know. The voice sounded more like a very young man. I wouldn't have thought a teen, but definitely not yet a man. I giggled to myself and pranced again in front of the mirror. Good thing he doesn't know who is right next to him cause this cougar would take him down in a heart beat.

I heard him removing his jeans and simply couldn't help myself. I had to peek. I covered my mouth and set my eye near the hole and looked up. He was looking the other way so there was no way for him to see me looking at him. I scanned his shoulders and back and he was looking mighty fine and definitely over eighteen, maybe. What did I care? I wasn't going to sleep with him but I was going to think about it. I scanned down his body to his boxers and definitely thought he had a fine looking rump and then he turned toward the side. I backed off a little but he just stood facing sideways and fumbling with putting on a shirt. He was fairly ripped, more than your average teen. Scanning down his chest and stomach I could see the beginnings of a much toned tummy and then as I scanned down his treasure trail I could see his boxers protruding nicely out into the room. "Uh oh," I thought. "I'm getting a little heated."

He turned back towards the mirror and I smiled as I was admiring his rear and as I looked up, saw him looking at me in the mirror. I jumped back in complete embarrassment and pretended to be nonchalantly checking myself in my own mirror and when I looked down, there was his eye in the hole, looking at me. "Shit!" I thought. What was I to do? He had just caught me looking at him and there was no denying that so I looked down at him and smiled and looked back at the mirror. I took a deep breath because I had just realized I still had on the knit cami with my still firm breasts and hardened nipples poking right through and a teen slut mini and now some kid is checking me out and probably whacking off on the other side of my wall. OK, he wasn't quite a kid but he wasn't quite an adult either and every time I looked down at the hole his eye was right there as wide as it could get.

"I could have a bit of fun with this," I thought to myself. I figured I could flaunt myself around at him; he'd pop a boner and leave, done, finished. It was a perfect plan so I put my hands up onto my breasts and began to bounce them around. I didn't think his eye could get any wider but it did, nearly instantly. I have to say, for an old woman, I was still looking quite hot.

I turned around and shook my ass at him several times and when I turned back, he was gone. I heard nothing, either but I never heard him leave. I crept over to the hole ever so slowly and moved my eye in to see him.

His cock was sticking out of his boxers and his hand was firmly wrapped around it. It was impressive and very hard and I felt so dirty for looking but I couldn't take my eyes off of him. "What was wrong with me?" I thought and found myself wetting my lower lip with my tongue. My panties were getting misty and I couldn't stop the feeling deep in my groin. He was looking straight up in the air and then looked down at the hole where I was so I backed off of it and his eye again appeared. I started shaking my perky little tits at him, hoping he'd just pop one off and leave but he just kept looking. I turned around again and put my ass in the air and shook it at him like a dollar dancer which I had once been when I was younger. I could hear slapping skin on the other side of the wall and knew exactly what he was doing only now I was getting even more excited. "Would anyone even know if something took place here?" I thought to myself and ran my fingers up around my panties feeling the heat and wetness and watching him through my legs, watching me.

I was getting way too turned on at this point and I knew something had to give. His eye again moved away from the hole and I paused briefly a bit disappointed he was no longer watching me and heard no sound at all. "Did he leave?" I thought. "Is he waiting for something?" I just didn't know so I move back towards the hole and peeked. He was taking off his boxers and I stared briefly at his cute little ass and then he turned towards me and began shaking his cock at me like a male dancer. A huge smile appeared my face and I began to relax a bit. He was dancing for me! His hard cock was bobbing up and down and he would grab it once in awhile and shake it at me, then turn around and shake his ass around. I was lost in this fun, no doubt.

He stopped his prancing and headed towards the hole. As he got close, I turned around to dance for him and noticed I could strattle the bench and put my little muff right up in the air and spread my lips. I ran my finger between my lips and spread them wide. I was so close to the hole that I could feel his breath on me and I was getting even juicier. He stuck his tongue out at me and I buried my first two fingers in my twat and withdrew them. He held his position and I put my fingers in his mouth. He sucked them in eagerly and licked them all over. I ran all four fingers down my pussy to my clit and again extended them into his mouth. He tried to stretch his tongue to me but he just wasn't reaching it so I slid closer until his tongue darted and flickered along my wet lips. I moved in a little closer and felt the full girth of his tongue slide between my lips at a frantic, almost creepy speed. I was definitely spilling some liquid onto this kids darting tongue and then he pushed further in and I pushed further back and several times his tongue darted across my clitoris so I sent my fingers in to spread and pushed my ass up into the air and held my hood back with the crook of my fingers and his tongue went over and over and over my little clitty until I started shivering.

I stepped in with my two fingers and attempted to work myself over the edge going around and around and then something larger began to push my bay doors open. In my frenzy, I hadn't realized what he was about to do. My lips spread wide and his cock pushed deep into my hole sending me into a complete state of orgasm. My muscles worked his cock over and over while we both remain perfectly still and I held my breath and began to shake. It was over in a flash of heat and I released and relaxed and he slowly slid his cock out of me and he was still rock hard. "Did he cum?" I wondered. "Maybe not," I thought and turned around. I wrapped my hand around his swollen staff and squeezed it gently. I slid his cock through my fingers using my own juices down to the base and then back up real slowly. It was sweet and thick and knowing that I just had him in my love hole, there was no reason to keep him out of my mouth.

I brought my fingers back up to the tip of his throbbing muscle and knelt down. His erection just got harder and harder and the closer I got to it the more I could feel him pumping and before I could even get my mouth around him, a stream of pearly cream blasted my inner cheek and ran into the back of my tongue. I had to take a moment to taste it because if it were bitter, now would be the time to point it away but it was sweet and creamy and I just wanted it all over me like whipped cream so I wrapped my lips around him and down to the base I went. I felt the blast hit the back of my throat and I quickly pulled off and held my hand over the top of his head and ran my tongue up his shaft to rest right below the head and a steady flow of cream began to bubble out of the tip and down into the corner of my mouth. Mmmmm, it was delicious and I licked every bit off my fingers while he gathered his stuff and ran. I never saw him in the store after that. Oh well.
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